You’re looking for a good pair of headphones on those late nights when you want to stay up and binge your favorite Netflix series. You don’t want to disturb anyone around you that’s already fast asleep. Luckily, these Sennheiser wireless headphones for TV can help you out. This will be a Top 10 list listed from least to most expensive.

When it comes to buying headphones for this purpose, certain features are more important than others. For example, let’s say the headphones you’re using have flawless Bluetooth connectivity – but start to hurt your ears 30 minutes into your show.

You start to become so distracted that instead of paying attention to the dialogue and storyline – you’re too busy readjusting the headband and ear cups. That’s one of the most common issues that people run into and it’s the problem we want to help you solve. The quality of wireless connection is definitely important, but won’t mean much if they’re not comfy. 

On the flip side, if the headphones are super comfy but the audio lags so far behind the series you’re watching – they’re not much good either. We gathered a list of the best headphones from Sennheiser that have a strong mix of comfort, wireless connectivity, and a few other criteria. Keep reading to see how we made our picks!

Top 10 Sennheiser Wireless Headphones for TV Ranked

Now that you know where we’re coming from, take a look at the 4 qualifying areas for the headphones on this list. 

Here are the criteria we used to select our Top 10 recommendations

  • Comfort – Long-Lasting vs. Short-Lived
  • Sound Quality – Do They Offer An Immersive Listening Experience?
  • Transmitter Included vs. Not Included
  • Wireless Connectivity vs. Radio Frequency System

Wearing Style/Connectivity Recommendation
Over-Ear/Wireless HD 4.40 BT
Over-Ear/Wireless RS 160 RF
On-Ear/Radio Frequency RS 135 RF
Over-Ear/Wireless HD 4.50 BTNC
Over-Ear/Radio Frequency RS 175 RF
Over-Ear/Radio Frequency RS 165 RF
Over-Ear/Radio Frequency RS 185 RF
Over-Ear/Wireless PXC 550 w/ANC
Over-Ear/Wireless HD1 Wireless w/ANC
Over-Ear/Radio Frequency RS 195 RF

Are you ready to see the best options that Sennheiser has to offer? After reading through this, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision on which one is perfect for your needs! Let’s get started!

1. HD 4.40 BT

Basic Features to Consider:

  • aptX & Bluetooth 4.0
  • Up to 25 hours of wireless run time (that’s enough to 2 1/2 full seasons of Game of Thrones)
  • Includes built-in NFC pairing technology
  • Compact folding design
  • Side-swiveling ear cups
  • Ear cup button controls (for easy volume control, etc.)
  • Frequency Response: 18-22,000 Hz
  • Weight: 7.9 oz.

Comfort – Around-Ear Design

The around-ear design will give you the comfort needed to wear these for extended periods of time. There are few worse feelings than becoming distracted by an uncomfortable headband while you’re watching a show. The padded headband plus the soft leatherette-covered ear pads are there to ensure you stay comfortable the whole time. 

In the area of comfort, these have gotten overwhelmingly positive reviews from other customers like you. They do have ear cups that are a little on the narrow side but this will depend on your head shape. The headband isn’t as comfy as some of the higher-end models but you can’t complain too much since the other qualities make up for it. 

Sound Quality – Rumbling Lows

With the pretty wide frequency response, you will be able to hear the rumbling lows of an explosion or the rumble of a muscle car engine revving. At the higher end of the spectrum, you can expect to hear a slightly tuned down sound response. 

Overall, these have gotten pretty good reviews for their sound quality. With something like these, being offered at a very reasonable price point, you’ll want to take that into account. They might not outperform a more expensive pair that you already own but compared to other models around the same value, you can’t go wrong here. 

Transmitter vs. No Transmitter – Not Included

The 4.40 model does not come with a wireless docking station or RCA adapter. You can find transmitters for a fairly inexpensive price (usually starting at around $15). The picture below shows one of the Best Selling transmitters on Amazon. You can click the picture to see pricing info, etc. 

Setup and pairing with a device like the one above is a simple process to follow along with using the included instructions. Once your headphones are paired with the transmitter, you can start watching away without the hassle of annoying wires in your way.

