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If you want to buy high-end headphones for listening to music, movies and games, then you need to know the differences between Bose QC35 and Sony 1000XM2. 

The two companies have the most substantial reputation in the industry, and their products tend to cause a daunting experience when shopping for them due to the high-quality. 

Luckily, we have done the big part for you so that it can be easier to make the final choice concerning Bose QC35 and Sony 1000XM2. 

Let’s dive in:

Comparison Table of BOSE QC35 Vs SONY 1000XM2

Headphone ModelBose QC35Sony 1000XM2
Weight 8.3 oz9.88 oz.
Impedance32 Ω46 Ω
Battery Life20 Hours30 Hours
Noise Canceling MicrophonePresentAbsent
ColorsBlack and SilverBlack, Silver, Midnight Blue and Triple Midnight
Size 7.1 x 6.7 x 3.2 inches10.4 H x 2.9 W x 7.3 inches

Differences between Bose QC35 Vs Sony 1000XM2

Both Bose QC35 and Sony 1000XM2 are currently the top noise-cancelling headphones in the market. Also, they offer high-quality and versatile sound performance. 

Therefore, if you are looking for a sleek design and comfortable headphones that will help to block the noise from the surrounding then consider the two either of the models. 

But opting for the perfect choice can be a problem. Worry no more, we’ve got your back here. Use the comparison information below to choose the one that perfectly fits your tastes and preferences. 

Noise Cancellation

People want to enjoy listening to music or movies, but the surrounding noise can be a nightmare at times. The use of high-end headphones helps to prove the audio solution by blocking the sound. 

Both Bose QC35 and Sony 1000XM2 are excellent in offering a permanent solution. But the noise cancellation ability tends to vary from one headphone to another. Let’s find out.  

Bose QC35

Bose QC35

The noise cancellation ability of this model of headphones is quite strong. They tend to block the noise entirely after wearing. 

The ear cups usually hold the ears in a way that you cannot hear even train noise hence allowing you to listen to music properly. 

Sony 1000XM2

Sony 1000XM2

The headphone has an active noise cancellation since it is fitted with two Ambient Sound models. Under normal mode, you can hear the sound as they tend to sound without headphones. 

The headphones are quite suitable when walking down the street since they are audible and at the same time, allow you to be alert. 

What Do People Say?

The two models are amazing when it comes to soundproofing and audibility. However, many people prefer Sony 1000XM2 over Bose QC35. 

This happens since the Sony model allows the user to be aware of the surrounding alertness despite listening to music. 

On the other hand, Bose model tend to cancel noise from the surrounding entirely, and this can cause an accident while walking in the traffic. 

Sound Quality

Sound quality performance is a critical thing to consider when buying headphones. Ideal headphones are those that offer quiet listening experience and detailed listening experience. 

Both Bose QC35 and Sony 1000XM2 are topnotch headphones that offer high sound quality performance. 

However, the two headphones tend to have some slight differences when it comes to sound quality. Let’s find out more. 

Bose QC35

The incredible thing is that Bose QC35 headphone tend to have precise sound quality performance. If you love the quiet listening experience, then this is the best option. 

However, when both the battery charge and noise cancellation is turned off, the sound quality performance decreases. 

The good news is that the battery life tends to have a lifespan of 20 hours when used wireless and 40 hours when connected to the cable. 

Sony 1000XM2

Sony model tends to produce a detailed sound quality which is considered to be ideal for those people in need of a complete listening experience. 

The most beautiful thing is that the headphone has a wide range of frequency so that it can produce high-quality sound performance. 

The battery life of the model lasts for about 20 hours when noise cancellation is on while 22 hours when noise cancellation is turned off.

What Do People Say?

The two headphones have excellent sound quality performance, and this is what many people are looking for when shopping. 

According to the research, many people are opting for Sony 1000XM2 since it produces complete listening experience, and every tone is strongly audible. 

Besides that, it has a wide range of frequency when compared to Bose QC35, making it produce high-end sound quality. 

Music Controls

Another crucial feature to consider when shopping for headphones is user experience. The headphones should be comfortable and straightforward to use. 

