There was so much good music released in 2017 that it was hard to pick only 10. This list will probably have one or two that you’re already familiar with and some that you aren’t. The Top Ten Songs of 2017 came in handy, especially during this tumultuous time in history. Using music to alter your mood is one of the best ways to deal with life. I hope you enjoy the music here and use it to your benefit!

Top Ten Songs of 2017 – Did Yours Make It?

The main judging criteria for this list are based on:

  • Replay value
  • Personal preference
  • Originality
  • First-time listen through impressions
  • Lyrical content
  • Overall feel and quality of the song

You’ll be able to play each track right from this page to get a feel for what to expect on the rest of the albums that these songs were picked from. Here’s to a great year in music and hopefully the same for the next!

1. “Bleeding In The Blur” by Code Orange

Code Orange’s Forever was near the top of a lot of Best Metal Albums of 2017 lists this year and for good reason. “Bleeding In The Blur” happens to be my favorite track off the acclaimed album. I would suggest that you pull up the lyrics and follow along when you press play. Coming in at track number 4 from Forever, the bridge has a short guitar solo and the chorus is pretty infectious

If this song doesn’t get stuck in your head after a listen or two, you probably won’t enjoy the rest of the album. Overall, the singing plus some minimal unclean singing is the perfect mix for a track like this. I think we’re all looking forward to what else Code Orange will have to offer in the future. 

2. “Lust” by Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar is considered one of the greatest of all time by some, has won multiple Grammy Awards and released his 3rd full-length this year called DAMN. It’s definitely in the Top 10 albums of this year. LUST is one of the mistakenly underrated cuts off the album. The production features a group of extremely talented musicians including BadBadNotGood. There are guest vocals from Kaytranada as well. 

One of the greatest things about hip-hop is the collaboration of artistic minds coming together to create a masterpiece. “LUST” lyrically seems like a 50% tongue in cheek song that also has some deeper nuggets of wisdom hidden within.

You can take it a bunch of different ways but one thing you can’t misconstrue is the sonic beauty. There’s a reason why DAMN is so highly rated, and it’s because it has multiple tracks just as good as “LUST“. I’d recommend this one for you if you like Kendrick’s past work or if you just want to listen to a carefree, laid back track about something we all experience. LUST. 

3. “Breaking Point” by Wear Your Wounds


Wear Your Wounds is a side project of Converge’s lead singer Jacob Bannon. “Breaking Point” was taken from their latest release titled WYW. Don’t expect to hear the same thing you will from Converge’s music. What you can expect is a relaxed, atmospheric work of art. We all have a breaking point and the lyrical content is mournful but hopeful at the same time. To some, the music might sound sad but there’s a message of hope underlying the tone. 

The arching, reaching guitar melodies stretch out like clouds in a clear sky. We’re all moving along trying to live our lives and sometimes it’s fine to stop and reflect. “Breaking Point” is a song of reflection and beauty. To see a short review on WYW in it’s entirety click here. 

4. “Eazy” by G-Eazy

“Eazy” is the last track off G-Eazy’s latest project titled The Beautiful & Damned. The content is applicable to anyone working towards something that doesn’t have a simple, clear-cut path. Throughout the track, he approaches the lyrics from the standpoint of him talking to his younger self. If you did the same, what would you say to your younger self?

We all love the story of the underdog and that’s part of why this song really works. The production and feature from Son Lux blends together extremely well and leaves you with a sense of motivation to go out and tackle your problems. (It’s also a great song to test your headphones.) The Beautiful & Damned is thematically intricate and “Eazy” was the perfect choice to tie it all together at the end. 

5. “Feet Don’t Fail Me” by Queens of the Stone Age

Queens of the Stone Age released their 7th album called Villains earlier this year and the opening track titled “Feet Don’t Fail Me” really sets the tone for the album. So much so, that it stands out among the rest of the 9 track album as the best song off of Villains. With an almost 2 minute intro, the retro-feeling vocals only add another layer to the bouncy groove of the instruments. 

As the title suggests, “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now” is an up-beat feel-good song that gives you motivation and a strong sense of pushing through that obstacle that’s been in your way. Villains is an enjoyable listen from start to finish (so don’t forget to listen to the rest of the album). Overall, I would recommend this track if you’re in the mood for some good ol’ rock and roll to get you through your day. 

6. “Feel Nothing” by The Plot In You

The title of this one should give you a good idea of what to expect lyrically. The Plot In You generally makes heavier metalcore that’s contrasted by Landon Tewers ultra melodic singing. This one’s a super catchy tune that might send chills up your spine. The intro heading up the crescendo into the drop really sends the message home. 

The Plot In You have proved time and time again that they’re here to make a statement. Landon Tewers is the mastermind behind this machine and is extremely talented in a variety of genres. “Feel Nothing” will leave you feeling something more than nothing.  

7. “Samo” by Vince Staples

“Samo” is the 9th track off Vince Staples’ 2017 album called Big Fish Theory. As one of the younger artists of today, Vince is one of the leaders of the pack. His music is innovative and he’s not afraid to try out new sounds or ideas. 

