Jaybird Tarah vs X3

My friend recently posed this Jaybird Tarah vs X3 question to me. Choosing a new pair of Bluetooth earphones can be quite a headache. Consumers need to be educated on how comfortable and durable the product is before they purchase it. This will allow them to decide on whether the price offers them any value. 

In this article today, we will be looking at two of the flagship Bluetooth earphones that jaybird manufacturers. They have looked to provide the market with too durable and sporty Bluetooth earphones that work hard to compete with several great brands. 

We shall discuss the pros and cons that they offer to the consumer and how you can differentiate them based on their specifications. Hopefully, after reading the article, you will no doubt in your mind which one is the best option for you to order. 

Jaybird TARAH

The Jaybird Jaybird is imposing given the amount of money the manufacturers are charging for it. It offers the user six hours of playtime on just one charge. This is quite a good amount of battery life and will allow the user to go about their business without missing out. 

If you run out of battery, the manufacturer also included a fast charge design on the power intake. This means that with just over 10 minutes of charging, you will be able to listen to the earphones for a full hour. This is quite convenient because you do not have to stop listening to music to charge your earphones for too long. 

They have been manufactured with a durable coating that is both sweat and waterproof. This means you can enjoy trips to the gym or jogs in the rain without worrying about damaging these earphones. In terms of comfort, they come with silicone ear gels that give the consumer security in terms of the earbuds falling out. 

Nothing is worse than buying an expensive pair of earphones and losing them while on a jog. The sound is particularly outstanding as they have designed the product with the custom EQ that works to provide a well-rounded and isolated sound. You will be able to take calls while listening to music and access Google. The versatility offered by these headphones is an advantage and should not be overlooked.  


  • Six hours of battery life 
  • Swift and waterproof 
  • silicone ear gels for greater comfort 


  • These earphones do not have noise-canceling features. 

Jaybird X3

For the Jaybird X3, Jaybird has gone with a mini wireless bud design. The idea the manufacturers had in mind was to make this very minute and comfortable for the user. To give the feeling that one is not wearing anything at all. This means they are very light and come with a secure fit possible due to patent silicone ear technology. 

Many sportspeople appreciate this product because of this advantage. You will be able to perform a strenuous activity without the fear that the earbuds will fall out. This is also complemented by the fact that the earbuds are sweatproof. This means that they will also be able to deal well with several challenging environments.

 You should be able to train in either rain or snow. In terms of battery life, the product is relatively superior, offering the user an 8-hour capacity. This is excellent because you can do a full day of sports training without the battery running out. If the battery does happen to run on to the in, an extra 15-minute charge will give you a full hour. 

It is quite an intelligent pair of Bluetooth earphones because it also comes with personalized sounds. The earphones interact intelligently with your mobile device to choose what sounds you wish to hear when receiving a notification. This pair of earphones is a great option to consider for anyone looking for a premium product. 


  • 8-hour battery life   
  • Patented silicone ear technology 
  • Very petite and light 


  • Relatively expensive

Comparable Features

Battery life

Battery life on a pair of Bluetooth earphones is crucial to the consumer’s whole product experience. Making a move away from a wired pair of earphones comes with a bit of anxiety because people feel like what happens when the battery runs out? 

Fortunately, both products can offer the consumer a battery life that is above 6 hours. If you are looking for longer battery life, then you will want to take the Jaybird X3. This one can offer the user 8 hours at a time. If you require an extra hour, it will only take you 15 minutes to charge.    


If you intend on paying such an amount of money for a pair of earphones, then there is no doubt you will want them to be durable in the environment you use them in. Jaybird has had these concerns and ensured that both products are sweatproof. They will not be affected by water, meaning that you can use the rain or snow products. 


Comfort is essential because you do not want the earbuds to fall out of your ear consistently. The Jaybird X3 provides users with a patented silicone ear gel. This is having a lovely inclusion because it is offering the consumer a universal secure fit. 

You are more likely to find these earphones comfortable than you would the Jaybird Tarah earphones. Both are made from silicone ear gel. However, the Jaybird X3 earphones have been specialized to fit in any eardrum.  

What could be better?

Jaybird TARAH

The manufacturers of this product have not added any noise-canceling features to these earphones. This makes them less useful in environments that come with quite a bit of noise. 

Jaybird X3 

The overall sound quality of this product is not as impressive as its rival. The manufacturers have focused quite a lot of their time making it an intelligent and durable product but did not match that to the sound quality. 

The verdict

To cap off this discussion, I would recommend that you buy the Jaybird Tarah if you plan to be more stationary with your work. I mean, if you work in a music studio or this is just for your listening in the office. They are not as secure and fit as the Jaybird X3 option meaning they are less useful in an active setting. They always offer a better music quality, meaning that you will enjoy them more if you intend to sit down and use them. 

I would then recommend the extra option for people who want to use these as active earphones. They are very light and are well secured with patented silicone technology. They also offer a more remarkable battery life meaning that you can train for longer.  

Rob is a musician and audiophile at heart. He plays 5 instruments. Besides music, Rob enjoys a good whiskey and the outdoors.
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