Bose QC25 Vs 35: Ultimate Guide

Here is the thing:

You want to get the best experience of movies, music, and games; then, you need to choose the right headphones. 

Bose is a giant brand with lots of reputation when it comes to the production of the best user experience headphones in the market right now. 

Choosing between Bose QC25 and 35 is giving a lot of people headaches since the two headphones tend to have excellent performance. 

However, there are some slight differences in terms of design, sound performance, cost, comfort, and extra features that tend to make them stand apart. 

In this guide, we’ve have spent a couple of weeks compiling information that will help you understand Bose QC25 vs 35. Let’s cut to the chase.

Comparison Table of Bose QC25 Vs 35

Headphone NamesBose QC25Bose QC35
PowerLack of a Rechargeable BatteryHas a Rechargeable Battery
DesignNo Stereo SpeakersHas Stereo Speakers
Extra FeaturesNo Control Panel on DeviceHas Control Panel on Device
PerformanceLow Noise CancellationHigh Noise Cancellation
ConnectivityLack of Wireless ConnectivityHas Wireless Connectivity

Understanding Bose QC25 Vs 35

Bose QC25 and 35 have several similarities hence the reason why many people find it challenging to decide on these high-end headphones. 

Here are some of the critical factors that can help you spot the differences and make the right choice in the long run. Take your time to read through and comprehend. 


This is the first thing that can help you differentiate between these two Bose headphones.

Both headphones are made from hard plastic, which is robust, but they tend to have a dull appearance. 

Besides that, the two headphones have only power and aux controls. These are some of the things that make them look similar.  


Bose QC25

The headphone is usually wired, and this design has a negatively impact on comfort as well as convenience. 

However, the performance is still topnotch and worth the value of the money spend on it. QC25 also comes in different colors that meet the taste and preference of many people. 

Another exciting thing about the design of the QC25 is the look and the feel of that single wire sticking out. 


Bose QC35

The headphones are designed to be wireless to enhance comfort and convenience to the users. 

However, the wireless thing has made the sound performance of the headphone to be low hence the reason why people are opting for QC25. 

Also, the material behind the design tends to be sturdier than that of QC 25. Besides that, the final touch of the headphone looks professional. 

What Do People Say?

The two headphones tend to be identical when comparing the design, and this is the reason why getting to know the winner is difficult. 

If you intend to buy a Bose headphone, then go with your taste and preferences concerning the two. 

All-in-all, many people prefer QC25 over QC35 due to the general outlook and presentation. 


This is another main factor to consider when shopping for a headphone for music, movies, and games. This implies that they will stay around your ears for a couple of hours. 

Choose a headphone that is quite comfortable, and this is why Bose has spent a couple of hours designing the headphones. 

Therefore, choose Bose headphones based on comfort rather than design. Personal experience is the best thing to think of in a headphone. 


The Bose headphone is super comfortable since it is fitted with tons of padding around the ear cups that are quite soft. 

Besides that, the headphones have some clamping force that helps to ensure they offer a perfect fit for the user. 

Unfortunately, the material used behind the design of the headphones is slightly heavier hence causing negative comfort impact to some extent. 


The headphones are somehow comfortable though they are fitted with tons of padding around the ear cups that are less soft and poor quality. 

The most exciting thing is that they are lightweight, and this is the feature that offers maximum comfort while using them. 

Besides that, the headphones are wireless, and this is one thing that makes them be a better choice when compared to QC25. 

What Do People Say?

There is no winner under this category since these two headphones offer the required comfort. But there is a slight difference noted by a group of people who love Bose headphones. 

When you wear QC35 around the neck, they are less stiff when compared to QC25, and this is one of the things that people love to do. 

In terms of comfort and usability, QC35 is the best since it is wireless and less stiff. The features enable an individual to wear around the neck for an extended period. 

Sound Performance

This is the crucial thing to seek in a headphone after comfort. The good news is that the two Bose headphones are excellent in sound performance. 

These two premium headphones have a great score on high bass output. They bring out the excellent bass response of drum kicks and other instruments. 

Both the mid and high range are quite clear. If you are looking for clarity and vast experience, then choose either of QC25 or 35. 

Bose headphones are kings when it comes to noise cancellation. The feature can make you calm down when listening to soft music in a noisy crowd. 

However, there are some slight differences between the two headphones that make each one stand apart. Let’s find out. 


The headphone has an excellent and neutral sound quality since they are wired. This is the feature that makes it stand out from QC35.

However, the headphones do not make you enjoy the loud bass of the beats in the music; hence, the reason many people do not like it. 


The headphones have good bass, but it is not overpowering. Also, the headphones produce treble and high tones that are free from distortion when listening to music. 

One fantastic feature of QC35 is that it tends to sound great via Bluetooth, and this is the reason why they are popular. 

What Do People Say?

Many people prefer QC25 over QC35 since it has an excellent and neutral sound performance. Generally, QC25 tends to sound better due to the wired feature. 

Under this category, QC25 emerges the winner, and this is the reason behind its popularity in the market right now. 


We have tried to keep this factor at the lower end since it is not crucial when it comes to choosing the best headphone between QC25 and 35. 

The cost of the two headphones is slightly the same, and they are worth the value of your money, after all. 


The cost of this headphone is slightly lower than that of QC35. If you are a small budget individual, then consider this model of Bose. 


The cost of the model is slightly higher but quite ideal for a wireless headphone. The reasonable price of the Bose model is due to the extra features added to it. 

What Do People Say?

There is no exact winner here since there is only a small slight difference in price. Generally, the cost of the two headphones is quite reasonable. However, many people are opting for QC25 over 35 due to the low budget. 

Pros and Cons of Bose QC25 VS 35

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of each Bose model. The information will help you make an informed decision when shopping for Bose model headphones. 

Pros of QC25

  • Offer powerful low tones that are highly audible
  • Has no sound distortion whosever
  • Excellent fit and robust build design 
  • Mid-range tones are pleasant 

Cons of QC25

  • Lack of rechargeable battery
  • Absence of the feature of turning it off
  • Slightly expensive with low-end features 

Pros of QC35

  • Offer excellent noise cancellation in a crowd 
  • Lightweight and comfortable 
  • Offer great sound performance
  • Produce great sound via Bluetooth 

Cons of QC35

  • Made from low-quality materials
  • Replacement of the battery is quite hard 
  • Too expensive 

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Final Remarks on Bose QC25 Vs 35

Choosing between these two high-end headphones is quite tricky since they have almost the same features and price. 

If you are an avid music listener who loves moving around with headphones, then consider QC35 since they tend to be lightweight and comfortable. 

Besides that, the wireless feature makes the headphone to be highly convenient to mover around with it. 

The only drawback about the Bose model is that the sound tends to be quite low, and playful blast music can harm your ears since they are a great treble producer. 

For that, individuals who love wires hanging around them should consider Bose QC25 since it has the best sound quality. Besides that, they are quite affordable. 

I hope the information from the guide has been so useful, and this will help you make the ultimate decision between these two conflicting headphones from Bose. Feel free to share your stories with us in the comment section below. Good luck.

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