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What Is High Res Audio? Is It A Hoax?!

What is high res audio?¬†Chances are, you've probably seen the tiny black and yellow hi-res sticker at least once or twice. Does it mean that the headphones inside the box…
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Why Do People Like Heavy Metal Music?

Metal music is by far one of the most misunderstood genres of music. If you're not what's known as a "metal-head", you're probably wondering how any sane person could possibly…
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What’s The Difference Between WAV and MP3?

In the audio community there's a constant discussion about which audio file format sounds better than the other - and why. Two of the most popular formats for storing digital…
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What Is An Audiophile? – Music Addict?

What Is An Audiophile? - Music Addict? You're wondering what the term "audiophile" means, right? Maybe you're curious if you should claim the label or not. Is it a label…
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