A couple days ago the news broke that Eminem would be releasing his 9th studio album. The rumors are that Eminem’s latest release might be called Revival. If it proves to be true, the title would go along nicely with his post drug abuse album titles.

Eminem’s Ninth Release Called Revival?

Earlier this October Eminem dropped a BET cypher that set the social media world on fire. Whether or not you’re a fan of the content you can’t deny the impact and amount of ears that his music has affected.

I’ll try to stay out of the political controversy because this isn’t the venue for that.

It Lines Up With His Past Few Releases

His last album was released in 2013 titled Marshall Mathers LP2 which was a follow up to his 2000 release called The Marshall Mathers LP.

Previous to that he released Relapse and Recovery, both of which followed his self described period of drug addiction and turmoil in his personal life.

Is Eminem Still Relevant in 2017?

This brings us to why an album called Revival from him would be the perfect title. He hasn’t released a full length in about 4 years so some would argue that he needs a revival in order to stay relevant.

Others could argue that due to the attention that his BET Cypher got, it seems clear that people are still listening despite the over-saturation in the music world.

The Title Has Not Been Confirmed

As of now, neither a track list nor an official album title has been released.

Here’s a short video of the drug ad commercial they released which led to the speculation that this would be the title of his 9th release:

If there’s a place for anything in the world right now, it’s comedy. This commercial is a creative way to tease the interest of those who might’ve forgotten or previously lost interest in future projects from him. 

There are little hints made at some of his past song titles and other clues throughout the commercial that you might’ve caught. Just like his music, if you go back and revisit old tracks, chances are you will catch something that you didn’t catch the first or first couple of listens through. 

Will It Live Up to The Hype?

The real question we’re all wondering about is “will the music live up to the hype?”. Will it be of a high enough caliber to make Top Ten Album” lists for 2017? Even if an artist has a well-calculated, creative, and entertaining roll out, that doesn’t guarantee that the content of the album will be able to match the marketing campaign. 

Eminem Album - Called Revival?

I guess for now all fans can do is keep their fingers crossed and their ears open.

For More Information

There’s a site dedicated to the pharmaceutical ad that gives a full explanation of what sort of side effects and benefits to expect when taking Revival. 

If you’d like to check out the site dedicated to Revival you can click the link here *(link removed due to site inactivity) and explore it yourself to come up with your own conclusion. 

Thanks for taking the time to read through this! Are you looking forward to a new Eminem album or are you burnt out on new music from him?

2 thoughts on “Classic Eminem Album – Revival?”

  1. It would be great to have a new Eminem album after years!! I hope the news are not just rumours.

    I was a hardcore fan of Eminem and I still LOVE him Diehard. And he just spat fire on Trump at his latest acapella release and that definetely brought some noise.. It was great. He was always himself and always standed on the same line of quality.

    1. Hey Tyler, 

      I’ve been a longtime fan as well. His older stuff will always have a special place in my heart. 

      It looks like the rumors are probably true at this point. It’ll be interesting to see what direction he decides to take on this album, especially considering the political climate right now. 

      Thanks for stopping by,


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