Bose QC35 Vs QC35 II: Ultimate Comparison

Here is the deal:

Many users of Bose headphones tend to find it challenging to choose between QC35 and QC35 II due to the similarities. 

The most common mistake that many people tend to make is choosing headphones based on price rather than quality.

They end up picking something that does not offer ultimate comfort and also helps in noise cancellation in case they are in a crowd. 

With that out of the way, let us dive into the main topic. We have compiled some of the main features that can help you find the difference between Bose QC35 Vs QC35 II. 

Comparison Table of Bose QC35 Vs QC35 II

Bose ModelQC35QC35 II
Noise IsolationAllow Low-End NoiseActive Noise Cancellation
Voice AssistantFewer Features of Google AssistantMore Features of Google Assistant
AdaptorsHas Airline AdaptorLack Airline Adaptor
MiscCannot Control ANC levels In Wireless ModeCan Control ANC levels in Wireless Mode

Complete Guide of Bose QC35 Vs QC35 II

Bose is a giant brand company in the production of high-quality headphones. It has a team of experts who want around the clock to cope with the dynamics in technology.

The improvement of QC35 to QC35 II tend to toss the mind of the users since they do not know which one is the best. 

Some people end up making wrong choices and start giving negative reviews. This is the reason for the development of this guide. 

We have highlighted some features on the headphones that will help you get to know the difference between the two headphones in the market right now. 

Let’s get started:


The Bluetooth connectivity helps the user to listen to the music without being interfered with by the wires. This is one of the main advantages of using these two models of Bose. 

Besides that, headphones are a complete correlation with google set up in the phone hence no need to keep on pressing the buttons on the phone. 

Bose QC 35

Bose QC 35

The Bluetooth connectivity of the headphone model is quite surprising since you do not need to set up the app on the phone.

You only need to connect the headphones and the phone then you are ready to go. The connection range is about 30 ft so long as there is no wall barrier. 

Bose QC 35 II

Bose QC 35 II

The Bluetooth connectivity of the headphones and the phone require the setup of an app. The commands from the app will help in the connection.

The feature is what made the Bose model stand out from the previous model, and this has made the work of the users quite easier. 

What Do People Say?

Base on connectivity, it is quite challenging to determine which one is the best since they have similar connectivity features. 

However, many people prefer QC35 over QC35 II despite the upgrade. Here they are not supposed to listen to some commands before connection. The connection is one touch, and you are ready to go. 

Build Quality and Design

All the products from Bose are of high quality and have some similarities in design. The headphones have padded ear cups to offer maximum comfort to the user. 

They are also incorporated with control features that make it easier to use them for listening to music, movies, and playing games. 

Sometimes noting the difference between Bose QC23 and QC35 II tend to be quite tricky, especially if you are a new user. Let’s find out more. 

QC 35

The headphone model is much smaller in size. But the headband and ear cups are slightly bigger. This is one of the features that can help you spot the difference between QC35 and QC 35II.

Also, the headphone tends to be quite heavy, and this tends to compromise with comfort, especially if you are using it for an extended period. 

The good news about the headphone design is that the headband is flexible and can easily be folded for easy carriage. 

It has power buttons and other control buttons for easy usage. Besides that, it comes with a micro USB cable for charging the battery. 

QC 35 II

This is one of the Bose headphones that has a sleek design and slim profile to enhance comfortability to the user. 

The lightweight feature facilitates long period usage without experience pain around the ears since they are also highly padded. 

Besides that, they are made from durable materials, and it is also highly flexible, meaning that it can be twisted or bent in any shape. 

The headphones have several buttons for easy usage and control — the micro USB help in charging the battery. 

What Do People Say?

The design and quality of the headphones are quite identical. Therefore, picking the winner based on the feature is hard. 

We recommend you choose the headphone that perfectly suits your tastes and preferences since they are highly identical under this feature. 

Battery Life

Generally, the battery life of the Bose headphones depends on the period of usage, and this can be difficult to gauge which one is the best. 

