What Is A Headphone Amp? Do You Need One?

What Is A Headphone Amp and If You Need One: A Comprehensive Guide So, you want a headphone amp but aren’t sure what it is or what it does? Well, you’ve come to the right place. A headphone amp is an amplifier specifically designed to power headphones rather than loudspeakers. What this means is that the amp is designed to […]

Audioquest Dragonfly Red Review – A Worthy USB DAC/Amp?

So, you want to learn more about one of the most highly-rated and highly-reviewed DAC/amps? Maybe you’ve read a few other reviews or were recommended to check out this amp by a friend.  This device is one of the most simple and straightforward DAC/amps that’s ready to use right out of the box. It’s designed to be used for a […]

Creative Sound Blaster E5 Review: Is it a Must-Have?

Does the E5 live up to its reputation? Can you trust the star ratings and customer reviews you may have read on other sites? What are the ideal uses for this specific DAC/amp? Does it have any major downsides that you should know about? Read through our Creative Sound Blaster E5 Review to see whether or not this portable headphone […]

Audioengine D1 Review – USB DAC/Amp Combo

Are you having trouble finding the right digital-to-analog converter/headphone amp combo for your personal setup? It can be hard to decide with so many options to choose from. Out of the many options available, trusting a well-known and established company is usually a good place to start. Our unbiased, detailed Audioengine D1 Review will help you decide whether or not it’s […]

What Is A USB DAC Amp? – Should You Buy One?

If you find yourself becoming a little bit confused by some of the terms used to describe different types of personal audio equipment – you’re not alone. There are so many confusing names and specifications that it can start to seem like an overwhelming task to try and sort through all of them. One of the most commonly-asked questions is […]

Best Headphone Stand – Showcase Your Gear

Finding a place to safely store your headphones is important if you plan on keeping them in good condition for years to come. A headphone stand is an easy way to keep them neatly displayed, while also preserving their longevity. Chances are, you’re happy with the pair of cans that you already own – you like how they look, how […]

Headphone Amplifier – FiiO A3 Review

If you want to give your smartphone or MP3 player an extra boost, you came to the right place! You might be wondering why this device is so highly-rated and reviewed. Is it because it outperforms all the competition? Is it the best budget-friendly amp your money can buy? Throughout this review, we’ll do our best to help you understand […]