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About Dom


Hi, my name is Dom and I run this site called Sonic Elevation that you happened to stumble upon.

Some hobbies of mine include listening to podcasts, reading a book once in a while, designing graphics, watching movies, camping, and very casually playing video games (when I’m confident I won’t rage quit.)

About Dom Sonic Elevation

Just a Self-Proclaimed ‘Melomaniac’

I have been an avid consumer of music for as long as I can remember. When I say AVID I really mean AVID to the point where I looked up a word for how to describe it and found out it’s called “melomania”.


What Is Melomania? - For The Love of Music


Without going into too much detail, here’s a brief rundown leading up to working on this site. 

As a young kid I was taught how to play the piano and eventually also learned how to play the trumpet.

Over time this sparked an interest in attempting to write songs for myself. It felt more exciting to have a go at my own music rather than something that had been written a long time ago by someone else (RIP Mozart). 


Home Studio Recording

This led me to the world of home studio recording seeing as I didn’t have the funds to pay for “studio time” at an expensive recording studio.

It didn’t take long to realize that this was gonna require a pretty decent initial investment. After deciding to take the jump I could finally start messing around with some gear and try to learn how to use it.

Luckily there are enough good teachers on sites like YouTube and other forums throughout the internet where I was able to fumble around for enough time to at least figure out some of the basics.


‘Melo’ in the Middle

For some, there seems to be an attitude of thinking that you can’t be an audiophile AND a lover of music. Some people think you can’t be a lover of music AND an audiophile.

I lean somewhere towards the middle. Without the music, you wouldn’t have the demand for hi-resolution sound reproduction and vise versa. If you’re passionate or open to learning about improving the quality of what you’re already listening to, you’re at the right place.

Don’t get me wrong, a good song is a good song, but with the current technologies available to us today, a good song can be transformed into a gigantic wave of irresistible eargasmic pleasure, which is NEVER a bad thing. 

This passion drove me to create Sonic Elevation and share the journey with fellow travelers of the audioscape. 

Using Music as a Surfboard Through Life

Finding solace within music through the ups and downs of life has become an absolute necessity for my survival. We all need our own escape from whatever it is that we are involved in that’s stressing us out to the point of hysteria or a complete mental shut down. 

Sonic Elevation is beyond just pressing play on your favorite song. It’s a way of life for any creative-minded individual, or seeker that is striving for a better quality of life, sound, and piece of mind.


Your Brain On Music


I hope you enjoy your experience while you’re surfing around the site and thanks again for tuning in. 


Sonic Elevation: Ride The Waves.