Bluetooth Range & NFC Pairing

The built-in aptX codec is there to make sure you get a solid Bluetooth transmission from your device to your cans. These also utilize NFC pairing to make it as easy as possible to connect via Bluetooth. With NFC pairing, you just touch your two devices together and you’re ready to listen. 

These don’t have as far of a listening range as some of the models below. You can expect to get a strong signal at a pretty decent range (usually around 30 ft. or so).

One important thing to consider is that you’ll probably experience some slight lag between these and your television. The transmitter you see above gives you a latency lower than 95% to ensure your media’s in sync.

Watch the short review video below to see some of the features demonstrated:

Who Are They Perfect For?

Overall, the 4.40BTs have a lot to offer, especially being at this value. The comfortable ear pads, a stronger lower end frequency, aptX codec, and wireless features make this a great pick. The main downside is that you’ll need a Bluetooth transmitter for most television models. It’s also possible that you’ll experience some lag between the 4.4s and your TV but your transmitter will help minimize that issue. 

To see more customer reviews, pricing info, and other specifications use the link here. 

2. RS 160 RF System

Basic Features to Consider:

  • Compact TX 160 Wireless Adapter included (charge through AC adapter or batteries)
  • Uses KLEER Lossless digital audio transmission
  • Listen up to 60 ft. away
  • 2 NiMH AAA batteries included (for headphone charge)
  • 16 hour charging time
  • Not Bluetooth compatible
  • Frequency Response: 18-21,000 Hz
  • Weight: 7.8 oz.

Comfort – Adjustable & Ergonomic Design

These come equipped with an adjustable, ergonomic headband to help you tailor the comfort to your specific head shape. They also have leatherette-covered ear pads and feature an over-ear design. The over-ear design will help keep unwanted noise out. There’s nothing worse than having distractions interrupt you while you’re in the middle of a gripping performance that requires your full attention. 

You can expect these to remain comfy even after 2 or more hours of use. One common complaint is that if you fall asleep while wearing these, your ears will be sore when you wake up. If you don’t use these in bed to fall asleep, you won’t have that problem. As far as sitting back, relaxing on your couch for a couple of hours, these will keep your ears happy

Sound Quality – KLEER Lossless Audio

You will be able to control the volume of your show right from the transmitter included. The volume of your television won’t affect the volume in your ears. Some recommend that to get the maximum sound quality out of these, you’ll want to tweak your EQ and other presets. 

If you’re looking for something that’s offered at a good value and you can live with a mid-performance sound profile, these would be perfect for you. The KLEER lossless audio will ensure you have well-balanced audio reproduction throughout your viewing experience. 

Transmitter vs. No Transmitter – Included

Since these come with a wireless transmitter, you won’t need to buy anything extra. These come ready-to-use pretty much right out of the box. The transmitter has a light that will blink when it’s on and your ‘phones will pair up quickly. 

After a full 16 hour charge, the battery can last you over a couple of nights (depending on how much you want to watch in one sitting). Some even say that these outperform a more expensive model which is pretty impressive. 

Transmission Range – Up to 60 Ft. Away

The signal from your transmitter is powerful at up to 60 feet away. I’m not sure why you’d be that far away from the screen but if you choose to, you can still listen. Maybe you have to run to the kitchen to refuel on snacks or grab a drink. Since these don’t have any external wires, that’s a huge plus. 

You can expect that the sound quality will remain powerful (some even say “audiophile-grade“) from pretty far away. Another cool feature is that you can have up to 4 different KLEER ‘phones paired to the transmitter at one time. If you invite some friends over, the KLEER audio function will keep everyone’s sound quality top-notch. 

Watch the quick video below to see how to connect the transmitter:

Who Are They Perfect For?

To sum up everything we just covered here’s a quick recap. The 160 RF ‘phones give you the freedom to move 60 feet away and still play audio, your ears will stay comfy even after hours of use, and the rechargeable batteries give you approx. 20 hours of playback (depending on personal usage). 

For more customer reviews, pricing info, and more product specs click here. 

3. RS 135 Open-Air RF

Basic Features to Consider:

  • On-ear design
  • Transmitter doubles as a charging station
  • 2 AAA batteries required
  • Listen up to 300 ft. away
  • Auto on/off feature
  • RCA or headphone plug options
  • Wall-mountable transmitter
  • Open air (open back) design for hi-fi sound reproduction
  • Frequency Response: 22-19,500 Hz
  • Weight: 8.11 oz.

