Westone Bluetooth V2 vs Shure BT2

Many companies that produce in ear monitors today have begun to also add some companionship for those products to their catalog. These come in the way of Bluetooth in ear monitor connector cables.

These are Bluetooth cables that work to enhance and amplify the sound that is being transmitted from the Bluetooth device. They have become a real hype in the modern world today due to people noticing that they can upgrade seemingly ordinary in-ear microphones’ to total moving sound systems.

This has led to the debate which we are going to try and answer today between which is the best in-ear Bluetooth connector cable that you can buy today. We shall begin by describing both products in-depth as they are two of the stronger contenders in this market.

After that, we shall consider the advantages and disadvantages of both. Followed by an explanation of the features that they share as well as an explanation of the ones they do not. In the end, we shall look to provide recommendations on what scenario would work for what product. 

Westone V2

This is a very high-quality pair of in-ear monitor connectors. The product comes with the latest Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth 5.0 comes compatible with Qualcomm APTX HD audio.

When looking at a Bluetooth device’s ability to maintain a clear and continuous sound this is the best technology you can get on the market today. The product comes with an MMCX connector.

This works as the exclusive audio connector for the in-ear monitors. This means that you will not face the common troubles other devices provide their users such as not being able to connect to a visible Bluetooth device.

With this you can save yourself time and effort. It has a very practical battery life of 12 hours. This usage can be continuous meaning you do not have to stop and charge for any of the 12 hours if your battery was previously full.

This is quite impressive compared to its competitors in the same range. If you need to work in your backyard then you can do so without a Bluetooth device on your person because the range is over 10 meters.

This product has been designed to be effective for people working out and practical as well. This product is sweat, water, and dust resistant. you do not need to worry if while you are on a jog it starts to rain. Given the price of the product and the capabilities of it is a strong contender in this market. 


  • Bluetooth 5.0 technology
  • 12 Hour battery life
  • Swear/water/dust resistant.


  • Can only connect to one device at a time.

Shure BT2

The manufacturers of this product have worked hard to ensure that it is of premium quality. This cable connector works as a dedicated amplifier meaning that all the music you listen two through these cables sounds two or three times better than without.

That is the simple version. They have been designed with a very good amount of compatibility. All the major codecs are supported here from Qualcomm apt right up to AAC and SBC. This product has been designed with Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology. This is to ensure that it can work with any Bluetooth device.

They lead the way in terms of integration as this product is also backwards integratable. With this product you would only be getting 10 hours of continuous use from the battery. If you charge this connector cable and put them away for two weeks you should come back to find them still having battery.

The standby time on this product is up to 350 hours which is quite impressive. You will be able to use any Shure detachable headphones with this product.  If you do not have Shure products, then you may not want to consider this option. it delivers slightly less than its main competitor although it is also priced accordingly. 


  • Bluetooth 5.0 technology 
  • 10 hours of battery life 
  • multi compatibility 


  • Heavy

Favourite Features

  1. Weather resistance
  2. Bluetooth technology
  3. Battery life

Weather Resistance

In this category West one has got the better product. This product is both sweat, water and dust resistant meaning that it can take on physical challenges with ease. The product from sure is not weather resistant which limits the practical applications in which it can be used. 

Bluetooth Technology

Both products come with Bluetooth 5.0. This is the best technology on the market now and will provide you with very clear and powerful Bluetooth signal. It will prevent any unwanted interruptions from taking you out of the Music Zone. 

Battery Life

In this category The West one product has the upper hand. It boasts battery life of up to 12 hours continuous play. This is very impressive compared to what the Shure cable can do. this product can only do up to 10 hours.

It is an even worse sadistic when you realize that this is only with non-continuous usage. This product is not something many people remember to charge meaning that extended battery life becomes quite an advantage, especially in the beginning.  

What could be better?

Westone V2

According to customer reviews this product suffers from inexplicable rhythmic noises as you use it at high volumes. West one has pledged to work on the issue.

What will happen is that other people might be able to hear the music you are listening to quite loudly. I think this could have been improved especially if you can take phone calls through this platform. 

Shure BT2

Greater battery life would have been the antidote key to taking this product on par with its most immediate competitors. Some manufacturers in this range can provide their users with up to 15 hours of battery life. 

Similar Features

These products both shared Bluetooth 5.0 technology and are universally compatible. 

Key Differences

They differ based on how much they weigh, and the quality of materials used because The West one is weatherproof whilst the other is not. 


In conclusion if you wish to purchase the West one V2 headphones I would recommend these if you were someone who lives a very active lifestyle. They are not designed necessarily for the office because they amplify sound quite loud to the extent that people around you can hear.

However, they are weatherproof meaning that they would be quite suitable for physical activities. For the second option of the Shure BT2, I would recommend these if you were looking for something to use in the office that is manageable and affordable.

This product is not weatherproof and does not have a great battery life meaning you would have to be close by a charger to continue using the product after power runs out. 

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