How long do Roland Digital Pianos Last

How long do Roland Digital Pianos Last

The average lifespan of a digital piano

For a piano to last long, it will depend on the brand and how you maintain it. Generally, the expensive ones are usually the most durable because of their components and keys etc. The quality of a piano and the condition it is exposed to affect how long it will last. Digital pianos last up to 50 years, depending on how you maintain them. 

Cheap acoustic pianos can also last up to 30 years, depending on the use.

How long can a brand new Roland digital piano last

Roland pianos are digital pianos known for their music stations and synthesizers; they contain hundreds of built-in sounds for quality playing.  A brand new Roland digital piano can last up to 50 years. These pianos are the most expensive but best digital pianos because of how they built them. It is best if you keep clean and away from dust and humidity. 

The more you are careful in maintaining it, the longer it will last. Whether Boss or V Moda products, all Roland pianos come with ten years, five years or 2-year warranty, even a lifetime warranty.  

The 10-year warranty digital pianos are designed to give you so much confidence in your digital piano. This 10-year warranty covers HP, LX, DP, GP, and V- Pianos.

Should I buy a second hand Roland digital piano?

It’s always a good decision to buy a second hand Roland digital piano especially considering the price issues; it guarantees that you will get an affordable one. Obviously, like any digital gadget, once you purchase the piano for use, its value starts to drop; this means that the more it falls in value, the cheaper it is.

So if your budget is not permitting you to get a brand new one, there’s no problem opting for a second hand. However, it would be best to consider various things before choosing a second hand Roland digital piano before you regret buying it.

Its condition 

First of all, check the state of your second hand Roland digital piano that is the function and the outside appearance. You must check if there’s any damage on the buttons, knobs, chassis, wheels and the 88 keys and if they are functioning very well according to your desire.

Make sure you check for any visible scratches and any operation, especially on sound. If you are satisfied, go ahead and check other things.


You shouldn’t purchase a second hand Roland piano without a warranty. All digital devices are subject to malfunction or flaws, and you need a guarantee that you won’t be spending your money trying to repair them. 

Now that you have discovered that buying a second-hand product without a warranty can affect your budget, you ought not to buy a second-hand piano from any private individual who cannot guarantee you a warrant or return policy. Make sure to purchase from a reputable website that offers the best if not close to the new second-hand piano; this saves you from unnecessary problems.

Check the Accessories

Ensure all the cords, manuals, cables, and CDs are available on the piano if there’s any equipment that should be there, for example, AC adapters, music rests, or furniture stands.

Always check the price that is on offer. Sometimes cheap is expensive, and usually, the product won’t be in good condition. Check the price range of second-hand Roland pianos and verify if the one on offer is worth taking the product.

How to increase your Roland Digital piano’s lifespan

It’s evident that after buying your piano, you need it to last longer. You cannot afford to buy such an important asset; then, within a few years, it’s gone. Here is how you can make your Roland piano last longer 

Get rid of food 

Always remember that a piano is a digital electric gadget, and you do not want to see any disaster happening to it. Food crumbs may get lodged in keys attracting ants that will distort the internal parts of the piano.

Get rid of unstable power sources. 

Always avoid dodgy power sources. Else you burn the insides of your instrument. Power surge problems also result in the malfunctioning of your piano. 

Protect your piano from dust

Always make sure that you cover your piano with a dust cover. Windows and doors bring about a lot of dust which affects your sound components. Make use of a protective dust cover and make your piano last longer.

Make sure you do not expose your piano to direct sunlight and dust from windows or doors. Sunlight can harm the exterior parts of your piano or cause it to discolour. 

Avoid keeping your piano behind doors; you may slam it into the piano, causing it to knock off.

Avoid plugging your piano next to other large electrical devices such as refrigerators or stoves; this may result in fire from magnetic waves.

Always use the piano with clean hands and avoid sticky hands, and these may affect the piano keys and result in complex playing.

Always clean your piano with the proper resources and clean it the way prescribed in the manual. Get rid of any moisture or humidity.

Do digital pianos wear out? Common issues with digital pianos

Nothing stays new forever, and this is the same as digital pianos. They do wear out with time and use, and Keys may get sticky with time, pedals may get damaged, and sound may be poor.

Stuck or sticky keys are caused mainly by physical blockages such as food, humidity issues and tight vital bushings. 

Damaged or dirty keys are caused by using the piano with oily dirty hands or caused by moisture when cleaning. 

Sustain pedal not working caused by lever loosening or misalignment. 

How much do repairs cost? 

The average cost of repairing a digital piano is $120. There is often a $35+/- evaluation fee. If you take it to a repair shop, they will charge about $60/hour. This fee doubles to $120/hour for an outcall. 

How damaged or broken it is or the type of parts that are damaged also contribute to the cost. You have to consider the costs involved when repairing or that it might be better to buy a new one; this is why you must purchase a digital piano with a warranty or return policy.

Repairing a digital piano isn’t always safe because it may worsen, especially when you do not take it to a piano repair expert. The safest way is to take your piano to an authorized digital piano expert, and some technicians might worsen it beyond simple repair. 

There’s no exact fee for repairing a digital piano as improving costs depends on the technician. 

However, you can check some of the repair costs by Family Piano Co.

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