Comfort – Lightweight/On-Ear Design

These are lightweight and comfortable. Since there’s not as much weight sitting on your head, you can wear these for longer periods of time (which is a big plus).

These are an on-ear, open-air design so they won’t block out as much ambient noise. Some people prefer on-ear to over-ear, so that’s one thing to consider, especially for comfort. 

Sometimes on-ear models can become slightly uncomfortable due to the pressure they put on your ears. Overall, that doesn’t seem to be a major issue. 

One common complaint is that they tend to fall off your head if you move around too much. Part of this is due to them being on-ears. 

Sound Quality – Well-Balanced?

You can expect solid, well-balanced sound quality from these ‘phones. The bass response is powerful and perfect for listening to music or watching a good Netflix series. The transmission is responsive at up to 300 feet away. The open-air design of the ear cups will give you a more “true to sound” audio playback response. 

Especially if you’re an audiophile, that could make or break this pair for you. Open back headphones allow for a more spacious listening and viewing experience

Transmitter vs. No Transmitter – Included

Your transmitter will be included with your purchase. As mentioned above, the transmitter has an impressive range of connectivity. It is also wall-mountable, doubles as a docking station, and charges your headphones. It can be connected by the RCA cables or via your standard headphone jack. 

Transmission Range – Up to 300 Ft. Away

If the distance you can listen is a big deal to you, look no further. The fact that you can use these up to 300 feet away is great for added convenience. The open-air design + transmission distance allows you to remain aware of your surroundings.

Let’s say you hear your newborn crying in the background. With these, you’ll be able to hear them and won’t have to worry about dealing with wires or lost connections. 

Watch the tutorial below to see how to charge and connect the transmitter: 

Who Are They Perfect For?

The main difference between these and the RS 160 model is the open-air (open-back) design, a charging station/dock is included, and the transmitter remains active at up to 300 ft. away. If those features all sound like what you’re looking for you can see pricing info and other customer reviews by clicking here. 

4. HD 4.50 BTNC

HD 4.50 - Sennheiser Wireless Headphones For TV

Basic Features to Consider:

  • aptX & Bluetooth 4.0
  • NoiseGard Active Noise-Cancelling built-in
  • Up to 19 hours of battery life on a single charge (enough to watch almost 2 full seasons of your favorite series)
  • Compact folding design
  • Built-in microphone
  • Earcup volume control buttons (for easy access)
  • Closed-back, around-ear design
  • Bluetooth NFC pairing built-in
  • Frequency Response: 18-22,000 Hz
  • Weight 7.9 oz.

Comfort – Around-Ear Leatherette Ear Pads

Comfort can be a key deciding factor when you’re choosing between several options. The 4.50s have the standard leatherette-covered ear pads and padded headband. One criticism that comes up is that these aren’t the best fit for someone with bigger ears. Since the ear pads are on the slimmer side, they will tend to bear down on your ears after an hour or two. 

If you don’t think that’ll be an issue for you, these perform well and are overall pretty comfortable. Most customers will tell you that the cushioning is adequate for longer listening/watching sessions. 

Sound Quality – Well-Balanced Sound Profile

You can expect to hear quality audio playback, even over the Bluetooth connection. Equipped with aptX technology, you will be able to hear “near-audiophile” quality over a Bluetooth connection. Since these have built-in NoiseGard Active Noise-Cancelling, unwanted noise will be eliminated, therefore improving the overall sound quality. 

Transmitter vs. No Transmitter – Not Included

Similar to the 4.40 model, these do not come with a wireless transmitter. If you’re planning on watching your shows on a plasma screen or LED flat-screen, you will need to invest in a separate transmitter. We recommend the same one linked to above.

NFC Pairing & Active Noise Cancelling Features

If you plan on mainly watching Netflix or Hulu on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, these come equipped with NFC pairing. You can listen for up to 19 hours with the ANC feature turned on. If you choose to watch your show without the ANC, you’ll get about 25 hours of audio playback. 

Watch the quick review below to see more details:

Who Are They Perfect For?

