Korg B2 vs Roland FP10 | Which One To Buy

Are you stuck between the Korg B2 vs Roland FP10? Decision, decisions, decisions!  Roland FP10 and Korg B2 are popular digital pianos for musicians in all kinds of genres. But which of these devices is the right choice for you? While it’s true that you can find a lot of opinions on this topic on the Internet. They are often biased or plain wrong. We’ve decided to put both devices up against each other to see which one comes out on top.

This article will be looking at two compact and portable pianos that you can purchase to begin your music creation journey. These two options are at the top of the list regarding what you can find on the market today; however, choosing between them can be pretty tricky given their similar specifications. We shall look at the details of each product in-depth and then consider why one is better than the other. Hopefully, you will know which one you would like to purchase by the end of the article. 


Korg has developed this option with a new piano sound engine that is much different from previous models. This option has a mechanism to choose from 12 carefully selected genres of sound to begin crafting your masterpiece. 

The market has highly appreciated this because it allows composers free reign in terms of the creativity they can apply to music. This new piano sound engine functions as a textbook of sorts giving contemporary composers a reference point to begin crafting music. 

It also comes with a keyboard that has been designed to imitate the feel and look of an acoustic piano. Therefore, you will be close enough to the original acoustic piano after practising on this that you could play it if need be. 

It comes with extensive options in terms of the input-output that can be used for a connection. You will be able to access this piano through USB cabling means and using headphone jacks. The software that they have incorporated on this product is pro creativity. It allows you to save previous projects that you have been working on and revisit them at a time more convenient. 

It also provides you with suggestions where you can improve on songs in terms of tempo rate. When it was launched to the market, the main aim of the product was to provide convenience and functionality in a portable piano. When you buy this product, the manufacturer shall provide you with a music rest option that will allow you to save your music on your mobile device. There is also a wide variety of keyboard configurations available to practice with until you are comfortable. 


  • Composing software available.
  • New piano sound engine.
  • It feels like a real piano.


  • Must pay extra for the software.

Roland FP-10 88-key

this option that Roland has designed provides a rich and responsive way of creating music with a piano. They are a well-known brand worldwide, and, on this option, they have provided one of their most trusted piano sound engines to improve the experience of music creation. 

It comes with 88 keys that can give an exact imitation of a real piano. Users often appreciate this because it allows them to switch to real pianos when they need to easily. Every keyboard on this keyboard has been carefully crafted to mimic what is referred to as the perfect critical weight. This means that you will fully express yourself when you use this product because the keys have been designed to feel natural to the hand. 

This is one of the few options on the list you can purchase, which comes with a Bluetooth MIDI. This will allow you to access a wide variety of popular applications to assist you with your musical journey. These will, of course, have to be linked to your mobile device, and you will need to download the free piano partner app that Roland has designed. 

Manufacturers have taken the technology aspect of this product very seriously and allow you to even remote control the piano from your mobile device if you would like to. If Bluetooth is not your forte, then you can consider using the USB one cable connection option. This will be pretty useful if you wish to store projects you are currently working on onto your laptop. 


  • Perfectly weighted keys for better expression
  • Bluetooth functionality
  • Onboard speakers


  • It does not come with a stand.

Favorite Features


The way you can connect to a compact piano is significant. Most people want to store the musical projects they have been working on. to do so, they will need an appropriate connection mechanism that will often link with a mobile device or a personal computer. 

On these two options, the Roland piano comes with the more versatile connection options. With this product, you will be able to connect through Bluetooth and a USB cable. To replay any of your compositions, you can click a pair of headphones or play through the onboard speakers. The Korg option only comes with a USB connection and headphone jack.


Both pianos come with the latest sound engine that the manufacturers produce. The Korg product has been made with a sound machine that can deliver 12 different genres for artists to base their projects on. 

Therefore, this option is superior for people looking to begin learning rather than professionals who can craft music from nothing. The Roland piano does not directly offer this, although you will access it through the mobile application.   

Look and Feel.

Both pianos have been designed to mimic an actual acoustic piano. This is an essential feature because it allows users to transfer their knowledge to any real piano that they see. The Roland option is slightly superior here because the keys on the piano have been designed to mimic a perfectly weighted piano. This, therefore, provides a more natural feel to the composer. 

What could be better?

Korg B2

The option to connect to a mobile phone through the Bluetooth facility would have made this product more modern and provided users with a more versatile approach to their connectivity options.  

Roland FP 10

The Roland option does not come with an extensive list of applicable genre sounds for artists to base their compositions on. It, therefore, is not very good for beginners.  

Similar Features

Both products have a look and feel of a real piano. 

Key Differences 

The main difference between these two products is the piano engine that they possess. Another differentiating feature between these two is that the Roland option comes with Bluetooth, while the Korg option only uses cables.

The Verdict

In conclusion, both are exceptional compact pianos that one can look to bolster their music composition skills in their home. They are both cheaper than buying a real piano and offer you more in terms of mobility and technology. 

Suppose you are a new music student and you wish to begin learning how to compose music. In that case, you are better off purchasing the Korg option because it mimics a real piano, and it offers educational lessons for its beginners. 

You will also have many genres to choose from when making your music. The Roland option is a slightly superior compact piano that has been exquisitely designed to feel like a natural piano. 

It does not come with the beginner tutorials that the other option does, although it has extensive connectivity features such as Bluetooth. Using these connectivity features, you can access a vast host of educational applications on your mobile phone.  

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