Pain Again – Yellow & Red Smoke Vinyl LP

Pain Again is Varials’ 2017 release that’s full of hard-hitting, slamming breakdowns, and painfully brutal vocals. This would be a great gift to yourself or someone you care about. 


Vinyl Details:

  • 12″
  • 33 RPM
  • 1 Disc

Track Listing

Side A:

  1. The New Damnation
  2. God Talk (ft. Chad Ruhlig)
  3. Anything To Numb
  4. E.D.A.
  5. Colder Brother

Side B:

  1. Pain Again
  2. Abacus
  3. Empire of Dirt (ft. Bryan Garris)
  4. Deadweather II
  5. Deliverance
  6. To Lay In Sin




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