Audio Technica ATH CKR7TW vs Sennheiser Momentum

Bluetooth wireless earbuds have become very popular among consumers. Many of the high-quality brands have taken up the challenge to provide their customers with a pair that works to their liking. Audio Technica ATH CKR7TW vs Sennheiser Momentum is an interesting comparison.

The best that you can buy in this range of products is not cheap in the slightest. Therefore, choosing the right option is very important to avoid ending up with a product you do not enjoy. In this article, we look to compare two of the top tier Bluetooth earbuds that one can buy in the market now.

We shall be comparing their features presenting to you the ones we like and dislike between the two. In this, we shall highlight similarities between the two as well as the differences. We shall conclude by discussing which we feel is best for a particular scenario. 

Audio Technica ATH CKR7TW 

The ATH CKR7TW here has a high-quality headphone amplifier. This means you can expect that the product will deliver a crisp, clear, and well-rounded sound from the signal it receives. With these earbuds, you should be able to play music or listen to sounds from any device that can transmit a Bluetooth signal.

The earbuds come with a built-in microphone which is quite impressive given they are very small. You can use this to control the volume as well as answer any calls that you may get. It has 11mm drivers that have been coated with carbon and iron yokes.

This works to provide you with excellent sound quality when you listen. You can expect to use these for 6 hours continuously before you must recharge them. If you are willing to purchase the power bank, then you will be able to use the product for an additional 3 hours without having to charge it which is quite impressive.


  • 11mm exclusive driver for high quality sound
  • Built in microphone to control volume and calls.
  • 6 hours of continuous playback


  • Only good for music

Sennheiser Momentum 

Sennheiser is well known for producing the best earbuds on the market. They have been around for many years and can reliably offer their customers products that go over and beyond.

These earbuds come with the manufacturer’s true wireless technology. This means that you can play music from any device that has Bluetooth. To control this device there is a touchpad on the side of the earphones.

This is quite cool and offers the users something different and more innovative. With this touchpad, you can also receive calls and access your voice assistant if you have one on your device.

They make use of bone-conducting technology. This means that even while listening to your music you can remain aware of anything in your immediate surroundings.

This is very good for people who cycle or jog because it can help save their life in case, they fail to notice a car coming. With this product, you can 4 hours of listening time which is not the best but still not bad. If you decide to get the charging case, then you can bump those 4 hours up to 12.

This is a bit disappointing because it feels like they are trying to sell you the case as a must-have. For durability purposes, they have made this product splash proof making them okay to use in the rain.


  • Touchpad to control music, calls and voice assistant.
  • Bone conduction technology
  • Splash proof


  • Only 4 hours listening time.

Favourite Features

The best features of these products are.

  1.  Battery life
  2. Control features

Battery Life

When comparing the two-products battery life the Audio-Technica outperforms the Sennheiser. It offers the user a continuous battery uses of 6 hours. That is quite impressive. If you are willing to buy the portable power bank for the earphones, then you can use the earbuds for up to 9 hours.

I think this is better than the Sennheiser option which only provides 4 hours. This triples to 12 hours if you are willing to buy the power bank which feels unfair for the customer who is already paying so much money for the earbuds.

Control Features

In terms of how to control the music, you are playing the Sennheiser has offered its customers a touchpad on the side of their earbuds. This is more durable than the standard button that is provided on the Audio-Technica earbuds.

Seeing as these earbuds can be used while performing sporting activities such as cycling then a quick method to change music is more efficient and much safer. 

What could be better?

Audio Technica ATH CKR7TW

With this product, I believe that they could have improved their audio latency. It does not provide as heavy a bass as the Sennheiser can. This is obviously not a game-changer but for people who know their music, it can affect them.

Sennheiser momentum

Without a doubt on this product, they could have improved the battery life. For people who live an active lifestyle that involves listening to music all day 4 hours will not be enough. It means that the person will have to have access to charging ports everywhere they go which is unlikely.

Similar Features

These products both have the same 11mm exclusive drivers. These can provide high quality audio for the user without much difference.

Key Differences 

The main difference between these two products is that the Sennheiser will provide you will 4 hours battery and the Audio – Technica will prove 6 hours.


In conclusion, these are both very high-quality Bluetooth earbuds. They offer their customers a similar audio experience. I would recommend Audio Technica for customers who want to use these for active training.

If you are out on the field exercising you will not have access to a charging port. If you are looking for earbuds to use in the office, then I would recommend the Sennheiser. The battery is less but you can always keep it charged in the office. They also have bone-conducting tech that will allow you to hear if a workmate is knocking on the door. 

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