Let’s wrap up everything we just went over. With the 4.50s you get a strong Bluetooth connection, decent battery life, no transmitter is included (for watching on flat-screens), ANC, and a pretty well-rounded sound profile. If you’d like to check the retail value and/or see more customer reviews click here. 

5. RS 175 RF System

Basic Features to Consider: 

  • Listen up to 328 ft. away
  • Bass Boost and Virtual Surround Sound mode options 
  • Charging cradle doubles as a wireless transmitter (can be used wired as well) and docking station
  • The transmitter can be used for 2 pairs of headphones at the same time
  • Closed-back ear cup design
  • Up to 18 hours of playback on a single charge (rechargeable batteries included)
  • Ergonomic around-ear for maximum listening comfort
  • Frequency Response: 17-22,000 Hz
  • Weight: 10.9 oz.

Comfort – Plush Around-Ear Wearing Design

This pair offers a closed-back, around-ear design that not only blocks out most ambient noise but also stays comfortable for a longer time. If you decide to sit down and watch a Lord of the Rings-length movie or series, you can rest assured that your ears will be very happy. 

The plush earpad design is super comfy but they do have their downsides. If you do keep these on for longer periods of time, you might notice that your ears get a little bit sweaty. That’s one of the more common pieces of feedback. This also depends on other factors but it’s good to keep that in mind. 

Sound Quality – Bass Boost/Surround Sound

You get the option to activate both a Bass Boost and a Virtual Surround Sound function that will take your viewing experience to the next level. While these sound good when these features aren’t activated, (or if you’re like me and you like louder fuller sound) they’re there for you just in case. 

Not everyone has the ability to install a full home-theatre set up in their place of living but if you can find a way to make it SOUND like you do, that’s a pretty good compromise, right?

Transmitter vs. No Transmitter – Included

The RS 175 does come with a wireless transmitter. It acts as your source for charging, docking, and wire-free listening. The signal will remain strong at a distance of up to almost 300 feet away. Your audio will sound just as powerful from the next room as it will sitting directly in front of your flat-screen. 

Some people have mentioned that the sound from your ‘phones tends to leak out from the ear cups. While this may be the case, it’s not nearly as much as having the volume on your screen turned all the way up. There may be some light sound leakage, but the around-ear design is built to minimize that from happening. 

Transmission Range – Up to 300 Ft. Away

We’ve already established that you won’t have to deal with the mess of wires to get tangled up in. One of the main features that set these apart from the pack is the extended distance of connectivity.

300 feet is an impressive distance to still be able to hear the entertainment you’re streaming/playing. I’m sure you’re already thinking of different ways you could use this feature to your advantage. 

Watch the video below to see them in action: 

Who Are They Perfect For?

Let’s go over the main functions and features of this model one more time. You eliminate all the wires from the picture, you get bass-boosted surround sound, a lengthy wireless connection, and an extra-comfortable design. As we move further down the list, you’ll see the value go up, as well as a more-enhanced listening level increase. For more product specs, customer star ratings, and retail value use the link here.  

6. RS 165 RF System

Basic Features to Consider:

  • Listen up to 100 ft. away
  • Bass Boost and Volume Control buttons available on the ear cup
  • Charging cradle doubles as a wireless transmitter and docking station
  • Can be used with 2 pairs of headphones at the same time
  • Up to 18 hours of listening time on a single charge
  • Closed-back, around-ear design for maximum comfort (needed especially during binge sessions)
  • Frequency Response: 18-21,000 Hz
  • Weight: 10.58 oz.

Comfort – Customer Feedback

The RS 165 have almost the exact same build as the RS 175. You get the same amount of comfort offered by the around-ear, leatherette-covered ear pads. The headband is padded as well. Common feedback from satisfied customers includes:

  • “These are without a doubt the best headphones I’ve ever owned. They are comfortable for hours on end.”
  • “You’ll love this quality, comfortable, reliable Bluetooth headset”

The reviews speak for themselves and most have nothing but good things to say about the level of comfort they have to offer. 

Sound Quality – Bass Boost & Detail Clarity

You will be able to listen/watch wire-free at a distance of up to 100 feet. The signal transmitted remains steady even through walls (in case you need to pop a bag of popcorn mid-way through your entertainment). These also come with a Bass Boost feature that can be activated by pressing the button on your right ear cup.