It is good to note that Bose has not changed the lifespan of the battery since both tend to have a longer lifespan. Let’s find out more. 

QC 35

The battery life of the model tends to last for about 20 hours, and it is always recommended to turn ANC on when connected via Bluetooth.

If you are traveling for a long distance, you can plug in the audio cable and only use ANC which will make your battery life to be about 40 hours. 

QC 35 II

The model tends to have short battery life when compared to QC35. Research shows that it can last for about 16hours while playing non-stop. 

What Do People Say?

QC35 emerges the winner here, and this is the reason behind the popularity in the market. The battery life is a deal for those traveling over a long distance. 

However, you can do your testing and pick the one that will suit your preference when it comes to listening to music. 

Sound Quality 

Sound performance is the main factor to consider whenever you are buying headphones from Bose. However, the two models have identical sound quality though there are some slight differences. 

QC 35

The low range of the headphones produces small bass, especially when playing maximum volume. It does not provide any weird rattle when listening to music. 

If you are the type who loves to listen to instrumental beats, then consider using the headphones under mid-range frequency.

Besides that, high range sounds are not harsh to the ears making the headphone quite ideal for games, movies, and music. 

QC 35 II

The inclusion of the Google Assistant app helps to make the sound quite high when streaming via Bluetooth. Besides that, the headphone has some control buttons for helping to equalize the sound performance. 

The low, mid, and high range are quite impressive once they have been fine-tuned perfectly. It produces incredible sound quality for music and playing games. 

What Do People Say?

The sound performance of QC35 II is spectacular, and this is the reason why so many people prefer it over QC 35.

QC35 model has the google assistant app that does not contribute to anything relating to sound quality. In most cases, it is rendered useless. 

Noise Cancellation

Bose Company works around the clock to produce adaptive noise cancellation headphones so that the user can have maximum enjoyment regardless of their situation. 

The two bode models are almost identical when it comes to noise cancellation since they are highly fitted with all the necessities of blocking noise. But there are some slight differences. 

QC 35

The headphones have padded ear cups and a flexible headband that can perfectly fit the ears. The padding helps to prevent noise from interfering with the sound quality of the headphones. 

However, in a windy environment, they won’t help to block all noise hence not suitable in such areas. This happens due to the small size ear cups. 

QC 35 II

The Bose model has padded ear cups and flexible headband. Padding helps to block outside noise from interfering with music while the adjustable headband for more accessible storage. 

The ear cups tend to hold tightly, making them ideal for listening to music while in a crowd or windy environment. 

What Do People Say?

If you are looking for a headphone that offers maximum noise-reducing while in a noisy environment, then consider using QC 35 II. 

The headphone model is fitted with everything that helps to block noise from interfering with your enjoyment when compared to QC35. 


We decided to keep the factor last in our entry list since sound quality does not depend on cost. There are plenty of expensive headphones in the market but have poor sound quality. 

Therefore, we recommend never to use the cost to determine the sound performance, but this factor help in budgeting. 

The cost of the two headphone models is slightly the same, but due to additional features is that it brings out the differences.

QC 35

The headphone model is made from a high-quality material that enhances durability, and it is fitted with excellent features. However, the price tends to be lower than that of QC35 II.

If you are operating under a low budget, then this is the best headphone to consider since it also has the best sound quality.

QC 35 II

The high-quality material used to design the headphone with extra features makes the headphone to be a little bit expensive when comparing with QC35. 

The headphone model is ideal for those individuals with a high budget, and they are looking for something luxurious in appearance. 

What Do People Say?

Many people prefer something that is of high quality and less expensive. Hence, they prefer QC35 over QC35 II due to the price differences. 

However, the price attached to QC35 II is worth the value of your money since the headphone has extra features lacking from the QC35 model. 

Final Remarks about QC 35 VS QC 35 II

The two products are quite hard to hate them since they are of high quality and have excellent sound quality performance when compared to others in the market. 

Take your time to test them differently and pick the ones that meet your tastes as well as preferences. Generally, I would recommend QC35 II due to the upgrade and sleek design.  

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