Audio Technica ATH DSR7BT vs DSR9BT

The world of wireless headphones has been having a debate over which of these two headphones are the better option for someone looking for audiophile quality headphones. They are made by the same manufacturer Audio Technica and both boast powerful capabilities in terms of sound production. The DSR7 model is the original product that the company manufactured in this range. […]

Sony MDR 1 am2 vs Audio Technica ATH MSR7

Today we shall be comparing these two different earphone brands to provide you with more information to purchase for yourself. Sony MDR 1 am2 vs Audio Technica ATH MSR7, which one is better? Choosing between headphones that cost this much is never easy. You always wonder in the back of your mind if you made the right decision. This is […]

Audio Technica ATH CKR7TW vs Sennheiser Momentum

Bluetooth wireless earbuds have become very popular among consumers. Many of the high-quality brands have taken up the challenge to provide their customers with a pair that works to their liking. Audio Technica ATH CKR7TW vs Sennheiser Momentum is an interesting comparison. The best that you can buy in this range of products is not cheap in the slightest. Therefore, […]

Westone Bluetooth V2 vs Shure BT2

Many companies that produce in ear monitors today have begun to also add some companionship for those products to their catalog. These come in the way of Bluetooth in ear monitor connector cables. These are Bluetooth cables that work to enhance and amplify the sound that is being transmitted from the Bluetooth device. They have become a real hype in […]

Bose L1 vs the JBL Eon One

The traditional microphone and speaker setup have been looked at differently by the companies that manufacture musical speakers. These companies have looked to find out how to reinvent how traditional PA systems work. Bose and JBL have been two companies at the forefront of this production and have come out with what they call spatial dispersion systems. Bose has the […]