How to make a piano sound fuller

Why piano may not sound full When a piano doesn’t sound full, it will likely sound muffled. The musical instrument will be experiencing poor voicing, with the notes not playing or being out of tune. The main issue with this problem is the lack of clarity and harmonic tones. These core characteristics are vital to a piano’s unique sound. To […]

Are pianos made out of elephants? The Myth & Truth

Are piano keys made out of elephant tusks? Pianos are believed to have come into use almost 300 years ago. The first designs of this musical instrument featured playing keys molded out of solid wood. As the designs became more graceful and elegant, piano makers switched to using ivory. This material is made from elephant tusks and soon became a […]

Do cats like piano music? A Purr-Fect Look at it

Yes, cats like a piano the same way humans do. Cats enjoy piano music, this doesn’t mean it’s a guarantee, but some cats may not respond well to any music. It comes down to personal preference. Look at how a cat responds to a piano before playing it inside the room. How does music affect cats? Playing your music and […]

How to move piano without scratching floor

How to move a piano without damaging the floor To move a piano without damaging the floor, try using caster cups. These are little round or square coverings you can place under furniture items. Since a piano is big, you should consider having them.  These coverings will prevent scratches and damage to any floor surfaces in your home. It makes […]

What piano did Beethoven use?

What piano did Beethoven play on The piano that Beethoven used was called a fortepiano. It was made of wood and had no legs. It rested on a frame, so you could move it around and not get much sound out of it. A fortepiano, also known as a pianoforte, is a mid-18th to early 19th-century instrument on which classical […]

Difference between piano and harpsichord

Overview of features of a piano A piano is a musical instrument for a solo performance or concert. It features an authentic sound and control. The shape and composition of the piano have a keyboard, housing case and lid, pedals, keys, hammers, and strings. Its parts are materials for strength and longevity, especially the outer rim. Below is a summary […]

Difference between piano and keyboard

A piano is an acoustic instrument with weighted keys, whereas a keyboard requires a power source to play with unweighted keys than a piano. The weighted keys on the piano build up finger strength, unlike pianos which need to be tuned regularly. Keyboards do not need to be tuned. You can change the sounds and instruments on a keyboard, adding […]

Can I Store a Digital Piano Vertically?

Are you puzzled about how to store your digital piano? Thankfully this piece of writing is a panacea for you as it answers common questions. ‘What is a digital piano?’ one may ask. A digital piano is an advanced electronic keyboard musical instrument that functions to produce melodious sound when played.  To be answered in this article are the following […]