Audio Technica ATH DSR7BT vs DSR9BT

The world of wireless headphones has been having a debate over which of these two headphones are the better option for someone looking for audiophile quality headphones.

They are made by the same manufacturer Audio Technica and both boast powerful capabilities in terms of sound production. The DSR7 model is the original product that the company manufactured in this range.

They later then introduced the DSR9 which has now become their flagship product in this catalog. It has left consumers at a bit of a crossroads in terms of what to buy. Many people have failed to comprehend the real difference and feel that the headphones offer more of the same.

In this article, we are going to be discussing both products looking at their pros and cons. We shall also discuss the features that they share as well as the main differences between them. In the end, I shall provide you a recommendation on the situation in which it is appropriate to purchase either.

Let us begin. 

Audio Technica Dsr7

This product is one of the first in the wireless headphone market to come with an exclusive pure digital drive system. What this does is ensures that the signal is separated from the digital source meaning that there is no transposition, and the sound is Immaculate.

Audio Technica has built this product with an acoustic resistor that works to ensure that all the air that is in the headphones moving around is well controlled.

This works to provide a much-needed neutral sound, especially when dealing with music that has not been mastered yet. This kind of music is often rough around the edges and not at a consistent volume.

It is quite a practical product that allows the user to control their volume easily using the Bluetooth device that is transmitting the sound for them. This allows you to easily change music on the go making it a practical application for sporting activities such as jogging or cycling.

There is a bobbin wound voice coil that is great but delivering high-quality sound through the microphone. In terms of battery life, this is an excellent product. It boasts over 15 hours of continuous use on a full charge.

This means that you do not have to worry about continuously charging this product everywhere you go. The product will also not lose battery on its own should you not use it because it has been built with a standby time of 1000 hours. It is quite an impressive pair of headphones.    


  • 15 Hour battery life
  • Acoustic resistor for neutral and controlled sound
  • Bobbin wound voice coil for high quality microphone recording.


  • No memory foam on earpads

Audio Technica Dsr9 

This product is the supposed replacement for the DSR7. it is lighter, sleeker, and apparently more powerful. With this product Audio Technica we are looking to provide their users with a more well-rounded product than the original was.

They have made this product with the Dnote chipset. This piece of technology is a form of artificial intelligence that works to control the digital signals directly meaning that they do not interfere with any of the transmissions coming into the headphones.

This means that you are unlikely to experience any disturbance from signals in the area whilst you are listening to audio from your Bluetooth transmitter.

These are very high-quality headphones and have been built with 45-millimeter true motion drivers. The audio reproduction on this product is therefore much higher than any of the other standard headphones you can get on the market today.

It is one of the only products that can offer users almost Universal compatibility. The product also has the latest Bluetooth technology allowing it to perform near field communication abbreviated NFC.

This means that anybody close by can tune into the music you are playing making this product useful for group runs. This product also has a battery life of about 15 hours continuous and 1000 hours on standby. to add a little more flair to this product consumers will also get a hard carrying case to protect their headphones when not in use.  


  • 15 Hours of continuous use
  • NFC Bluetooth communication
  • Universal compatibility 


  • Relatively expensive

Favourite Features

  1. Splash Proof
  2. Bluetooth Technology
  3. Battery Life

Splash Proof

Unfortunately, both products are not splashproof. I would have assumed that Audio-Technica would have considered this feature to be important given the fact that people would want to use these headphones for sporting activities. Meaning that it is not a good product to take if you wish to have a jog in the rain. 

Bluetooth Technology

The DSR 7 has standard 4.0 Bluetooth technology. This means that it can connect to pretty much any device that can offer Bluetooth transmission of audio.

The DSR 9 comes with near-field communication technology which is a more innovative version of Bluetooth 4.0. The connection is more secure and can be done over a much longer distance. 

Battery Life

Both products come with a standardized 15 hours of continuous playback. It will take you about four hours to get a full charge and this will look to last you most of the whole day. 

What could be better?


They could have included memory foam in the earpads to make their natural shape last longer. This would improve sound isolation.


This product should be made waterproof to allow users to take them with them wherever they need to. 

Similar Features

They both have a 45MM True Motion Driver that provides clarity of vocals.

Key Differences

The DSR9 has a charging time of 4 hours vs 5 hours for the DSR7.


In conclusion I recommend someone to buy the DSR 9 if they live a more active lifestyle and would like to use the headphones for more than just sound production.

If you live on the go and want to also listen to music on the bus these headphones are quite powerful, deliver great battery, and are very light. They also come with a carrying case. If you want to use these in the studio or at home on the laptop then I would recommend you buy the original DSR7 headphones. 

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