Sennheiser ie800s vs Shure se846: Which is better?

As a live performer, there are a million things that can go wrong with the sound. The best way to avoid any errors and provide a flawless performance is to ensure that you have reliable and effective technology. Today we are going to make a comparison of the Sennheiser IE 800 S and the Shure se846 earphones. 

These are not really just ordinary earphones, and I think just taking one look at the price tag, you will see that for yourself. These are high-end stage earphones designed to perform at high levels, even in aggressive music environments such as concerts. 

Some people call them earbuds whilst others call them in-ear monitors. In-ear monitors are more suitable because these are very powerful earphones, not regular ones. They offer superior sound clarity that can challenge even the most expensive of headphones. 

People who buy these are looking for a precise and direct rendition of the music they are listening to. Noise reduction is also an important feature which will determine what headphone one should buy. 

We shall be comparing all these features of the Sennheiser IE 800 vs Shure SE846 to make a more informed decision. In the end, I will provide you with a conclusion that contains in it my personal recommendation for which headphones you should purchase based on your current situation. Shall we begin? 

Sennheiser ie800s


  • 16 ohms impedance
  • 5 to 46,500 Hz Frequency Response.

This is one of the newest additions to the earphones market produced by Sennheiser. It has quickly taken up space in the market because of the high-quality features compared to its rivals. 

The ie800s has been made with the industry average 7-millimeter transducers, which combine well with the Chrome dual chamber. In terms of what you can get for this price, the manufacturer has done well to offer the consumer good value for money. 

It has a dual-chamber absorption system (D2CA), which mask low volume components with louder one in the lower frequency range. The Sennheiser i.e., 800 S headphones, excel in the delivery of bass and treble.

These earbuds were designed with extra wideband drivers. The benefit of this is an improved feel of the music. The extra-wide band can produce concert effects.

This means that concerted pressure will be applied to your eardrums such that you feel you are at a music gig. An important feature of many earbuds is how comfortable they feel in your ear. 

Fit is essential because apart from general usage, a good fit can come in handy if you wish to avoid losing an earbud. Some people often forget and do not realize that the earbud is pulling out long ago.

The technology used on these headphones will ensure that they comfortably slide in the era and stay there. This is based on the use of comply foam ear tips, which serve as memory foam for the earbuds. 

This is quite an advantage because, over time, the earbuds will not lose their shape and texture. Looking at durability, the product is scratch resistant because the manufacturers have added a ceramic exterior.

The mature finish of the ie800 S will go a long way in protecting these earphones long term. You can rest easy knowing that the product will not break for a while. 

Besides the 3.5 mm jack, the Sennheiser IE 800 S comes with a choice of cables with 4.4 mm Pentaconn and 2.5 mm balanced connectors. They have an impedance range of 16 ohms. The frequency response of 5 to 46,500 Hz helps.


  • Scratch-resistant ceramic housing 
  • Extra-wide band drivers for a concert feel. 
  • Comply foam ear tips for a consistent earbud structure.   
  • The Sennheiser IE S has a detachable cable system.


  • Sound isolation is not as good.

Shure se846

The SE846 high end set of headphones is a refreshing take by the manufacturer Shure on an in-ear monitor. The Shure Se846 has also been made for professionals, but they have also tried to add some life.

The dynamic driver used on the Se846 is custom engineered. An output of balanced, warm audio is courtesy of a customizable sound signature. Shure has allowed for adjustable frequency response in these.

You can get your SE846 in one of several different colors, such as gold, black, and even a transparent option. 

Shure Se846 has been built with quad drivers that work hard to ensure you receive an immaculate and precise sound on your end. You will most definitely enjoy the low pass filter design, which is a master of bass. You no longer must shy away from music that is too hard in terms of the base because your earbuds cannot handle it. 

These earbuds have been specifically designed to neutralize heavy sound without taking away its emphasis. The manufacturers have included a sound-isolating design in the mechanics of the Shure Se846. This piece of innovative technology will allow you to be in two worlds at once. This means that you will be able to hear your surroundings if necessary. 

Shure Se846 works through bone conduction technology, which will allow you to appreciate general themes in your auditory surroundings. It can do this while maintaining a clear and definite audio sound.

In terms of fitting the se846 in, the manufacturer has provided you with several different sleeves, which will come in handy for people with different ear sizes. 

You can expect over 8 hours of battery life with the Shure Se846, which is neither impressive nor disappointing. You will be able to connect to any device that offers Bluetooth facilities with the Shure Se846.

They have made it with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology that works to guarantee a consistent sound. You will not have to experience breaks or cut-offs in the sound as you listen. In conclusion, it is a compelling product that has checked every box you can draw for it.  

The package comes with several cables to allows for connection to Android and iOS devices. These include a Bluetooth 5 communication cable, a Universal 3.5 mm communication cable, and standard 3.5 mm audio.


  • Shure Se846 comes with a sound isolation design that allows you to appreciate your surroundings whilst listening to music. 
  • You will get several custom sleeves to help you find the best fit for your ears. 
  • Shure Se846 comes in a range of exciting colors. 
  • It has a detachable cable.


  • The Shure Se846 only comes with eight hours of listening time on the battery. 

Favourite Features


In terms of how the earbuds fit in your ear, the Sennheiser’s option has the advantage. Comfort is almost essential when dealing with earbuds. It is even more important when dealing with earbuds that people performing live shows will be making use of. 

There is no way you can provide a world-class performance if the technology in your ear is not comfortable. Sennheiser offers a product that makes use of Comply memory foam. This is a highly adaptable material that will continue to reset itself after every use. The Shure Se846 only provides you with several different earbud sleeves.   


The sound quality of these products should be the main priority. There is no way you can pay so much money for a headphone that fails to perform at the highest standard. These are high-quality products, but if you were going to pick a winner, I would say the Sennheiser option slightly stands out. 

The product comes with an extra-wide bass driver that can handle the deepest and darkest of sounds. It also comes with a sound isolating feature, which will ensure you remain in touch with your audience. 


The Sennheiser ie800 S can offer you up to 12 hours of battery life. In comparison, the Shure Se846 can only provide 8 hours. 

What could be better?

Sennheiser ie800s

The Sennheiser ie, 800 s Sound isolation technology, would have improved this product’s range of uses. 

Shure se846

If Shure Se846 had used memory foam, it would have improved the durability of this product in the long term. 

Similar Features

These products have both been designed with quad drivers to handle heavy bass. 

Key Differences 

The main difference between the Shure Se846 and the Sennheiser IE 800S is the colors they can come in. The sound isolation technology and the way they fit in your ears. 

The Verdict

In conclusion, the more professional, better option that you can buy is the Sennheiser IE 800 S. If you happen to have extra money available to you and would like the best option, money can buy now this is what she should go for. 

The Sennheiser IE 800 S has superior extra comprehensive band drivers for a more fulfilling sound experience. It offers a 12-hour battery life, which is impressive. It comes with memory foam, meaning the earbuds’ structure will remain intact for an extended period of time.  It will allow you to perform on stage and feel like someone in the audience at the same time. 

If you are looking for a more down to earth and cheaper option, I would recommend the Shure product. This product offers great sound isolation, exceptional handling of bass, and several different earbuds leave to fit your ear’s size. It is more affordable and will not let you down drastically than the first-choice option in this list. 

Both headphones have great specs that make them right for a new set. Which one do you like?

Rob is a musician and audiophile at heart. He plays 5 instruments. Besides music, Rob enjoys a good whiskey and the outdoors.
Robert S. Thompson

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