Not too long ago, we heard the rumors of a new Eminem album being completed. Shady Records gave us the Revival website and mysterious pharmaceutical ads to tease our interest. Well, it’s been confirmed. It will be called Revival and the 8th Eminem album release date is here.

Detroit - Revival - Eminem Album Release Date

New Eminem Album Release Date

Throughout the years, (especially recently) artists have had to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of the internet and how people consume their music. They’ve experimented with offering free releases in the form of digital downloads, charging as much as $1000 for a single copy, selling more merch, etc.

Some have been able to adapt while others haven’t quite caught on and fell to the wayside. This is one reason why it’s exciting to see a vet come up with his own strategy for capturing our attention. We have to admit that the Revival roll out was pretty clever.

Should You Be Excited?

Even so, it really shouldn’t surprise us that he’s doing something that’s never been done before because he’s proven in the past to be pretty resourceful. The success of 8 Mile opened up an entirely new audience to the world of battle rap and his albums have been the entry point into hip-hop for many.

Revival Eminem Album Release Date

King of Controversy?

Altogether it seems that he has solidified a place for himself as a fixture in the culture. He’s seen by many as the king of controversy and has approached his music the same way that a boxer gets ready to step in the ring. The movie ‘Southpaw’ starring Jake Gyllenhal was originally supposed to have Marshall Mathers cast as the main character but due to scheduling conflicts it didn’t work out that way.

Will He Bring The Usual Suspects This Time?

Instead, Em offered to help create the soundtrack for the movie and brought along some of the usual suspects you’d expect to see contributing.

No matter how you choose to look at his career, it’s impossible to deny the impact culturally and musically (actually just worldwide to be honest). I think I’m working myself up to get excited for another body of work from Em.

Revival Eminem Album Release Date

With the time gap between albums being so big it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the other music available at our fingertips. At first I was a little skeptical but I think it’s time to go back, dust off, and revisit The Eminem Show or Relapse to get hyped up for his new one.

“Walk On Water”

The first and only single featured Beyonce performing guest vocals and Eminem doing what he does best. The song features production by legendary Rick Rubin and frequent collaborator Skylar Grey.

If nothing else, it let fans know where he was at with the fame and negative attention he’s been receiving (not necessarily ground-breaking for him).

“Walk On Water” sparked the interest for his new album and the actual song was pretty good. Not my personal favorite but it got me wondering how the rest of the album would sound. 

The Official Release Date

The official release date, according to Dr. Dre via Instagram, is December 15th, 2017.

Assuming you’re at least a peripheral fan, it’ll make for a nice stocking stuffer or gift for the fan in your life (whether that’s you or someone else). Maybe if you’re a die-hard music fan, you’ll take a trip to the local record store and get your copy there, or maybe you’ll stream it.

Regardless of how it’s being consumed you can bet that millions of people will be tuning in to see what the Detroit MC has been cooking up for the past 3 or 4 years.

Production To Be Expected

It’s been rumored that Denaun Porter aka Mr. Porter has worked on it, Dr. Dre’s production has been confirmed, Rick Rubin, Skylar Grey, and even Eminem himself.

I’m looking forward to throwing on a pair of headphones and sitting down to digest the album in it’s entirety. Most of his work sounds best when consumed that way as a whole, rather than songs here and there.  

Almost everything Dr. Dre touches musically sounds like gold. He’s a talented genius at crafting a beat that could be a stand alone symphonic track with snares and kicks. 

Something To Look Forward To

Looks like it’s time for the Curtain Call, pun intended. We’ve covered the single (“Walk On Water”), some of the background leading up to Revival, and the Eminem album release date. 

If you’re excited to listen, feel free to leave a comment below! Also, don’t be afraid to surf around some of the other articles on here, there’s something for everyone here. Thanks for stopping by and tuning in!

Sonic Elevation: Ride The Waves. 

2 thoughts on “Revival – Eminem Album Release Date!”

  1. Great article. I have been an Eminem fan since “8 Mile” Like you mentioned that was when the mainstream folks started listening to more rap. I think he is an incredible rapper and writer. Thanks for the info.

    1. Thanks Bill, I’m glad you enjoyed reading it!

      After a movie like that wins an Academy Award, it makes sense that more people would be exposed to a previously “underground” culture at that time anyways. It’s crazy to think how mainstream hip-hop has become since then!

      I would second that sentiment, he’s one of the greats in that respect.

      I appreciate you stopping by 🙂 Thanks,


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