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  • Comfortable
  • Customizable
  • Affordable
  • Sound Quality
  • Noise Cancelling


  • Can't Think of Any So Far!

I think I finally found a pair of earbuds that fit comfortably inside my ear! They’re called the Sennheiser CX200 Street II Twist-to-Fit Earbuds. They are offered at a super affordable price and I’m very pleased with the purchase.

Sennheiser CX200 Earbuds Review

This was my first experience trying out a pair of Sennheiser headphones. As you can imagine, I was pretty excited when the package arrived. I’ve always heard good things about this company and now I see why.

Sennheiser CX200 Earbuds Review

As you can see they come with three different sizes of earbud sleeves to better customize your listening experience.

They have a small, medium, and large size so you won’t have to worry about these falling out of your ear every time you move too fast.

Sennheiser CX200 Earbuds Review

Earbud Sleeves

This didn’t happen at all. I tried out two different sleeves until I decided the medium size was the best fit. You want to make sure it fits nice and snug otherwise the bass and smaller details in the song will be pretty much useless because you won’t be able to hear them correctly.


One of the big selling points for me was the twist-to-fit finger holds on the side of both earbuds. This feature allows you to twist the earbud snugly into place inside your ear.

I’d never seen this feature before so I was excited to test it out. After playing around with it for a while I see why they added it. A lot of times with in-ears, too much movement causes them to either fall out completely or pop out just enough to lower the sound quality.

Here’s a close-up of the twist feature:

Sennheiser CX200 Earbuds Review

Ambient Noise Blockers – Check

Also, these aren’t necessarily broadcast as noise-cancelling headphones but when I had them in and playing music I could barely hear myself talking when someone asked me a question. We all know it’s bad etiquette to talk to people while listening to music but this was purely for the purpose of testing out the noise cancelling ability.

They Passed The Song Test

Once I plugged these in I went through my usual routine of testing a variety of songs to see how these would perform.

I was very pleasantly surprised. The power that these little headphones produce blew me away! I listened for about an hour using my phone then switched over to the FiiO A3 and iPod Classic combination.

It took the sound quality to the next level. I might even go as far as to say that these earbuds could compete with a lot of over-ear headphones. That doesn’t happen very often and I never would’ve told you that before. Until I tried these.

Sonic Performance – How Did They Do?

The low end that gives your music a warm, full sound isn’t as impressive but they perform well in hip-hop, metal, rock, and electronic. The guitar solo on Avenged Sevenfold’s “Exist” will bring tears to your eyes, that is, if you have a soul. These capture the ambient tones throughout The Stage almost perfectly. 

Another Cool Feature

Another cool feature is this clip about 2/3rds of the way down the cord. I’m not exactly sure what this was intended for but one thing it does is help to keep your cord untangled.

Sennheiser CX200 Earbuds Review

You can use this clip however you want, it basically allows you to attach the cord to itself. I imagine that these would be a perfect choice for those of you that lead active lifestyles. I’ve read numerous other customer reviews on Amazon stating as much.

Sennheiser CX200 Earbuds Review


I have been wearing these earphones for about 4 hours now and I haven’t experienced any discomfort whatsoever. This also comes as a surprise to me because headphones can get uncomfortable after hours of use. These, on the other hand, have not. 

So far these are exceeding my expectations in all areas. I will definitely be checking out more Sennheiser products in the future. 

What We’ve Covered So Far

So far, we’ve established that these are built with a sleek design tailored to those of us who like to be able to customize our individual experience.

They’re super comfortable, extremely affordable, and are made by a company that values quality and customer feedback. 

It’s gonna be pretty hard to think of any cons for the Sennheiser CX200s. I guess that’s a good problem to have though, right? 

Sennheiser CX200 Earbuds Review

The End… Of Your Search For An Affordable Earbud?

I think that means we’ve reached the end of this review. Overall, these outperform most earbuds I’ve tried so far, especially when you consider the affordability. For more information such as other customer reviews and pricing info, you can click here. 

Thank you for tuning in, I hope any questions or doubts you had about the Sennheiser CX200 earbuds were answered and if not feel free to ask below. 

Sonic Elevation: Ride The Waves. 

4 thoughts on “Sennheiser CX200 Earbuds Review”

  1. Hello there! I’m actually looking for an earbud for my brother. His birthday is coming soon and he keeps on asking me that he wants an earbud. I read your review about this sennheiser earbuds and I think that this is a great product for its price. I’ thinking of getting skullcandy but I think this is way better than skullcandy. Thank you for sharing this information.

    1. Hey John,

      I think this would be a great gift for your brother! There are some pretty decent Skullcandy’s but I’m sure your brother will love these earbuds. 

      Thank you for stopping by 🙂 You’ll have to let me know how he likes them!



  2. Hi, thanks for this review – I’ve been looking for some decent earbuds for a while as the ones I have used up to now keep falling out and it ruins the listening experience. I also like the fact that the split section is adjustable and that they also keep out the noise. That could be extremely useful for trips on the tube, which is actually really noisy and lets in a lot of background noise. Definitely an option on the Christmas list, thanks for sharing!

    1. Hey Oliver, 

      I’ve been using the Sennheiser CX200s daily for a while now and haven’t had problems at all with them falling out or not being able to block outside noise. 

      These would be a great Christmas gift to yourself, especially at the price they’re being offered at. 

      Thanks for tuning in, let me know if you have anymore questions 🙂


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