Our Audio Technica ATH-CKN70 Review

Audio Technica ATH-CKN70

Now the thing we’re going to be looking
at is the Audio Technica
ATH CKN70 in-ear earphones now there’s
a number of cool things about the CKN70
number one they use a micro driver and
what that means is that they use a very
small dynamic driver which is situated
right at the tip of the Evo and
supposedly the advantage of bringing the
driver closer to the eardrum is that you
can eliminate a lot of the resonances
that can come from the body of the
earphone as well as the interaction of
the sound waves with your ear canal the
other cool thing about the ckn 70 is
that they use a carbon nanotube driver
and what that means is that the driver
diaphragm has been coated in a material
known as carbon nanotubes they are a
material which is similar to diamond and
what that does is that it gives you a
driver which has a higher stiffness and
higher strength to weight ratio and that
should translate to lower distortion and
better sound quality especially in the
high frequency areas the third neat
thing about the secant 70 is a design
feature called the ear loop and we’re
gonna have a closer look at that
what the e loop is.

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