Can I Store a Digital Piano Vertically?

Are you puzzled about how to store your digital piano? Thankfully this piece of writing is a panacea for you as it answers common questions. ‘What is a digital piano?’ one may ask. A digital piano is an advanced electronic keyboard musical instrument that functions to produce melodious sound when played.  To be answered in this article are the following […]

How long do Roland Digital Pianos Last

The average lifespan of a digital piano For a piano to last long, it will depend on the brand and how you maintain it. Generally, the expensive ones are usually the most durable because of their components and keys etc. The quality of a piano and the condition it is exposed to affect how long it will last. Digital pianos […]

Can You Take a Digital Piano on a Plane?

Have you been wondering if you can travel with a digital piano? No need to worry; it is possible to carry your digital piano with you. You must take precautions and check the regulations before deciding to bring your DP with you. Can you fly with a digital piano?  Yes, you can always fly with your digital piano as prescribed […]