The headset mimics the surround sound we all love when we’re at the theater. If you can’t already hear a singer taking a breath with your current setup, these will allow you to hear minute details like that. 

Hearing a slight voice crack sometimes adds the final layer you need to feel what emotion actor is trying to get across. (If you can’t hear it, you won’t feel it.) Some have even compared these to the Beats Studio Wireless and said that after putting these ‘phones on, they didn’t want to go back. 

That speaks to the quality here because many also agree that the Studio Wireless outperform other Bluetooth headphones that cost almost twice as much. 

Transmitter vs. No Transmitter – Included

You will receive a digital wireless audio transmitter with your pair of RS 165s. Like some of the models above, the transmitter doubles as a charging and docking station to keep your gear in good condition. If you have kids, you know all to well that they are curious beings and if you leave something lying around, it might end up on the ground somewhere with a food spill that’s not healthy for electronics.

That’s one reason why it’s so nice to have a docking station with multiple capabilities. Even if you’re single or don’t have kids, having a place to store your gear is always a plus. (Especially if you’re prone to misplacing your stuff.)

Transmission Range – Up to 100 Ft. Away

As mentioned above, your digital transmission stays strong at a pretty impressive distance. The wire-free capability keeps you from disturbing your neighbors around you, and also the people you live with. If you’re like me and you like louder audio, turning your flat-screen all the way up tends to be a nuisance to those around you.

Nine times out of ten, watching a show or movie with headphones will outperform the standard built-in speakers most TVs come with (even turned all the way up). One last feature is that you can have up to 2 separate pairs of these connected to the transmitter at one time. (That’s enough for you and a special someone… or friend.)

Watch the video below to see a demonstration of the basic features:

Who Are They Perfect For?

To wrap it all up, the 165 model gives you more comfort (for a longer watching period), a strong wireless signal (up to 100 feet), a transmitter/charging/docking station, and a bass boost feature to enhance your sound even more. If that all sounds like what you’re looking for, you can find more details, customer reviews, and pricing info by using the link here. 

7. RS 185 RF System

Basic Features to Consider: 

  • Open-back audiophile design
  • Listen up to 328 ft. away
  • Can be used with 2 pairs of headphones at the same time
  • Charging cradle doubles as a docking station
  • Lightweight design + velour-covered ear pads (perfect for binging late at night)
  • Compatible with RCA or the standard 3.5 mm headphone plug 
  • Frequency Response: 17-22,000 Hz
  • Weight: 10.93 oz. 

Comfort – Velour Ear Pads & Lightweight Build

The earpads on these are covered with velour (micro-fiber) material to minimize heat build-up. They are pretty lightweight and will stay comfortable even after an hour or two of use. The velour earpad covering is more comfortable than leatherette for most people.

You could make the comparison between wearing a leather jacket in warmer weather versus wearing a lightweight velour sweatshirt. More likely than not, lightweight sweatshirt will be more comfortable. 

Sound Quality – Open Back Ear Cups

The RS 185 has the open-air (open-back) design that is the preferred ear cup style for some audiophiles. It allows you to hear some ambient noise mixed with the media you’re listening to. The sound will be closer to a live concert experience (as opposed to the earbud or ‘phone listening you’re used to). 

Transmitter vs. No Transmitter – Included

The transmitter included with this model also has multiple uses. It can be used to charge, store, and transmit the digital audio signal. This device can be connected via RCA outputs or the standard 3.5 mm output. 

Transmission Range – Up to 328 Ft. Away

The digital audio transmission distance is good at up to 328 feet away from the transmitter. Also worth noting is that since it utilizes the open-back design, your media will sound better (if you prefer open over closed-back).

Sometimes you feel slight pressure built up inside your ear cups and with the open-back design, that pressure is eliminated. If you can deal with some ambient noise, you’ll probably prefer these over a model like the RS 165 or 160 models. 

Watch the unboxing from Unbox Therapy below: 

Who Are They Perfect For?

Basically, the RS 185s are an improved version of the RS 165 model. They have a similar build but feature the open-back ear cup design, the same transmission distance, more button controls on your ear cup, and velour-covered ear pads for maximum comfort. You can use the link here to see more product specs, star ratings, and pricing info. 

