Audio Technica ATH-SR50BT vs ATH-ANC700BT

In this article today, we are going to be looking at 2 headphones manufactured by Audio Technica. Audio Technica ATH-SR50BT vs ATH-ANC700BT… These are two of the premium options that the company offers its loyal consumers.

Both products are priced differently, resulting in questions over which product one should buy and why. This article will discuss both products at length, examining both the disadvantages and advantages that they can bring to the modern user. I shall then conclude by highlighting which product I feel is better in my opinion. Let us begin. 

Audio Technica SR50BT

Audio Technica SR50BT

This pair of headphones has been designed with a 45-millimeter driver. This feature has been included to provide the user with a high-quality audio reproduction service. If you can consider the consistency of music quality that comes using a wired connection and apply it to this, you might understand how good a pair of headphones are.

The product comes with a microphone control that can be accessed through buttons that are built on the side of the ear pads. With these controls, you can also handle music playback and volume. With modern-day headphones, you often find that the control panel is touch-based as opposed to making use of buttons.

This is because touch control panels often last longer and take a considerably longer time to wear out. They have also designed this product with an active ambient noise reduction facility that works very well to minimize any outside interference or sounds you might hear whilst listening to your music.

This is meant to enhance Your experience as a user. In the scenario that your battery is to run out, you are more than welcome to make use of the provided cable to connect to the device playing music.

This provides an alternative way solution for any power troubles you may be facing. If you are listening to music and you wish to quickly switch to a phone call this product has that ability. Overall, this product comes in a matte black finish, is very light and comfortable. It is designed for users to enjoy without feeling oversubscribed. 


  • 45 mm true motion drivers
  • Can use a cable to connect when battery runs out.
  • Active ambient noise reduction


  • No carrying case for transport protection

Audio Technica ANC700BT

Audio Technica ANC700BT

On this pair of headphones, Audio Technica has added quiet point active noise canceling technology. This technology works through a handful of microphones Installed on the corners of the product. These microphones gather Intel on the Environment and increase or decrease volume accordingly.

This form of sound isolation is very advanced and quite effective. You will not have to worry about working in Areas that are common and therefore noisy.

The product comes with Bluetooth wireless technology and will work with any device that also has Bluetooth capabilities. The product has a touchpad built into the side of the Earpads.

This is an upgrade on its Rivals because it is likely to be more durable than a set of buttons. With this touch control panel, you can answer calls and end them as you would need to as well as control music and volume.

This is quite a handy feature to use when you are on the go and do not have time to adjust the music on your cell phone or the device that is playing the music for you.

The product comes with 40-millimeter true motion drivers that offer the user an Immaculate and clear audio sound. In the situation that your battery runs out, you are provided with a wired connection. this will also be useful if you are required to put your phone on flight mode and can therefore not use Bluetooth mode.

The product is made from a very durable material that can fold, making it much easier to carry around with the user. If you wonder how this product compares in terms of battery, it is one of the most powerful on the market. If you charge this product to its maximum battery capacity, it should last you for over 25 hours of continuous use.

This is a shocking old Butte accurate figure. If you charge this product and do not use it, the battery will remain fully charged for up to 1000 hours. Lastly, when carrying around this product, you can look after it nicely because they have provided you with a protective pouch.  


  • Quiet point noise cancelling technology.
  • Touchpad to control device output
  • Protective pouch included.


  • Long charging time

Favourite Features

  1. Noise cancelling technology.
  2. Battery life
  3. Control panel

Noise Cancelling Technology

Both these products make use of active noise canceling technology. The ANC 700 makes use of the quiet point system, which is much more advanced than the dynamic ambient technology used on the SR50 model. You can therefore expect these headphones to serve you better in crowded or noisy environments. 

Battery Life

The ANC 700 model boasts an excellent battery life of 25 hours. This outperforms its rival in this scenario by almost five hours. 

Control Panel

The ANC 700 product is the only one out of the two that can offer the user a control panel that is handled through touch. The SR50 model comes with buttons on the side of the ear pads.

Overtime many users will tell you that buttons get broken, or they wear out and stop working. That is the reason why people have moved towards touchpads. 

What could be better?


Many companies offer A well designed and unique protective case for their headphones. This is because if you spend this much money on a product, you should have a safe and secure way to store it. 


To the average user charging your headphones for over 5 hours seems a bit of overkill. I understand this is necessary to achieve a phenomenal amount of battery life, but if they could find some way to reduce that, it would be incredibly convenient. 

Similar Features

These products both come with 40-millimeter true motion drivers.

Key Differences

The main differences between this product are the noise-canceling technologies they use and the amount of battery life they can offer. 


In conclusion, the ANC 700 BT product is a better pair of headphones all around. The product delivers in terms of Bluetooth technology, noise-canceling technology, control touchpad, and pricing. Given that both products are very similar, I could not figure out which one I would recommend in what situation. I would instead recommend the ANC700BT in its entirety.   

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