Best Headphones with Bass Under 100

Are you looking for the best headphones with bass under 100? If you love music or if you are an audiophile, you are probably always on the lookout for new equipment to help improve your sound. When you have great sound, it is easy to be transported into the beautiful world of whatever you are listening to. Music has a way of painting a picture with just sound. Sounds crazy right?! Anyone who has their ears tuned in to their favorite sound will attest to this.

Listening to sound and music on just any old headphones can compromise the quality of said sound. You need to be purposeful about the cans you pick and know what you are looking for. For some people, quality is synonymous with a particular brand. People will commit to a specific driver or a specific feature such as comfort and connectivity. One of the most prominent asks is for headphones with bass. A rich sound and the ability to feel those sub-bass notes and highs is a common thread amongst audiophiles. We all want to have a great sound and if listening or making music is what you do then you are probably more specific about what you want. We take a look at the best headphones with great bass, on a budget of under 100.

In a hurry

Do you need a quick guide to finding the best headphones with bass under 100? There are a few factors you want to get in your headphones

Look for certain features that will enable you to have the ultimate listening experience. For example, noise reduction features, design and the overall comfort when you put them on. You will want to look for headphones that have a decent sound quality and external noise reduction is an added advantage. Check on how portable they are. Also, check on the headphones’ battery life. Also, check to see how comfortable they are when you wear them. Some headphones are heavy and some hurt the ears when you wear them. Some headphones have a dedicated bass driver and a built-in amp. This can be a useful feature when you want headphones that do well in the bass department. Also, look to see if they have any way of controlling the bass levels


We have done our research and found our favourite bass headphones under 100 to be the Mpow H12 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones. These headphones have professional noise-cancelling technology. This feature comes in handy when you travel or when you need to cancel out the noise to focus on what you hear. they have great sound, much better than most on the market.

They have upgraded soft ear cushions for comfort with the professional protein earpad and 90 swivelling earcups. This makes them much more durable and comfortable. you can wear them all day long thanks to the skin texture, lightweight comfortable around-ear fit. Even though you can technically wear them all day, and it is tempting to do so, allow your ears some time to rest at least every two to three hours. 

Mpow H12 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

If the ability to tune out of your surroundings is important to you these headphones will help. As the title has already given away these are noise-cancelling headphones. They are Bluetooth headphones which means the wires that would generally be an impediment as you get up and about also gotten rid off. They deliver a balance between the forward feed and backward agency. This is done by having a microphone on the inside of a cup. 

This means that a wider range of floor and made frequent noises such as cars and aeroplane engines do not pass through it. The battery life is also quite impressive. It gives you up to 30 hours of playtime. You can fully charge it within up to 3 hours. The manufacturers also placing emphasis on making sure that these headphones were just as comfortable as they look. On first will know that it’s more than just sound. If you’re gonna be wearing something on your head you’d rather it’s something that was comfortable.

From a more functional standpoint, away from the music, you will also be able to receive and make phone calls are using his headphones. You can use them to engage the services of your voice assistant. They are compatible with both Android and iOS devices. We also found the sound quality to be impressive. It delivers true to sound acoustics as well as a good bass response. There is very good clarity.


  • These headphones are fairly new on the market.
  • They are very comfortable
  • The sound quality is quite good.
  • They are wireless
  • They are reasonably priced.
  • They can be folded and packed for carrying.
  • The Bluetooth connection and range is excellent.
  • The bass packs a punch.


  • The ANC needs to be manually switched on.
  • Do not come with a hard case.

TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

TaoTronics has been one of the leading lights in the rise of wireless headphones technology. This particular product delivers an improved noise cancellation. This means that you will be able to hear your music without the interference from surrounding noise. It comes handy when you are in public. The manufacturer describes a sound produced by these headphones as being of our professional grade. They have a 40 mm aperture which is quite large. The hi-fi sound is resultantly richer. You get a cleaner and more professional sound than you would get from most headphones around the same price point. You will also be impressed with how deep the base is.

One of the things that we all worry about when it comes to wireless headphones is battery power. If you’re in a rush and need to have some power in your headphones for a little while these ones will be ready to go in as little as 5 minutes. That five-minute charge will last you up to 2 hours. Where is fully charged you can have up to 30 hours of playtime without needing to recharge them. For more impressive connectivity these iPhones use Bluetooth 5.0. If you’re playing the music off your phone, you can also take phone calls and have some control of the music. The pads on the ears are quite comfortable. To make it easy to carry these around they are foldable headphones that come with a carrying case.


