Are the HIFIMAN RE-400 As Great As You Think?


Now the thing we’re going to be looking at
the HIFIMAN RE-400 inner
ear earphones.
Now if you’ve never heard of HIFIMAN they’re
a company from China that originally started
off by making good quality, good value for
money earphones that would outperform brand name
competitors that were many many times the
My first pair of good in-ear earphones were
the HIFIMAN RE-0’s and ever since then I’ve
had a bit of a soft spot for the company because
I think that everything they make is good
value and really sensibly designed.
Now since the introduction of the RE-0 they’ve
branched out into making much more expensive
high-end earphones and headphones so it’s
really interesting to see the RE-400, which
is basically HIFIMAN attempting to reset their
entire lineup of earphones and trying to recapture
some of the same magic they got with the RE-0
at the $99 price point.
And HIFIMAN is so confident in the RE-400
that they’ve also nicknamed the RE-400 the
‘waterline’, which implies that they believe
the RE-400 is the reference point for not
only what they can achieve with $99, but what
the entire industry should be doing for $99.
So that’s a pretty big claim, so it’s worth
taking a closer look.
The RE-400 has a simple but really quite sensible

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