V-MODA XS On-Ear Folding Design Noise-Isolating Metal Headphone













  • Easy To Use
  • #1 Brand on Amazon
  • Travel-ability
  • Sound Quality
  • Doesn't Require Batteries or Charging


  • No Wireless Feature
  • Limited Color Options

You’ve probably heard great things about V-Moda’s unique ability to craft well-designed headphones with military-level durability. If not, this V-Moda XS Review will show you why they’ve earned themselves a strong reputation among the competition. 

They stand out in terms of sonic performance, durability, and even comfort. Often times, on-ear headphones tend to get pretty uncomfortable after an hour or two of listening. Then again, these aren’t your average pair of on-ear headphones. Keep reading to see how they stand out from the crowd!

V-Moda XS Review On-Ear Headphones – 6 Main Areas To Pay Attention To

  1. Comfort
  2. Sound Quality
  3. Mobility
  4. Build Design
  5. *Bonus Feature
  6. Our Final Recommendation!

First, let’s take a look at how comfortable they are!

Comfort – We Seek and They Deliver

We all want to be able to wear our favorite pair of headphones for extended periods of time. During my time spent with the V-Moda XS’s, I can’t really complain in this area at all.

One difference that should be noted is the fact that since these headphones are the on-ear style, they will sit on your ears as such. Do not be steered away by this because where some on-ears sacrifice quality in the stead of comfort, these do not. 

I am currently listening to That’s The Spirit by Bring Me The Horizon. It’s a colorful album, despite the artwork being black and white. If you’re into anything pop-punk, alternative, or rock-related, you would be remiss not to give this one a good listen. 

Sound Quality For The Budget Audiophile

These headphones feature a different sound signature than the V-Moda LP2 do. The XS on-ears feature the M-Class Modern Audiophile sound signature that highlights a more balanced sound in the areas of bass, highs, lows, and mids. 

Keep in mind that while playing an album such as That’s The Spirit, the need for a bass-quake is not as important. The need for a well-balanced, crystal clear, precise execution of sound reproduction is of the utmost importance. 

This is where the V-Moda XS rival, if not surpass a more bass-heavy headphone such as the Crossfade LP2s. Now, don’t think that the XS’s underperform in the area of loud, precise bass. The small size of these on-ears might deceive you into worrying about that, I know they did for me.

I decided to switch gears a little bit and listen to some heavy dubstep. Borgore’s music seemed like the perfect testing candidate. Upon the drop playing on Borgore’s “Guided Relaxation Dub” I was instantly proven wrong in thinking that there’s no way the bass could sound that good in these tiny little headphones.

Mobility For All You Go-Getters

This brings us to the next criteria. Mobility. Does size really matter? Well, that depends. Where do you most often use headphones? At home? On the train? In the backseat of an Uber? Running?

All of this should be taken into consideration, as you can probably expect. The V-Moda XS features an ultra-portable design equipped with the patented CLIQFOLD technology. This is to ensure full compatibility with those of you out there who lead an extremely active lifestyle. 

V-Moda XS Review

Do you want to take a run with these? Are you looking for something compact but quality? Do you need a pair of commuter headphones?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions that’s a good sign. The XS on-ears have been calling your name and you finally heard the voice of reason. It sounds like a joke, but seriously.

V-Moda XS Review

As you can see in the above picture, the XS headphones have a very befitting name. They are designed specifically for mobility. Barely bigger than an iPod Classic, they can easily fit into your pocket, purse, or backpack.

Design – Made In Italy Overlooking Da Vinci’s Old Stomping Grounds

No one wants to look like one of those people that wear the Elmo-haired motorcycle helmets when wearing a pair of headphones. Maybe it’s just me but I really don’t understand why certain companies build headphones that look like the beer-chugging baseball helmets. 

That debate is for another day. These not only feature a compact folding design but also come ready for customization. The XS comes with 3D laser-engraved shields that allow you to design. Your personal design will be sculpted not too far from where Leonardo Da Vinci worked for more than a decade on his masterful artwork.