  • The bass produce is impressive.
  • These headphones are very comfortable.
  • They provide efficient noise cancellation.
  • The battery life is impressive.
  • They come at a reasonable price point.
  • They are very comfortable.
  • They do not require much time to charge.
  • They are foldable and come with a carry case.


  • Durability has been questionable.
  • There is no button specifically for pairing.

RCA Active Noise Canceling Headphones

If you’re looking to maintain your peace while travelling through busy areas of the city or working in a public place noise cancellation is imperative. These RCA headphones allow you to enjoy some peace of mind and be in your own space even in the public arena. Not only are they noise counselling, but they also stop the leaking of sound from the headphones. That means as you do not get much noise you will not be meeting any yourself. They are equipped with ANC technology through the AMS 3415 chip. 

As with the ones above them these headphones come with an impressive 30-hour playtime battery life. Turn allows you to charge and forget. No longer you have to reserve a space to charge your headphones every evening as we often have to do with our phones. For making phone calls there is a CVC 6.0 noise-cancelling microphone. This means that you can have your conversation in public without having too much interference captured by a microphone. 

The ear cups are designed to maintain comfort even after being worn for long periods of the day. It is as such because there are very soft earmuffs. As far as some quality goes you get lossless audio quality. Our favourite feature on his headphones is how hands-free they are. Not only are you able to take phone calls but you can also control the music to a greater degree than you get with other headphones. You can increase the volume, reduce it, skip tracks and so on. 


  • They are compatible with various devices.
  • They have a great noise-cancelling capacity.
  • They are very comfortable around the ears.
  • The sound quality is impressive.
  • They come with a carrying case.
  • Gives you great control of the music.
  • The battery life is impressive.
  • They give you a great bass response.


  • The metal strap has a cheap look about it.
  • Noise cancellation is not 100%.

COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

Looking for something that slightly lower on the budget this could be the perfect pic for you. They’re sold as professional active noise-cancelling headphones. They produce a significant reduction of noise when in use. This is not to say that they are anywhere near 100% noise cancelling. We say this to ensure that your expectations are managed right from the start. This does not mean that you may not get great benefits from using these headphones in various contexts. There is the benefit of having the 40 mm large-aperture drivers. One of the things that these deliver is an impressively accurate bass response. The sound is generally quite clear. We have no complaints in that regard.

There is a high-quality microphone actual disposal. This is aided by NFC technology. You can use his headphones to make and take phone calls while on the go without having to use your hands then tire time. Pairing is made a little bit easier by clear voice prompts to tell you exactly what to do and when to do it. The airbeds can be swivelled to up to 90°. The battery life on these headphones is just as good as the other ones. They are able to give you 30 hours of playtime when they are fully charged. This is courtesy of a 600 mA battery contained within them. For additional peace of mind, you have an 18 month warranty period.


  • They are quite cheap.
  • These can be purchased in 5 different colours.
  • The battery gives up to 30 hours of playtime.
  • The earpads are very comfortable.
  • You can make and take phone calls.
  • Sound quality is quite good as well.
  • The bass is good.


  • They are not 100% noise cancelling.

Soundcore Life 2 Active Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Wireless Headphones

For our final pick, we decided to go with moving the pricing scale back in the other direction. This is to say that you would pay slightly more for these and you would for the one above them. These headphones come with the BassUp technology that is known to deepen and intensify base in real-time. Enjoyed this to its fullest you will take a great deal of pleasure from the active noise cancellation. 

That means you get to hear all the music and the base without having much interference from external sources. This makes the difference is great for listening to music in public areas. Not to worry, the battery will not let you down either. It delivers up to 30 hours of playtime. This can be further extended to close to 60 hours through the ANC playtime option. If the sound is being transmitted wirelessly you’re closer to 30 than 60 but if you can get a wire through between headphones and your music device you’re looking at. 

You’ll be happy to find that the earpads are quite comfortable as well. You can wear them for extended periods of time without feeling too much pressure around your ears. They come with a protective hardshell case that is perfect for carrying these headphones when travelling. I don’t think anyone could possibly have anything bad to say about their looks either. You can combine the listening experience to 2 outputs. One of the outputs being an aux cable and the second one through the.


  • They come with a beautiful shell case.
  • You can get up to 60 hours playtime.
  • They are reasonably good looking.
  • The bass is backed by the BassUP technology.
  • The ear pads use memory foam.
  • The sounds is true.