8. PXC 550 w/ANC

Basic Features to Consider: 

  • Built-in Bluetooth 4.2 technology
  • Compact, flat-folding swivel design (perfect for traveling with)
  • NoiseGard Adaptive Noise-Cancelling capability
  • Bluetooth NFC pairing 
  • Up to 30 hours of listening time on a single charge (enough for watching 3 full seasons of your show)
  • Ergonomic headband (to keep you comfortable during that 3 season binge)
  • CapTune App (for personalized sound performance)
  • Frequency Response: 17-23,000 Hz
  • Weight: 8 oz.

Comfort – Lightweight & Ergonomic Design

These feature an ergonomic headband that’s designed to adapt to your specific head shape and ear size. These are one of the most lightweight models on this list weighing only 8 ounces. Lighter weight helps keep you comfortable for longer.

Football helmets weigh around 3lbs. 6 oz. so if you use that as a comparison you can see that if you only have 8 ounces of plastic and metal resting on your head, your ears will be a lot happier the entire time

These are an around-ear design and they feature the leatherette ear pad covering so you will want to consider the possible heat build up (although for most it’s not much of an issue). With the swiveling ear cup, you can even let an ear take a breather if you need to. 

Sound Quality – Enhanced Audio Playback

The Bluetooth 4.2 technology is designed for faster speeds and you also get NFC pairing. NFC pairing is a super convenient feature allowing you to touch your headphones to your device and pair up instantly.

Sennheiser specifically designed the sound signature of this model to further enhance the sound of movies and music. The soundtrack in the background adds a lot to the overall feeling of a show/movie and the Bluetooth 4.2 will aid in achieving better sound quality. 

Transmitter vs. No Transmitter – Not Included

You will need an additional transmitter if you plan on using these for viewing on a plasma or flat-screen. Once again, we recommend using the same transmitter linked to above. If you prefer watching your shows on a tablet, smartphone, or laptop, you don’t need a transmitter. You can simply pair your device with these and start watching. 

Bluetooth Lag & NFC Pairing

An important feature to consider is the battery life on these. You can listen/watch for up to 30 full hours on a single charge. (That’s enough for 3 full seasons of your favorite series on Netflix.) 

It’s important to note that if you use these with an external transmitter (like the one linked to above) there may be a slight lag if you’re watching on your flat-screen. For viewing on a tablet or smartphone the lag isn’t an issue at all. 

Another additional feature these come with is the NoiseGard Adaptive Noise-Cancelling which is great for blocking ambient noise while you’re wearing these cans. 

Watch the short review below to see the main pros and cons: 

Who Are They Perfect For?

Overall, these are a great pick for you if you want a pair of ‘phones that can be used with a flat-screen, tablet, smartphone, or laptop. If lightweight models feel and fit better on your head, you can’t live without NFC pairing, you don’t mind spending a little extra on a transmitter, and better sound quality is important to you. Use the link here to see star ratings, more product specs, and the current retail value. 

9. HD1 Wireless w/ANC

Basic Features to Consider:

  • Bluetooth 4.0 technology built-in 
  • Up to 22 hours of playback on a single charge
  • NoiseGard hybrid Active Noise-Cancelling technology
  • Bluetooth NFC pairing (with built-in mic)
  • Compact folding design 
  • Memory foam ear cups (covered with Genuine Leather)
  • aptX codec (matches CD sound quality over Bluetooth connection)
  • Connect with up to 2 devices at the same time (laptop and television)
  • Frequency Response: 16-22,000 Hz
  • Weight: 9.17 oz.

Comfort – Genuine Leather Headband & Ear Pads

The HD1 model has genuine leather that covers the headband and both ear pads. It’s a more comfortable material than the more standard leatherette covering. The headband is foldable in case you decide to take this on-the-go. They also come with a compact carrying case for safe storage.

Most owners of this pair say that these are extremely comfortable but if you wear glasses, you might experience some slight discomfort after a few hours of use. While the genuine leather is comfortable, it will get a little bit warmer than ear pads with velour-covering. 