If the customizable shields are designed in Italy with the foresight to have an office overlooking Da Vinci’s workplace that should signify the attention to detail and quality that V-Moda specializes in.

Bonus: Affordability For The Budget Audiophile

But wait, doesn’t better quality always require me to fork over an entire month’s earnings? Some would tell you yes, you get what you pay for. Here, the case is similar in that you do get what you pay for but you literally get every penny spent’s worth out of the XS’s. 

I would challenge you to find me an example of a better pair of headphones being offered at the same price point. These headphones speak for themselves and the customer reviews don’t lie. 

Our Final Recommendation

I would strongly encourage you to check these out. Also, don’t forget that V-Moda offers a 2-year Premier Warranty Program as well as an Immortal Life Program where you can get up to 50 per cent off on your next pair of V-Modas, when and if, you decide to upgrade to a newer model. 

We hope you enjoyed our V-Moda XS Review! To check for pricing info, more customer reviews, and star ratings on Amazon – click the button at the bottom of the review table below!

Thanks for tuning in to another Sonic Elevation Review! If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave one below. 

Sonic Elevation: Ride The Waves.

8 thoughts on “V-Moda XS Review – Budget Audiophile”

  1. This post was very thorough, nice.

    I’m bookmarking this page now and saving it for when my aunt asks me what I want for Christmas. I’ve been looking around and I wanted something unique looking and still be comfortable with good quality. I didn’t want something that a bunch of people have like beats by Dre Thanks a lot for this post!

    1. Hey again Jack, 

      I’m glad you found what you were looking for!

      The V-Moda XS definitely fit all the criteria you listed and outshine most in the area of being unique especially. 

      You’re very welcome, glad I could help. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by,


  2. Excellent, I saw these on Amazon so did a quick Google and found your site.

    I was looking for a proper on ear head phone that can run in as I am just sick of the in-ear type that just fall out all the time and the Over Ear that are just two bulky and get really quite sweaty.

    But of course I wasn’t willing to compromise on sound quality, some of the others I looked at were getting pretty poor reviews or were bank breakers. I’m pleased to see these are still great quality but affordable, I will definitely invest


    1. Hey Steve, 

      These would definitely be great for what you’re looking for. I personally know people who use them for long distance running and they love them for that. 

      Thanks for stopping by, if you have any further questions about them let me know.
      Thanks again,


  3. I always appreciate a good set of headphoneand I must say, you have me convinced. I hadn’t seen this particular model before. I work in a Costco store and they have some pretty decent noise cancelling headphones from Bose and Sony. Nevertheless, I would be remiss if i didn’t consider a pair of Moda XS.

    I wish I could purchase them from this page right now, but I’m going to have to wait. Like Jack wrote above… I will bookmark this page and drop a hint for Christmas. They would definitely make an excellent gift for “someone”!

    1. Hey Hal, 

      From my experience the V-Modas outperform Bose and Sony’s hands down, especially for the price they’re offered at. Trust me, I was skeptical at first switching over from Beats and other brands but I’m happy I made the switch. 🙂

      I understand, they will make that “someone” very happy for the holidays! Great Christmas gift! 

      I appreciate you stopping by and look forward to you visiting again.



  4. Interesting! I am very picky with headphones because I’ve had bad experiences with different brands such as beats, by Dre. The V-moda xs looks very appealing and I really like them. My dad loves to run races, but I always hear his headphones falling off or the cord tangling up. I will bookmark this article for sure because I might get these for my dad!

    Plus, basketball season is starting this year, and I need new headphones when I travel, and these could be the one I want. thank you for sharing!

    1. Hey Marques,

      Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with Beats, that’s never fun especially considering the money that you might spend on a higher end pair of headphones. 

      Your dad would love these, nothing like a solid set of cans to keep you motivated in a race! 

      These would be perfect for that too, nice and compact.

      Thanks for reading 🙂


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