  • Some users say the sound is quite flat.
  • The volume is not as loud as we expected.

Buyer's guide

If you are on the hunt for the best headphones with bass under 100, you may want a bargain but you also still want quality. It can seem like a daunting task however it is not an impossible one. We have done the heavy lifting for you so that you can find all that you need in one place. Brand loyalty is a good thing, but sometimes it helps to be open to more options so that you know what else is available. Different brands offer various products and that does not exclude manufacturers of headphones. All you will need is to know if the headphones have the features you need. 

How do I know if my headphones have good bass?

You can know if your headphones have good bass, by checking the frequency response levels. This is the dependence on the signal frequency of the output-input ratio of an amplifier or another device. Frequency response is the measurement of dynamics in your headphones. The wider the range the more ability your headphones have to reproduce all sorts of sounds. When you understand the frequency range, you are more likely to choose a pair of headphones that will serve you well in giving you great bass. You will see the frequency response represented in the specs section of many audio products.  Frequency response is how you get to know what your headphones will sound like. 

You will also need to choose large drivers at least 40 mm or higher. Make sure you choose the right driver type. The drivers in your headphones are how you get great sound and that rumble in your chest. Most drivers range from 8, 10, 20 and up to 50mm. The larger you go the more sound you’ll get. Headphones usually start at 20mm. The size of the driver is important, but you also will need to know the type of driver. Some of the most common driver types are dynamic drivers, planar magnetic and electrostatic drivers.

Another way to know your headphones have good bass is to check for a bass boost feature. Bass boost is a feature you’ll see on newer headphones that allow you to push them to their limits. The EQ of your headphones undergoes a massive change whenever you enable this feature though. You can also know how much bass you are getting by measuring the decibel sensitivity levels. Most of the time when listening to something and we don’t hear the bass, the first instinct is to increase the volume. If you get a more sensitive pair of headphones, you will not need to do this. 

What is the meaning of deep bass?

Deep Bass. Deep bass is the audio bandwidth between 16-80Hz. This range of frequencies is usually handled by a subwoofer that is powered which is handled by a powered subwoofer receiving an audio signal from an AV receiver or other audio source components the cutoff limit of human hearing where sound enters the “feel” zone. Deep bass adds a level of excitement to any listening experience. It will add energy to the room and liven up any party. Thanks to deep bass, you can feel every beat and music tone. Sometimes the bass is so deep it extends below the limits of human hearing, and can only be perceived as a sense of pressure in the room.

Are Bose headphones good for bass?

Bose is renowned for groundbreaking technology in the sound business and how you hear it. The company uses modern technology to make sure that the headphones have great qualities including bass. 

Which are better headphones or earphones?

Headphones and earphones both have their pros and cons.  The biggest advantage of headphones is that they deliver superior sound quality, especially when it comes to capturing bass tones. They also do well in noise cancellation. Open cup headphones are pretty affordable whilst closed-cup models are more expensive in general. The high end closed headphones, have advanced speaker designs that allow you to listen to the music in excellent high quality and with minimal interference. However, headphones can be pretty bulky and not portable. Several people have found them to be inconvenient. This has given earphones and the more recent earbuds, a chance to thrive.

Earphones have the great advantage of being so portable you do not need extra storage space and you can move around easily with them. The downside is that they produce a sound that is inferior to that delivered by headphones. The long and short of it all is that it all depends on what you prefer. Earphones are great to carry around but the sound isn’t so great. Headphones have great sound but they can be cumbersome. Now you need to decide what is more important for you. 

Final thoughts

The reason why music is one of the biggest industries worldwide is that it is a universal language that is appreciated by so many. It is produced across the world and bridges cultural gaps in ways that are beyond other efforts to do this. The best way to fully experience music and sound is through a good pair of headphones. They offer a direct way for you to experience music in your way that is tailor-made for you. Closed-back headphones do a great job of isolating and creating a true surround sound experience.

These have great bass in them. Without the bass, your mix will probably sound like it is empty and lacking depth. We certainly hope that our top picks of headphones with great bass, help you make your pick and experience sound as it should be. Now that you have a better idea of what to look for in a good headset, shopping should be much easier.  Ultimately the decision is yours and you get the final say in what makes sense for you and your pocket. The great thing is that you can find great headphones on a budget of under 100. Happy shopping!

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