Queens of the Stone Age – Songs For The Deaf Vinyl LP

Iconic American rock band Queens of the Stone Age’s Songs For The Deaf deserves a spot in any true music fan’s record collection. Use the button below to grab your copy and see additional album artwork, customer ratings, etc. 


Vinyl Details:

  • 2 Discs


Track Listing:

  1. 1. You Think I Ain’t Worth a Dollar But I Feel Like a Millionaire
  2. No One Knows
  3. First It Giveth
  4. A Song for the Dead
  5. The Sky Is Fallin’
  6. Six Shooter
  7. Hangin’ Tree
  8. Go with the Flow
  9. Gonna Leave You
  10. Do It Again
  11. God Is in the Radio
  12. Another Love Song
  13. A Song for the Deaf
  14. Mosquito Song [Hidden Track]




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