Sound Quality – Detail & NoiseGard ANC

Everyone ranging from radio station producers to audiophiles vouch for the sound quality of the HD1 model. It reproduces quality audio across genres ranging from classical to rock and jazz. The Adaptive NoiseGard Noise-Cancelling feature blocks out virtually all external noise.

One downside of the ANC feature is that once the ‘phones are powered up, the ANC is automatically activated and only turns off when you power your ‘phones down. 

The wide frequency response ensures that you hear every detail, every whisper, and draw of breath which enhances your overall viewing experience

Adapter vs. No Adapter – Not Included

Like the PXC 550 model, you will need an external transmitter for TV-specific viewing. The NFC pairing allows you to listen and watch on tablets, smartphones, and laptops. If you decide to use a wired connection, you can use these to view media via your Xbox or PS4 controller. We recommend using the transmitter linked to above.

Wireless Battery Life & aptX Codec

The 22-hour battery life gives you enough time to watch approx. 2 full seasons of Game of Thrones or another 10 episode series. Built-in aptX technology gives your wire-free connection stream an extra boost to enhance the quality of your media. Also, as is becoming the standard, you get a built-in VoiceMax microphone in case you need to take a call mid-stream. 

Watch the quick video below to learn more about the Bluetooth range and a few other basic specs: 

Who Are They Perfect For?

The HD1 model is perfect for you if the premium quality is a top priority. The genuine leather covering, aptX streaming quality, and compact folding design are all features you need to consider. If you don’t mind paying extra for all that and some extra comfort click here to see the current retail value. 

10. RS 195 RF System

Basic Features to Consider: 

  • Closed-back, around-ear design (keep unwanted noise out and relax on your bed or the couch)
  • Speech Mode (get rid of background noise)
  • Music Mode (for improving your sound quality, especially small details)
  • Earcup button controls (volume/modes)
  • Listen up to 330 ft. away
  • Up to 18 hours of listening time (you can finish almost 2 full seasons in that time)
  • The transmitter can connect digitally or analog (the old-fashioned way)
  • Specifically engineered for those with slight hearing difficulties
  • Frequency Response: 17-22,000 Hz
  • Weight: 11.99 oz.

Comfort – Ergonomic Over-Ear Wearing Design

This isn’t the most travel-friendly model but the extra comfort is worth it. They weigh in at almost 12 ounces which could cause them to weigh down a bit more after a couple of hours of use.

Most reviewers will tell you that the closed-back, around-ear design is on par with the RA 185’s comfort score. They’re perfect for long viewing or listening sessions and have the plush ear pads and ergonomic headband design. 

Sound Quality – Personalized Audio Playback

You have the ability to change between 7 different settings of personalized playback options. You can also adjust the volume on each ear separately. We can’t all be perfectly symmetrical so that’s a nice bonus feature.

The Music Mode enhances the quality of the music and the Speech Mode reduces background noise so you can hear the speaking better. Sennheiser teamed up with Fraunhofer IDMT to create this model and the collaboration is proving to be successful.

Whether you want to just listen to music, or use these for watching a show on Hulu, the sound quality is top-notch (some even say the best) in this market. 

Transmitter vs. No Transmitter – Included

Just like some of the models above, the transmitter is included and works both as a charger and docking station. You’ll be able to set these on top of the transmitter and charge them so they’re ready when you need them.

The ability to store them in a convenient way like this cradle will help you keep track of them and preserve the premium quality. If you treat your gear with respect, it’ll keep providing you with the quality you deserve!

Transmission Range – Up to 330 Ft. Away

Your transmitter streams high-quality digital audio to your ‘phones at distances of up to 330 feet. That means these have the longest transmission distance out of all the models on this list.

Expect to hear high-quality audio reproduction that even audiophiles praise. The streaming quality + the personalized audio settings (Speech/Music Modes) ensures that you get the best experience possible.

Watch the tutorial below to see a demonstration of the features we covered above: 

Who Are They Perfect For?

Overall, the RS 195 model would be the right choice for you if you don’t mind spending the money to get a higher-quality experience. The plush ear pads, extremely long transmission distance, personalized audio settings, and exquisite engineering are all good reasons to consider these. If you’d like to see more customer reviews, retail value, and other specs click the link here. 

The End of Your Search – Which Pair Did You Pick?

