Our Sony XBA-40 Ultimate Review

Sony XBA-40

We’re going to be looking at the sony xba-40 balanced
armature earphones now if you came to
this video looking for a review of the
xba-4 please stick around because the
xba-40 is the updated model of the xba-4
they’re very similar and I’ve owned both
this video is going to go through the
basic sound and design of the xba-4 as
well as some of the changes they made
with the xba-40 in a previous video I
looked at the sony xba-1 which uses a
single balanced armature driver on the
sony xba-40 they’ve taken four of the
drivers from the xba-1 and pack them
into the same earphone
however Sony’s arrangement with multiple
balanced armatures is a little different
from some of the other manufacturers
most manufacturers for a balanced
armature earphone with many multiple
drivers will use a crossover to divide
the audio signal between the bass mid
and high frequencies and then send those
frequencies to individual drivers sony
has actually done something different
they’ve wired all four balanced
armatures in parallel and they send the
same signal to all four drivers then the
drivers have been mechanically tuned so
that one driver can only reproduce the
treble frequency.

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