Can You Take a Digital Piano on a Plane?

Can You Take a Digital Piano on a Plane?

Have you been wondering if you can travel with a digital piano? No need to worry; it is possible to carry your digital piano with you. You must take precautions and check the regulations before deciding to bring your DP with you.

Can you fly with a digital piano? 

Yes, you can always fly with your digital piano as prescribed by the TSA (Transport Security Administration). It would help if you got a few tips on how to carry your digital piano on a plane. You do not want to see that your piano has been broken or damaged after landing. 

Most Airlines accommodate travellers carrying their digital pianos but

You need to double-check the airline requirements to save you from unnecessary pressure. 

Always make sure that you protect your piano that is using the proper packaging or casing. Your digital piano will need to be checked by the TSA agents; every airline has different weight limits and rules, so always check your airline’s baggage requirements.

How to carry a digital piano in flight

Since your instrument will move around and contact different kinds of luggage, you need to put it in a hard case for protection. 

A digital piano is likely to be checked luggage because of size, so make sure you invest in a durable case. 

Read your airline carry on rules; some airlines will not require a digital piano to be taken as carrying on luggage; instead, as checked luggage. Some may include cost, size, and weight, so you need to research before embarking on your journey. 

It will help if you weigh your digital piano before getting to the airport so you won’t get surprised by the eligibility or costs involved.

Remember, Airport security officers may need to check your digital piano physically, so you have to let the officers know any delicate parts that need careful handling. 

Always stay close when the TSA is security checking your instrument. Unpack your digital piano from the Case to avoid being in a hurry

Avoid packing liquids in your Case; take precautions always.

Put some fragile stickers on the case to handle it with care; Do not forget all the necessary documentation.

How to pack a digital piano on a plane 

When packing a digital piano, make sure to purchase a solid or hard case that is resistant to any harm. 

Insert your piano in the Case and remove any space by adding some clothes or padding up with foam to make the case firm. 

You can as well bubble wrap your piano to protect it from any harm. 

Remove batteries from the piano and carry them on with you.

What sort of case to use for transporting it

Your Case should have a padded base and sides. It would be best to not worry about cost when finding a case for your digital piano; instead, be concerned about protection. 

It should be water and dust resistant.

It should be strong enough to protect your piano from being damaged by pressure. 

It should have adjustable straps for easy carrying. 

You can try gator cases with a padded keyboard gig bag, and it is one of the best, with a lock and keys and a perfect padded body.

General Airlines Policies for Transporting a Digital Piano

The general significant airline policies for carrying a digital piano include

It would help if you informed your flight at the time of booking that you want to carry a digital piano before 24 hours. 

Your digital piano should be in the range of 23-45 kg and fit within 75 “*29.5 “*25.5”.

If you are carrying your piano as luggage and it’s within the weight and size limit, then there’s no need to be checked. 

But if your piano exceeds the limit, whether it’s carry-on luggage or check-in luggage, courier it separately.

Airlines also require you to cover your digital piano with an approved Shipping case in Case of any damage, so make sure you follow this policy set by the Air Transport Association ATA.

Getting travel Insurance 

You can always get travel insurance to safeguard your musical item in Case of damage. This policy reimburses you for the money you lose during travelling. 

Always purchase travel insurance that suits your needs, incredibly fragile items.

Airline Guidelines

Each airline has different policies or guidelines concerning carrying musical instruments. It would help if you researched the specific guidelines of your airline to avoid any disappointments. 

Here are some of the guidelines of different types of airlines

Delta Air Lines

You need to notify Delta within 24 hours of your departure of the type of baggage you have and, in this Case, your digital piano. 

Information concerning musical instruments

The information involves the checked baggage, carry-on baggage or any baggage that needs a seat to itself.

The total linear dimension requirements for the musical instruments must not exceed 150 inches that are 381cm, and the weight, including the Case, should not exceed 165lbs( 75kg) 

Carry-on luggage that is too fragile has to go under checked baggage and must not exceed 165lbs or 75kgs. 

You may decide to purchase a full-fare ticket for the item but package very well to avoid harm to any passengers.

Always fasten a seatbelt on your item. 

Should sit next to the owner and be secured in the same cabin as the owner. 

Small carry-on instruments like violins do not require any fee.

Southwest Airlines

The size of the carry on instrument must not exceed 10 “*16 “*24”; if it exceeds, carry it on board, that is, if it will fit in the overhead bin or under a seat onboard. 

If you purchase a seat for the instrument, it should fit in without interrupting aircraft signage. 

Southwest Airlines will not be liable for any damage to an item with a soft covering or casing. 

Instruments longer than 150 inches and weighing more than 165 pounds, including Case or covering, will not be accepted in the carrier.

United Airlines

United Airlines has a checked baggage fee of $25.

Carry on items that must fit on the overhead bin or under the seat in front of the passenger. 

Pack items in a hardshell case to protect them. 

Items measuring 63-115 linear inches attract extra charges and overweight musical instruments that exceed 50 pounds. 

Purchase an extra seat for items that do not exceed 165 pounds that is 75 kg

Alaska Airlines

Small carry-on instruments are considered your one carry on bag if they fit in a proper compartment in the aircraft cabin. 

If you carry on a large instrument with you, purchase a seat for it. 

Alaska Airlines will not accept instruments that exceed 150 inches, that is, length *width *height. 

Check-in baggage weighing more than 50 lbs that are from 51lbs to 165 lbs must pay $100. 

And musical instrument bag dimensions of 63-150″ linear must also pay a $100 fee.

American Airlines

Carry-on instruments are items that fit in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you. 

If your instrument cannot fit in the overhead bin or under the seat, you have to purchase a seat for it with the same fare as an adult. 

If you buy an additional seat, the bag must not exceed 165lbs or 75 kg. 

Checked instruments must not exceed 150″ or 381cm, and the maximum weight is 165lbs or 75kg. 

Always cover items in complex sized cases, or American Airlines will not be liable for any damage.

JetBlue Airways

JetBlue will not accept any item exceeding 99 pounds for checked bags; purchase a seat for large musical instruments weighing up to 165 pounds. 

Jetblue will only be liable to damage of instruments that won’t be covered with hard cases.

Checked-in items must not exceed 150 linear inches and 165 pounds which is 75kg. 

Musical instruments should always travel in a hard sized case or container.

Hawaiian Airlines

Bags not fitting in the overhead bin must have their own purchased seat.

If your bag weighs over 50lbs 23kg or its length width and height is around 62 inches that is 157 cm, it may incur additional charges.

Checked-in items should not be more than 150 inches.

The weight should not exceed 165 pounds 

Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines denote musical instruments as fragile and must check on items if they are covered and well protected by complex cases.

Carry-on baggage must fit into an overhead bin or under-seat space and should not be more than 22″*18″*10″ that is 56cmx46cmx25cm; items exceeding this follow under checked baggage.

Checked baggage that exceeds the standard size and weight limit are subject to extra fees. An item is a checked bag provided it does not exceed 62″; items exceeding 62″ are subject to special charges. 

Spirit airlines are not liable for any damaged item that is not well protected or well covered.

Frontier Airlines

Musical items to be transported as carry-on baggage must fit in the overhead bin. 

Items exceeding 100 pounds shall not be accepted instruments. 

You must purchase an extra seat for your item as long as it fits perfectly. 

Checked in items that exceed 50lbs or 23kg shall have an extra fee charged on them.

Allegiant Air

Allegiant airlines advise the purchase of an additional seat to secure large and fragile musical instruments.

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