That was a lot of information but in a good way. I think you’ll walk away from this knowing pretty much everything you need to know about the Sennheiser wireless headphones for TV. There are a lot of features to consider and 10 different models to choose from.

I hope I’ve been able to assist you in making a decision. If you need any further explanation or want to leave a comment, feel free to do so below. I always do my best to respond as quickly as possible. 

Thanks for stopping by to check out our list and see what all the hype was about! Enjoy watching your favorite TV shows or movies wire-free!

Sonic Elevation: Ride The Waves. 

8 thoughts on “Sennheiser Wireless Headphones For TV”

  1. Hey there! I have a smart tv and it has bluetooth compatibility and I’ve been watching my shows lately. I live with my cousin and I watch my shows in my room. Sometimes the sounds gets too loud and it disturbs my cousin. I want to use a headphone because it is gives great sound to the ears without disturbing other people with loud noise. I read your list about best wireless headphones for tv and the Sennheiser HD 4.50 got my attention. I think this is great for the money but I have a question. Does this also can be used to my phone? I really appreciate your response.

    1. The Sennheiser HD 4.50 model has both Bluetooth and NoiseGard ANC. Not only will you be able to stream wireless TV and movies, but you can also keep the sound to yourself without disturbing your roommate. 🙂

      You can use the HD 4.50 with your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or any other Bluetooth-compatible device. 

      Hopefully that answers your question. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. What can I say the world of headphones is really so amazing because there are so many to choose from. The headphones have come from a long way and have changed over the years but one thing that I know for sure I believe that every home should have headphones because they are so beneficial what you are sharing here is really great and these headphones seem to be of good quality.

    1. I definitely agree Norman. It’s cool to see the progression of headphone technology over the years. These RF headphone systems are especially good for at-home use. Sennheiser has some of the most highly rated RF systems for a reason, right? 

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. Hey this was a great review with a lot of quality looking headphones. I have been interested in getting some new headphones and I really like the RS 160 RF system.
    They offer a very clean look but also look like they offer quality sound as well. I think I will have to look into these.
    Is there a pair that you would recommend over the others? Thanks

    1. The RS 160 RF System is definitely a good choice Logan. 

      I would personally recommend the RS 185 Wireless System. It is quite a bit more expensive but the open-air audiophile design plus their velour-covered ear pads and multi-functional ear cup controls make it worth the extra cash. 

      It’s a super solid option if you can spend a little bit more for extra long-term satisfaction and ultimate payoff

      As far as a mid-priced model, I would recommend the RS 175 RF System. It has a lot of the same features as the RS 185 (except for the open-air ear cup design and velour-covered ear pads).

      It really comes down to your personal needs and wants. For more comfort and personalized options, you’ll usually end up paying more. 

      If you can sacrifice a little bit on things like hi-fi audio quality and the extra bells and whistles, the mid-range options will still enhance your overall TV and movie-watching for a much better experience. 🙂

      Hopefully that answers your question! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Hey, I just can’t seem to find a good headphone, but after reading your post, I think I have my mind made up. In particular, I like the HD1 Wireless with ANC. The fact that it has the noise guard is definitely a feature I am looking for. In addition, I like the leather covering too. Surely, this has caught my eye, but is it compatible with the computer/laptop?

    1. Great choice Carol! The Sennheiser HD1 are definitely a very high quality pair of headphones. I’m a big fan of the leather covering as well – it really adds to the classy look and feel. 🙂

      The HD1 are fully compatible with not only your computer/laptop but also any other Bluetooth device. They also come with the standard 3.5 mm headphone cable that can be used to connect with any device that has the 3.5 mm headphone port. 

      Let’s say you run out of battery (or want to conserve battery life). You haven’t had time to charge them but you want to use them for watching TV or listening to music. 

      As long as they’re plugged in via the headphone cable, you should be able to use them without draining the battery at all. Some headphones can even be used as a “pass-through” which means that you can use them while they’re charging. 

      Either way, you can absolutely use the HD1 with your laptop and in fact, they were designed with the mobile user in mind. If you want to use them with your phone, laptop, TV at home, or desktop – you have the flexibility to choose since they can be used as both wired and wireless

      Hopefully that helps answer your question and gives you a little more understanding! Thanks for stopping by, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any more questions!

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