Audio Technica SR50BT vs M50XBT

Choosing between Audio Technica SR50BT vs M50XBT? These two headphones are very powerful, high-quality devices. They take their spot at the top of the Audio-Technica catalog deservedly.

They are both priced in the same way and offer the user a comprehensive music experience. This has led many consumers to wonder what the difference is and the better option to purchase.

They offer users very different advantages, and throughout this article, we shall look to outline those.

Besides music quality, they offer the user something special in their sound signatures and Bluetooth controls. It depends on what you are really looking for.

In this article, we shall review both products in depth. To do so, we shall compare them and examine the pros and cons of each product. Upon completion of that, we shall look at the key features they both have in common and what makes them different.   

Audio Technica SR50BT

Audio Technica SR50BT

This product is a hi-resolution audio reproducer. It has an exclusive 45 mm driver that works well to decode signal from the Bluetooth transmission and translate those into high-quality sound.

The dedicated drivers are a bonus feature that was invented to compensate for any interferences in the signal. This is because it is a Bluetooth device as opposed to a wired one. The product is controlled through a touchpad that is responsible for the mic and accepting/declining calls.

It makes for a more durable and convenient control panel. You can feel free to use these Headphones outside or inside the office because music will not filter out or filter in.

Is the product has been built with an ambient noise reduction that works to ensure that the sound is clearly isolated as you hear it? This is nice for busy workspaces as well as studio sessions.

If you would like to, you may use this product with a wired cable if the battery runs out. This is a nice feature for people who want to take these headphones out to areas where there are no power outlets.

The product comes with a switchable quick hear-through function that provides the user with a more convenient way of alternating the sound they hear, whether it be calls or music. 


  • 45mm true driver
  • Touchpad control panel
  • Active ambient noise reduction


  • Plastic frame might break easily if not taken care of

Audio Technica M50XBT

Audio Technica M50XBT

This is the new and improved version of the original Ath MX 50 product. They deliver professional Studio-quality sound hence why they are priced quite expensively.

This part comes with a touch control panel that allows the user to change music, access calls, and end them. They have been built with the 45-millimeter driver that delivers a high-quality sound even at the highest of frequency ranges and the lowest.

The headphones are made with extra padding around the top to ensure comfortability on the user’s ears. This means that they can be used for long periods of time without extending tension on the user’s head.

The headphones’ padding comes with memory foam, meaning that the sound isolation quality is very high. This also means that you can use them for an extended period of time without the earpads losing their form.

The headphones are slightly heavier than most making them less practical and portable than other headphones.  


  • 45 mm true motion drivers
  • Can handle extended frequencies.
  • Touch control panel


  • Heavy

Favourite Features

  1. Frame
  2. Control Panel
  3. Ear pad design


The M50 XBT is the better one in this scenario. this frame is made with extra padding around the top of the headphones to ensure that the headphones do not break easily even when bent. This makes them more durable than their competitor.

The headphones padding also ensures that this comfortable around the user’s head and does not squeeze them after continued usage. It is also made from a much more durable microfiber plastic. The SR50BT unit comes made with standard plastic and no extra padding. This makes them lighter, although less durable. 

Control Panel

Both products come with a touch control panel. Making for a much more convenient experience. This means that users can change the music on the go without the use of a button.

Touchpads are much more durable because, through continuous usage, buttons may become broken or lose functionality. These two products rank exactly equal in this category. 

Ear Pad Design

These products’ earpad design is quite similar, except that the MX50 product uses memory foam on its ear pads. This works to improve the isolation of sound. It also works to improve the comfort of the user, especially when listening to music for long periods of time.

These products are both wireless, meaning that they are suitable for undergoing use, but this feature of memory phones in the ear pads distinctly differentiates the two. 

What could be better?


 The Sr 50 product could have improved on its frame design. Many users complain that there is extended tension on the ears over time due to the lack of padding on the headphone frame. This makes them difficult to use in a studio session where someone must put in many hours when mastering music. 


The MX50 could have been made slightly lighter given that they are wireless earphones, and people might like to use them for exercise sessions. Heavy earphones are both an inconvenience in terms of practicality and portability. 

Similar Features

These products both can handle frequencies from the low range right up to the high range. This means that you are unlikely to hurt your ears or have blurry sound coming out of the headphones. This product is also priced in the same price range. 

Key Differences

The main difference between these products is the noise-canceling features. The MX50 has better padding around it is meaning that it can isolate sounds much better than the SR50. Therefore, if you plan to use these headphones in an open space where there is a bit of noise, you may have trouble. 


In conclusion, I would recommend the MX50 studio sessions or workspaces. This is because it has better sound isolation and is heavier, meaning that it is better off used in one place.

Depending also ensures that they are more comfortable for more extended periods of usage. For the SR50, I will recommend people to buy this if they intend to use it for active exercise purposes. This is because the product is lighter and more portable. 

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