Roland Go Keys vs Go Piano | Which Instrument Should You Get?

Finding it hard to choose between Roland Go Keys vs Go Piano? If you are interested in the music scene to get in on some piano lessons on a budget, then the Roland go collection has been designed to promote beginners and mobile musicians. It offers a wide variety of notes on a much smaller keyboard.

The products are both batteries operated and allow for intuitive learning. These are excellent compact products that offer good innovation towards the user. The main issue is how to choose between them, and which one might be best for you. In this article today, we will be discussing both in-depth and selecting the one we like best.

Roland GO Keys

This is a very motivational option for people looking to produce music. It has been designed so that a learner will quickly get a feeling intuition of how the product works best for them. They have introduced quite a significant amount of technology into this piano to allow it to create entire ensembles on loop.

This has been made possible through loop mix technology that will enable you to save and store notes to be played on loop as you go along. You will find that to produce music, they have provided you with over 500 pro-quality sounds. This is a combination of different pieces of audio that you can combine to make a full sound. This is an attractive option for people trying to teach children, making it something to consider for a junior school’s Music department.

You will find that with this product, innovation is what sets it apart. It comes with a user-friendly and straightforward one-touch control system. This means that to access the product, you will not risk damaging it. This is quite an important feature when dealing with children because sometimes they can be pretty careless with school property. To add to this product, the manufacturers have included Bluetooth software that will allow the product to connect with a student mobile phone. This product has gone very far to be innovative and offers a wide variety of features, making it relatively superior to many different products on the market today. 


  • 500 Pro-Quality Sounds
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • One-touch control


  • Pedals not included.

Roland Go Piano

This product’s designers wanted to be closer to a classical piano in electric form rather than a digital one. It has been made to mimic a premium piano cut down to size and compacted to allow for a more youthful user to enjoy. In this regard, you will find that the product comes with a 61-note keyboard that enables the user to explore a wide variety of grand piano sounds.

You will feel as though it is a genuine piano based on the keys’ weight and feel. It is a fully operational piano that can be played anywhere, anytime, as they have included a battery on the product. In terms of sound, it comes with 128 voice polyphony that combines with over 47 different tones. Music makers are sure to enjoy this feature because it allows them to harness different sounds, including electric pianos and organs.

To go above and beyond, the manufacturer of this product has also included a three-month free piano lesson voucher with the piano’s purchase. This is an excellent option for people looking to learn and improve while maintaining the classic piano feel. There is quite a lot of pride undertaken in handling this piano, and a large amount of the sound they produce comes from Roland’s premium digital pianos. It also comes with a Bluetooth speaker that is operated on Bluetooth 4.2 technology. This means that you can also enjoy the music of your smartphone to draw inspiration.  


  • Classic piano sounds
  • 128-voice polyphony
  • Three months free piano lessons


  • Fewer tones available

Favorite Features

  1. Technology
  2. Sound 
  3. User-friendliness  

Loop Mix

When dealing with modern-day compact electric pianos, they can utilize this crucial for you to stay ahead of the curve. As a beginner, the Roland Key Go option comes with a loop mix feature that allows the user to complete entire songs based on keys they have played previously. This, therefore, works very well for people who are trying to learn quickly on this piano. The Roland Go Piano has been built with fewer digital sounds and is based on a more classical piano. It comes with Bluetooth and my die support, meaning that you can play music through it as a Bluetooth speaker. Both products have a 61-note keyboard, meaning that most of the sounds are available on both. 

Sound Quality

The sound is critical when choosing a new piano because it can impact how you feel about music and your progress. The Roland go piano has a smaller range of notes that it can offer to the user because it is based on classic piano sounds. It isn’t easy to fit many classical piano sounds on the go keyboard because of its size. The Roland go keys have a wider variety of sounds available to the user at over 500. This is because these sounds are digitalized and not difficult to make. 


The Roland go keys have a much lighter and faster feel to the keyboard than the Roland go piano. The Roland go piano has been made to feel like an original classic piano, whereas the rolling go keys is a more flexible digital piano. 

What could be better?

Roland Go Keys

I believe that the manufacturers could have included a pedal for the rolling go keys because it cost slightly more than many other products on the market. 

Roland Go Piano

This option only has 50 tones available. It is much lower than a vast number of other ones on the list. 

Similar Features

Roland Go Keys and Roland Go Piano both use Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth 4.2 

Key Differences

The key differences between these products are the look and feel of the keys. The Roland go keys have a lighter and more digital feel sporting a one-touch keyboard. The Roland go piano has a classier feel meaning the passes are a bit heavier and feel like a real piano. 


In conclusion, I feel that the best product on this list is the Roland go keys. This option has been designed for beginners and offers a wide variety of learning techniques and different tones to choose from. As a beginner with this, you will create an entire song due to the loop technology that they have included inside the product. It is battery-operated and doubles as a Bluetooth speaker, making it a pretty convenient young pianist product. 

I would recommend purchasing the Roland go piano option for a professional musician but stays on the move. It embodies many of the sounds you find in a classical grand piano; therefore, it offers a way to move your music everywhere you go portably. 

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