Can You Lay a Digital Piano on its Back? + Other Transporting Tips

Can You Lay a Digital Piano on its Back? + Other Transporting Tips

The answer is yes! A digital piano is so portable compared to an acoustic or grand piano, and it’s even easier and safer to transport a piano on its back. However, you ought to have a strategy for transporting a piano for safety and security. 

It will help if you exercise caution so that you don’t incur unplanned repair costs. Laying down a digital piano is not an easy task though it is possible, and you have to take care else you break your leg or hands in doing so or break the piano itself.

How to move a Roland digital piano safely?

There are things you need to take into consideration before moving your Roland digital piano. 

You have to be sure if you can transport your piano on your own or need support. You may require professional piano movers before you damage your piano.

You must read your Roland digital piano manual and understand how to transport your digital piano, particularly your piano type. 

You can disassemble some pianos, yet some you cannot. You need to know the type of your Roland piano to transport it.

But generally, a Roland piano has four screws on the bottom of the piano unit. 

Find these screws and lose the piano from the stand by sliding it to the back. Make sure you have someone helping you. 

You can also disassemble the piano stand into smaller pieces for easy carrying. Take caution on readjusting the stabiliser under the pedal. 

Use good transportation that won’t harm the piano if there are bumps on the road.

Tips to Avoid Damaging the Piano when Moving It

  • Check if you can transport the piano on your own or you need help using professional piano carriers. 
  • You must know the type of piano you have, that is, how big it is, and the type of body. 
  • There are three types which are Console, Portable and Digital upright or grand pianos. 
  • Console piano comes with legs, pedals and a music stand attached. This type of piano typically requires disassembling. 
  • Portable pianos, which are the popular ones, are easy to transport. Just because they design portable pianos, you can move them frequently from one place to another. 
  • Always check the weight of your piano so that you determine the way to transport it. Portable pianos are not heavy compared to consoles or grand pianos.
  • It would help if you disconnected any pedals, power adapters or stand before moving it. These can potentially fall if not removed before transportation. 
  • Make sure you disconnect or disassemble the console piano according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. 
  • It would be best not to transport your piano on its dolly or castors. 
  • Use a case to transport portable digital pianos for easy transport. Make sure you perfectly pack it to avoid any harm to it. 
  • Use sound and safe transport to prevent bumps or any obstacles along your way harming the piano, that is, if you are moving it far. 
  • Take your time, and do not hurry to lift and uplift the piano without proper covering.

When Should You Take a Piano Apart to move it?

It is safe to take your piano apart when transporting it. However, you should always be careful. 

It’s good that you make use of a professional technician to disassemble your piano. 

Console digital pianos design needs disassembling when transporting them. In this circumstance, you need to know how to disassemble it first. 

Make sure you have cases to put all the parts, including screws of your piano and do not miss any detail or leave any part. 

The danger of missing parts or screws on breaking the piano mainly occur during disassembling. Be careful not to damage the piano while taking it apart.

Hiring a mover vs doing it yourself

Most people want DIY when doing their things, but sometimes DIY(Do It Yourself) leads to unpredictable costs if you aren’t skilled enough to do the job. 

It is better to hire skilled professional movers to transport your piano than to do it yourself. A professional mover has the skills and knowledge of moving large items.

What sort of vehicle

You need a vehicle that is large enough to handle the piano in its assembled state. A minivan or pickup is the best, and your car should be able to accommodate the width of the piano perfectly without trying to fit in. 

Put blankets in the free space and always make sure it sits perfectly. 

Protecting Your Piano in transit

Pianos are so heavy and can be fragile that they break or damage if not handled well. You have to make sure that you take your time moving a piano from one point to another, especially when travelling long distances.

You need help to lift the piano and get it into the truck. Sometimes a team of four will be the best so that you all handle the corners of the piano. 

When placed in the truck, make sure the piano is resting deep in the car and sitting perfectly without shaking or moving. Keep it snug in place to avoid it moving or shifting whilst in transit. 

You can also tie your piano using ropes or straps whilst it is in the truck to avoid shaking. You can use furniture straps to provide you with a better grip.

Choose a less bumpy way. 

Digital Piano Transporting Checklist

You need a dolly and hump strap to move it quickly. A dolly and hump strap helps push the machine along the floor or ground without being lifted. 

You also need:

  • Padding or blankets for comfort
  • Cardboard pads
  • A truck or van 
  • Cloth or plastic wrap
  • Tape 
  • Gloves
  • People who can assist
  • Van ramp 

Tuning the piano after transporting it

Piano tuning is not an easy task; it requires someone skilled enough to make sure it works very well. It will be best if you take time to tune your piano after moving it. If you move the piano into a room with similar humidity and temperature as before, adjust it after about six months. 

If it’s a varying environment with varying temperatures, wait for about 2 to 3 weeks before turning it. 

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