Grado RS2E vs SR325E: Which is the Better One?

Grado has recently availed these two products to the headphones market. They are top tier studio-quality headphones that look to provide premium sound quality to their consumers. Both designs come with double wired cables and can manage various levels of frequency.

The products are priced quite expensively which is why there is a debate on whether one should buy one versus the other. In this article, we are going to be discussing both products in depth analyzing their pros and cons as well as key features that they share versus the differences they have.

In conclusion, we shall look to provide recommendations as to what is the best scenario to purchase either. 

Grado RS2E

The Grado RS2E pair of earphones has been made with a classic design sporting a Brown leather look and light Brown ear pads. The product comes with a 44-millimeter drive that works to ensure powerful audio comes out of the ear pads. The music quality is clear and precise.

It can only manage 38 ohms of sound meaning that you might have trouble at the highest of frequencies when using this product.

It comes with an 8-conductor cable that has a 3.5 termination meaning that it can process sound much faster than a regular driver. This is a premium cable made from high-quality material meaning it would not wear out over time.

The headband is made from leather which makes it much more comfortable especially when used for a long period of time. They are a very good pair of on-the-go headphones that are likely to lost you quite a period. Grado has been well known for making high quality headphones but these often come with the serious price tag.

This pair is no different. the design of the headphones is open back Which is interesting. This design allows for better sound isolation and more powerful bass.

The RS2E comes with a microphone on both ends which honestly does not make that much sense. They designed it in this way to allow the user to be able to have a high quality of sound when speaking.    


  • Leather headband for better quality
  • 8 conductor cable for better durability
  • Open back design for greater bass


  • Double microphone function is confusing.

Grado SR325E

This is Grado’s award-winning product. The Grado SR325E comes in an aluminum air chamber that works very well to neutralize all the sound coming out of the headphones that is not mastered.

Part of the reason why this product is so expensive is that it provides music that sounds clear and Immaculate. Even if the music itself is not well produced the product could make it sound so hence why it is at the top of Grado’s range.

The voice coil is made from copper wire meaning that your microphone has a much greater depth of frequency transmission and processing.

By this, I mean that if you were speaking on the phone and you start to shout then the person on the other end will still receive the sound in a neutral fashion.

This is also since they have added a copper connecting cord inside the headphones which makes the product more durable than its closest competitors. It comes in an old black leather finish with the ground or label stitched on the ear pads.

It is a comprehensive product with an eight conductor cable meaning that this is unlikely to break easily. They are quite a light product that is designed for on-the-go listening. 


  • Aluminium air chamber
  • Copper voice coil 
  • Copper connecting cord.


  • Relatively expensive

Favorite Features

  1. Frame
  2. Cable quality 
  3. Price


The RS2E has the better frame among these two products. the frame of this product is made from brown leather. It is quite a tough and reliable material to use for headphones.

The designers of this product considered the tension that goes onto a user’s ears when they listen to music for a long time.

They have worked to offset this by providing a quality and durable material that would release this tension. This has worked out to make the product a much more comfortable and portable unit than its competitor.

They have also made this with an open back design which lightens the burden on the head of the user. 

Cable Quality

both products come with a cable that can handle eight different conductors at the same time. Grado have invested money to ensure that the wires on the cable will not break easily.

This is a great addition to the product because many consumers suffer when one of the wires goes down. This is because it means either one side of the headphone will stop working or both.

This inclusion works to ensure that the product will last you for a long period of time meaning that you get better value for money on both products. 


The Grado SR325E is 30% more expensive than its family rival. This has led to many consumers wondering if one or the other is worth it given the massive difference in prices.

Consumers are wondering whether the product is worth that money but Grado would argue that they are made for different target markets. 

What could be better?


The customer argued that the double microphone on the sides of these headphones is quite inefficient and pointless. For some, the design looks to stand out too much without enough practicality to back that up. 


On this product, people have argued that the frame of the headphones is a bit too flimsy. It does not inspire confidence in terms of its durability especially given the price that the manufacturer has attached to it.

When paying such a large amount of money for a product consumer would have expected a much sturdier frame. 

Similar Features

Both these products have a very durable 8 conductor cable that will ensure longevity in the wires that you use to transmit music from. 

Key Differences

The main difference between these two products is that one has an open back design whilst the other has a regular headband form. 


In conclusion, I would recommend someone to buy the SR2E product If they are looking for a pair of headphones that can handle high and low frequencies very well. The design of this product is immaculate in terms of this aspect.

A music producer would be well suited to such a product. For the RS2E I would recommend this product for someone who enjoys high-quality music on the go. They are a lighter product with a more nonchalant feel to them. These are less professional than their counterparts. 

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