AKG C414 vs Neumann TLM 103

This article will compare two of the heavy hitters in the microphone industry today, the AKG C414 vs Neumann TLM 103. Whether you are looking for a microphone for live performances or home studio recording, then you may find solace in one of these two options here today.

We will examine each vocal mic and identify their pros and cons. Eventually, we shall conclude, which will provide recommendations on which option is good depending on the situation you find yourself in. 

AKG C414

This mic is an improvement on the C-12 from the same brand. AKG manufactured this product to deliver an upgrade to the sound quality of the previous model. This product is highly customizable in terms of its audio output. It is a multi pattern microphone.

It has 9 settings that will allow you to change vocal input until you find the one you prefer. In terms of attenuation levels, there are three. Attenuation levels are to do with how much audio is taken in by the microphone.

In simpler terms, you must decide how close you will be to the microphone to prevent static. The three attenuation levels with this product are – 6, – 12, and – 18 decibels. The output attenuation level of this microphone goes all the way to two 158 decibels SPL.

This is much higher than the industry standard and warrants praise for the manufacturer. The microphone has been designed with a premium ability to switch between different bass cut filters. This is a very advantageous feature for live performances.

It will prevent external factors such as wind noise and stage vibration from disturbing the performance’s core sound. It is a very durable product that has been made to last. It will be able to inform you if it reaches a point of overload.

This means that too much sound is coming through the microphone, and it could break down at any moment. It is a very light microphone making it easy to perform with due to its excellent portability.

It is a wired microphone meaning that you cannot use Bluetooth with this product. It comes in a high-quality Golden matte black finish. The product’s exterior is made from hardened plastic, meaning it may break quite easily if you accidentally drop it. 


  • It comes with three different attenuation levels allowing you to use the microphone from different distances. 
  • The product has nine selectable solar patterns. 
  • This microphone has been inbuilt with an overload warning to improve durability. 


  • This product has not been made with a high-quality material meaning it can break if dropped. 

Neumann TLM 103

The TLM 103 is one of the more expensive options that you can find on the market today. The product comes in matte silver and gray finish, which looks very dignified. Degree finish is satin nickel, which is well designed to avoid rust.

This means that you can expect the Neumann TLM 103 to maintain its form for quite some time. The manufacturers have built this product with a large-diaphragm cardioid. This is a particular type of technology that allows the microphone to gather more audio inputs. In short, it hears more.

The inclusion of this technology has been further boosted using a pressure gradient transducer. This works as a filter that can reduce unnecessary noise that ends up being recorded by the microphone.

The manufacturers have set the low noise of this product at 7 decibels. This is quite impressive, meaning it can discern different sounds from that of the performing artist.

You should be able to perform on live stages with this product and use it for home recording all studio use. The product itself is not very heavy and can be carried around without much challenge.

It offers a more professional and mature performance than many mics you can gather on the market. The presentation of the product is too high class.

If you were to buy this product, you would see that it comes in a wooden jewelry box and includes a swivel mount. This means that you will perform hands-free if that is what you wish to do directly.

It is a wired microphone, which means that it may be difficult to perform on stage if your performance requires you to be active, i.e., dancing. Overall, it is an excellent option to consider for people with a bigger budget than most.  


  • The TLM 103 has a large-diaphragm cardioid meaning it can hear better than other microphones. 
  • The TLM 103 includes the swivel Mount and comes in a wooden jewelry box. 
  • Made from satin nickel, meaning it is durable. 


  • Neumann TLM 103 is relatively expensive compared to the other microphones in the market. 

Favourite Features

Decibel Range

When comparing these products, we will find that the AKG C414 has a more comprehensive decibel range. This means that it will handle an extensive range of sounds more comfortably than the Neumann option.

With the Akg product, you will be able to discern sounds as low as -6 decibels. With the Neumann option, you will only be able to distinguish sounds as low as -7 decibels.


The Neumann option outperforms the AKG brand in this category. The Neumann brand is made from satin nickel, which is a much more durable material than the hardened plastic used for the Akg option.

Performance Ability

The AKG C414 performs better sound-wise than the Neumann microphone. It has been designed with nine different selectable solar patterns as well as three impressive attenuation levels. 

What could be better?

Akg c414

With AKG c414, I feel that they could have improved the product’s durability for the price that they charge on it. 

Neumann TLM 103

The Neumann TLM 103 an excellent showman. This means that it looks good and feels good. The main problem is they missed out quite badly on improving its actual sound performance. 

Similar Features

Comparing the Neumann TLM 103 vs the AKG c414, both these products can handle extremely low noise around – 6 and – 7 decibels. 

Key Differences 

The main difference between these mics is the durability and the sound performance (pickup patterns). The Neumann is more durable and looks better whilst the Akg option performs better.  

The Verdict

In conclusion, I would recommend the AKG c414 for people who want to perform live. The AKG C414 is cheaper and has a better sound intake than its competitor in this article. You will find that it is an ideal product for people looking to get started in the music industry.

It is not the most expensive option making it something to consider for someone with a smaller budget. I would not say that it is designed to last you a long time. I would instead suggest it is good to get you going.  

If you prefer the Neumann TLM 103, I would recommend this if you wanted to perform in a home studio. It is slightly more expensive, is more portable, and can handle extremely low noise. This makes it a good option for home studios because it does not have the capacity to handle wind and other external factors that may impact a live performance. 

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