Sony XB950B1 vs Sony XB950BT

Today we shall be looking at two pairs of Sony’s upper echelon catalog of headphones. These two products are quite similar in terms of performance, music quality, and durability. They are quite different in terms of the price you would have to pay to buy one.

This has led to a debate among consumers around what is the best product to buy for them and why. In this article, we shall be looking at all these specs of both these products and comparing them to one another. We hope by the end of it you will have an idea of which is the best for you. 

Sony XB950BT

This is one of Sony’s Pioneering musical headphones. They have been designed to offer the user a powerful yet flawless musical experience. This product should allow them to tap into their inner composer and feel each note as though it were a Symphony.

The product comes with an extra-base feature that enables that all the deepest and darkest sounds within the music are well heard by the user. They are quite a high-quality pair of headphones that make use of Bluetooth and near field communication technology to transmit audio.

The Bluetooth 5.0 technology is the latest in the market now and works hard to ensure that the connection is both consistent and Immaculate.

The headphones will allow a user to enjoy a frequency between 4 and 45,000 KHZ. This means you can enjoy the full range of sounds that your Bluetooth device can transmit. This product has a very reliable Power supply. The headphones will last you roughly 18 hours when you continuously use them.

To fully charge the battery, it will take you about four hours of charging. This is not quite bad. Rather, this is one of the top-performing headphones in the catalog that Sony offers to its musical users. It has great practicality as well as functionality in that you can also take phone calls if you need to whilst listening to music.

You cannot see it but there is a built-in mic on this pair of headphones making them truly a versatile product.


  • Extra Bass feature
  • Bluetooth 5.0 and NFC connectivity
  • 18 Hours of battery life


  • 4 Hours to charge them fully. 

Sony XB950B1

This is another one of Sony’s greatest champions when it comes to the headphone game. It comes with Bluetooth audio streaming that has versatile applicability. Sony has taken the time to add what is called an electric base boot circuitry.

This means that all the Internal wiring is built to provide the user with a Powerful and Immaculate base. It is one of the top-performing headphones when it comes to the number of basses that the user can feel whilst listen to music.

They have worked hard on this product to ensure that it does not provide unnecessary tension on the user’s ears. To do this they had to make sure that the design was comfortable around the ear.

They achieved this by adding memory foam to the Ear pads to allow them to release tension that is placed on the user’s head by the frame of the headphones. This also works to enable sound isolation meaning that you will not be able to hear what is happening around you.

This makes them not the best option if you wish to go cycling or jogging because in such a scenario you would need to be aware of your surroundings.

The headphones come with a 40-millimeter drive that allows for an extended frequency response ability. the product also delivers the built-in microphone that allows you to talk to people without making use of your hands.

This makes it quite practical to use on the go. It is one of the best performing products in terms of the battery life it provides to its users. It can offer users up to 20 hours nonstop of continuous usage. This is impressive.

The last and most notable feature of this product is the one touch listening technology feature that it possesses. This allows you to manage music, calls and anything else you like using touch technology. Touch technology is more durable than buttons meaning that in the long term you do not expect this to break easily.


  • 20 Hours of battery life
  • One touch listening technology.
  • Bluetooth versatility


  • Relatively expensive

Favourite Features

  1. Battery Life
  2. Connectivity 
  3. Sound Quality

Battery Life

Battery life on a pair of headphones is a secret covenant between the manufacturer and the user. There would be no point in purchasing a pair of headphones if the battery life could not sustain you throughout the day.

Many people who would consider themselves music heads prefer to listen to music as they work and will tell you that four or five hours is not enough. With both products you will receive a minimum of 18 hours battery life.

This is more than considerable compared to what other products in the same range can offer. The 950BT product just outweighs its rival here by two hours extra battery life. So, if this was the biggest issue for you know you know which to pick.


Both these products come with Bluetooth 5.0 technology and NFC connectivity. 

Sound Quality

Sound quality is crucial especially when Dealing with products that cost this much money. In this category the Sony 950B1 has a much clearer and more powerful subwoofer built into the product. The entire design was centered around giving the user a better musical experience through deeper bases.

What could be better?


Although this product has a great battery life of 20 hours one of the disadvantages to such a long battery life is that it takes quite a while to charge. From an empty position it will take about four hours to get this product to maximum battery life and this is quite a considerable amount of time. 


With this product they focused quite heavily on the base of music and seem to have left out the higher pitched frequencies. 

Similar Features

These products both have versatile Bluetooth connectivity making use of nearfield communication techniques.

Key Differences

the main differences between these products are the price, battery life and comfort they provide for their users.


To conclude I would recommend the 950B1 for the music heads who truly wish to appreciate music through the best quality headphones. This product surpasses its rival in music quality as well as comfort making it a prime choice for an on-the-go user. I would recommend the 950BT product for home users. 

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