Roland FP 90 vs Yamaha p515 | Why You Should Choose Which One

Struggling to choose between Roland FP 90 vs Yamaha p515? Professional musicians worldwide are considering ways in which they can keep up with the innovative technology that is being presented in pianos. An excellent way to do so is to choose between these two options that we are offering to you today. 

These two electric keyboards have been designed in a way that they mirror grand pianos and Imperial pianos. This means that they can be used for intimate orchestral performances and deliver the same quality you would expect from a grand piano. It might be challenging to choose between the two. That is why today, we will review them both in-depth and then arrive at a conclusion together. 

Roland FP 90

This is one of the top options that you can buy on the market today that has worked very hard to preserve a grand piano feel. Buying this piano would give you that authentic proud feeling you would get from a grand piano. The materials they have used offer the consumer guaranteed Peace of Mind regarding how long this product will last them. 

They have used high-quality premium wood on this keyboard which is quite rare and adds a little bit of beauty to the product. It is made under PHA- 50 requirements meaning that it matches the standard to play in direct replacement of a grand piano. This might be one of the reasons why this product costs so much. Apart from its excellent piano replica, this product has come with a host of exciting and interactive technological features to enhance your playing time. It uses very innovative supernatural piano modeling technology. 

This technology is not available in many products worldwide and is very selective. It makes the piano sound much more confident and present than you would get from any other electric piano. This is further amplified by introducing four quad driver speakers that can deliver enough sound on their own to cater to a very intimate gathering. This makes it a very great option for high-quality professional musicians who stay on the move. 

It is also an excellent option to consider for bar owners who want to add a bit of musical flair to their evenings. It has been designed to cater to people who wish to perform great live performances. You will be able to choose from several different instruments on the piano, including synth sounds and organs.

As much as it is a grand piano, you will not only be receiving classic piano sounds, but you can also use electric piano sounds. It has been built with enough space to handle over 30 different compositions that you wish to store while playing music. This is great for coming back to songs when you have more inspiration rather than leaving them hanging. If you want to end your performance and continue playing some pleasant background music, they have also included a Bluetooth driver that will allow you to connect to the four quad speakers. On this keyboard, you can expect a maximum of 384 notes on the polyphony.    


  • Supernatural Piano Modelling Technology
  • Four quad driver speakers
  • Authentic grand piano replicate


  • Relatively expensive 

Yamaha P515

This is one of the top options on the market that you can consider today in replicas for Imperial pianos. Imperial pianos are quite like grand pianos, except they were used on different continents. They both offer an exquisite and majestic orchestral sound that can be found amongst the top live performances worldwide. Yamaha included their most recent and innovative CFX technology that provides the user with a wide range of samples to create new music. 

This is an excellent way for professionals to make better music within the studio because they have extra creativity. It is a fully adjustable piano in terms of the settings that it offers, meaning that you are free to experiment until your heart’s content. They have included piano room technology that works to provide you with a vast host of piano sounds and acoustic adjustments that you can use to form the perfect song. 

The manufacturers of this have also included (VRM) which is known as Virtual Resonance Modeling, and this is an excellent addition to the product. It works to ensure that every sound is crisp and well-backed, making it sound like you have a choir on the piano. The surround sound that this product can offer is second to none because of the limitless number of factors that have been taken into consideration to mirror an Imperial piano. 

The finish of this keyboard is natural wood which means that you can preserve the keyboard’s condition for many years. The keys are also quite heavy enough to give you a natural feel with your fingers. This is important when designing keyboards like this because people want to feel like it is the real thing. You will be able to get up to 256 polyphony sounds through this keyboard, as well as numerous extra keys off samples.


  • Virtual Resonance Modelling
  • Piano Room Technology
  • Natural wood keys


  • No pedals included.

Favorite Features

  1. Durability
  2. Technology
  3. Sound samples  

Wood Finish

Both products have been designed with a natural wood keyboard to preserve the keys over time. The manufacturers have combined Ebony and ivory to give a better feel to the keys. It is unlikely that they will rust or no rot if you keep them under prime conditions. This is important because of the amount of money that is charged for these products. 


The Yamaha p515 offers an impressive piano room technology that gives them full access to the keyboard settings. It also comes with virtual residence modeling that improves the sound the keyboard makes. The Roland FP 90 comes with supernatural piano modeling technology that gives a superior surround sound to the music you can play. 


You can expect a maximum of 384 notes on the Roland FP90 and 256 on the Yamaha P515. 

What could be better?

Roland FP 90

This product is mainly designed to be used for live performances, but it does not offer many creative samples to be used in a studio situation. 

Yamaha P515

Given the high cost of this product, it would have been helpful for them to include pedals. This would have allowed for the product to be used in live performances. 

Similar Features

These products have both been made with natural wood, meaning that the keys are pretty durable.  

Key Differences

The Roland FP90 offers users more notes on the Polyphone (384) than the Yamaha (256). The Roland FP90 also has Bluetooth technology, while the Yamaha does not. 


To conclude this article, I would recommend purchasing the Roland FP90 if you are a live performer. This has one of the best surround sound options you can buy, and it is well designed for making music on the go. 

If you would like to make music in the studio, you recommend that you purchase the Yamaha p515 because it comes with a broader range of samples than the Roland FP90. 

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