During the hook he repeats “Watch me do the same ol’ thing”, but he definitely didn’t do the same thing on this album. His past albums were solid but this time he took a different approach and it definitely paid off. “Samo” is a stand-out not only from Big Fish Theory, but out of every other song released this year. The production (done by Sophie) features heavy bass and has a rhythm that’s perfect for driving around and listening to.

The slow pace contrasted by Vince’s vocal flow forces you to nod along and ride the wave of the music. Vince Staples is always busy putting out new music for fans to enjoy. I look forward to hearing his next project, especially if it has songs that even remotely resemble “Samo”.

8. “Backwards” by Trizz ft. King ISO

Ever since the track listing for Ashes N Dust was released, I’ve been looking forward to hearing this collaboration. Trizz makes West Coast-driven music that not only pays homage to the older generation, but also adds a new twist and perspective. When King ISO drops in after the first chorus, you see why Trizz chose to feature him on “Backwards“. Both of their flows dancing effortlessly over the dark, thematic-sounding production is a combination like bread and butter.

If your headphones don’t rumble from the boom of the bass, take a look here to see some that will. The choral melody sitting quietly in the background paired with the heavy bass line serves as the perfect backdrop for these two to showcase their skills. I’d recommend this song for you if you’re a fan of old school or new school West Coast hip-hop music. If you’re not already a fan, this track is a solid introduction into Trizz’s music.

9. “The Dusk In Us” by Converge

Converge consistently puts out extremely artistic bodies of work and The Dusk In Us is no exception. The title track is the slowest, most quiet, and least chaotic song off the album. This stands out to contrast the other 12 tracks. Not only does it add to the overall vibe of the album, it also works as a cohesive piece of the puzzle that is The Dusk In Us

This track can also be listened to as a stand-alone. It works great in the context of the album, but also by itself if you don’t have the 43 minutes to listen all the way through. Lyrically, this track is a work of powerful poetry and allows you to sit and reckon with any sadness you’re carrying around. Ponder the inner-workings of your mind and listen to “The Dusk In Us“. 

10. “Free Spirits” by Sadistik

Free Spirits” is about exactly what the title suggests. People that appear “different” or “weird” on the outside often get ostracized. Your mom probably told you to never judge a book by it’s cover and she told you that for a reason. Sadistik’s lyrical ability shines on this track. The multi-syllabic rhyme schemes are not only complex in that way, but also share an important message. 

This song’s for those of you that have ever felt like an outcast or the “new kid at school”. Sadistik excels at making music that has depth and multiple layers. “Free Sprits” is a great place to start listening if you’ve never heard any of his music. 

Wrapping Up The Year

Thanks for sticking it through to the end. Hopefully you found something on here that you enjoy too. Which ones did you like the best? What songs do you think should’ve been on the Top Ten Songs of 2017

If you enjoyed this list! Feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll respond as quickly as I can! Thanks for stopping by!

Sonic Elevation: Ride The Waves. 

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Songs of 2017 – Year End Wrap Up”

  1. Hi Dom,

    Nice site, however have not heard of any of these singers and so listened to the first 4 bars of each the first 3 tunes you reviewed.

    Er, no show…or no go…

    Music is a really vast terrain and I have personally been catching up with my roots and listening to loads of the latest Nigerian music as a way to learn the language.

    Some of the artistes can REaLLy dance…

    Back to your site, very interesting and am glad you promote vinyl – my fav way of listening and singing to music.

    1. It’s true that some of these artists aren’t as “well-known” or “popular” as someone like Justin Bieber or Katy Perry but it’s always good to branch out and try new things, right? I’m glad you at least gave them a chance and listened to a few of the songs on this list though. 🙂

      Music is vast, for sure. Going back to your roots and exploring where you came from and what influenced your upbringing or heritage is a valuable practice we should all get into the habit of trying. It’s funny you mention Nigerian music and the dancing, someone sent me a YouTube video today of exactly what you’re talking about. I agree, it’s cool to see the different human expressions in various art forms. 

      I love vinyl too, I’m glad you found something you could enjoy here! 🙂 

      Thanks for stopping by and tuning in,


  2. Hi Dom,

    I am really surprised that these were the top ten songs of 2017. I don’t know any of these artists! However, they do sing really well. I listened to all 10 and loved #6 most.

    I’m wondering how you were able to put this list together (i.e., criteria) given that 2017 boomed with good music. To be honest, I was expecting to see titles like “Bad Liar” by Selena Gomez, “Humble” by Kendrick Lamar, or “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee feat. Justin Bieber, which topped the billboard board charts.

    1. Just to be clear Princila these aren’t the Top Ten Songs based on sales, or the count of streams that they got. This list is based on my personal taste in music and which songs I thought were the Best of 2017

      As I mentioned in the beginning of the article, my hope is that you see one or two that you already knew, and that you can discover new artists/songs as well. 

      Kendrick Lamar’s album was pretty successful and “LUST” was included on this list because it’s an underrated song off of his commercially successful album DAMN

      I’m glad you enjoyed the songs (even though you haven’t heard them before). Ultimately, the goal is to expose listeners like yourself to good music that you might not hear otherwise. 🙂 

      Thanks for listening!

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