Both Bose QC35 and Sony 1000XM2 have music control features that provide an excellent user experience. The features are ideal for turning off and on among other needs. 

However, the user experience based on the music control feature tends to vary from one model to another. Here is the real deal. 

Bose QC35

The headphone model has buttons on the right ear cup that help to control music when listening. The control feature helps to adjust volume and even pause the music. 

However, if happen to have installed either Bose Apple Connect or Android App in the smartphone, then it even becomes more comfortable to control the music.  

This is the feature that tends to give the headphone excellent user experience since it is quite easy and straightforward to use. 

Sony 1000XM2

The model has a touchpad on the right ear cup that helps to control the music. You can either swipe up or down, right or left in case you want to change volume and play the next or previous song. 

The incredible thing is that the touchpad is quite sensitive, and you can easily pause or play the next song without knowing. 

What Do People Say?

Base on the music control feature, it is quite challenging to pick the winner since both have a great user experience. 

However, the dynamics in technology is forcing people to shift from analogue to digital services. This is the reason why Sony 1000XM2 is quite popular. 

We recommend you choose a headphone that has music controls that meet all your requirements rather than going with the wave. 

Wearing Comfort

Many people tend to listen to movies and music for an extended period. Some people end up experiencing pain around the ears due to inadequate padding of the headphones. 

The good news is that both Bose QC35 and Sony 1000XM2 offer excellent comfort even after wearing for an extended period. 

The two headphone models have ear cups that are highly padded to offer maximum comfort to the user. The pads are made from quite soft materials. 

Despite the feature, there are some slight differences concerning the comfortability of the headphones. Let’s find out. 

Bose QC35

The headphone model has soft ear cushions, and they are also lightweight. These two features enable an individual to use them comfortably for about six hours non-stop. 

The soft cushion prevents an individual from experiencing pressure when using the headphones. 

Besides that, the softness feature does not pitch the ears. Hence, they are regarded as ideal for long term use. 

Sony 1000XM2

On the other hand, if you want to listen to music for a short period like two hours, then Sony 1000XM2 headphone become ideal.

The drivers tend to touch the ears and prolong usage can hurt the ears. This happens since the space between the drivers and ears is smaller. 

The good news is that the headphones are quite comfortable for eyeglass users since the headband is quite tight. 

What Do People Say?

Comfort is critical when using headphones. Therefore, many people not only look at sound quality but also comfort. 

Based on the feature, Bose QC35 emerges the winner and many people tend to consider it due to the sympathetic character. 

The soft ear cup padding and the space between the drivers with ears are what enhances comfort in Bose QC35. 

Pros and Cons of QC35 vs Sony 1000XM2

Getting to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of each model will help you make an informed decision when buying either of these two headphones models. 

Here are some of the advantages and shortcomings of each model. Take your time to read through step by step. 

Pros of the Bose QC35

  • Great Sound Performance
  • Great Noise Cancelling
  • Long Battery Lifespan
  • Good with Google Assistant Integration
  • Has both wired and Bluetooth connectivity 
  • Offer maximum comfort 

Cons of the Bose QC35

  • Tend to affect ears due to noise cancellation feature 
  • Made from low-quality materials 
  • Causes confusion when switching the device 

Pros of the Sony 1000XM2

  • Offer detailed sound experience
  • Has amazing touch-up control feature
  • Simple and easy to turn mode for attention
  • Ideal for noise isolation 
  • Suitable for natural and secured transport 

Cons of the Sony 1000XM2

  • Tend to be uncomfortable to ear piercings 
  • Cannot be used when charging
  • Not ideal for prolonged hours of usage 

Final Thoughts about Bose QC35 Vs Sony 1000XM2

The two headphone models listed in the guide are quite epic when it comes to sound quality and comfort. 

However, the slight differences do not imply either of them is of poor quality, but it tends to help in making an informed decision on which one to buy. 

We recommend you also do some testing and pick the one that suits all your requirements. You can use the features listed in the guide for assistance. Good Luck. 

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