Focal Listen Pro vs Spirit Pro: Which is the Better Professional Pick?

Music output devices get more sophisticated with each year that passes us by. It can be a bit of a challenge to identify what is best for both your music and your budget.

It is no doubt that in most cases one would think that the most expensive option produces the highest quality. This is not always the case as products these days offer different values for the price they charge.

In this article, we shall be looking at two fierce competitors of the same brand. We shall compare the Focal Listen Pro with the Focal Spirit Pro. This will be all to help you get to know them better allowing you to make an informed decision on which to purchase. 

Focal Listen Pro

These are closed-back cushion headphones that work to offer the user crisp clear sound when listening to different sounds. They have been developed to offer the user a high-quality comfortable listening experience.

They come with soothing memory foam in the earcups that will adjust to the shape of your head releasing any tension.

The product also has a silicone-lined headband meaning that it will not break very easily should you take them off. These are priced in a higher bracket than their competitors, but they also come with very good quality interior sound devices.

The isolation efforts that this product can provide are very good. You will not be able to hear much of the outside world whilst you work. This makes the headphones very good for noisy workspaces.


  • They come with a durable carrying case.
  • Silicone in the headband prevents the shape from deforming.
  • Less pressure on the ears


  • Quite heavy

Focal Spirit Pro

A very good product on its own. These wired headphones have been developed from titanium meaning they are one of the most durable you can get. It also might make them slightly heavier than other headphones.

They come with a good level of rigidness and high damping properties. This will work to ensure that when you listen to sounds that come at a high volume then you will not notice any distortion of that sound.

It offers a very clear and neutral sound to the consumer. The acoustics of the headphones is very good meaning that if any note or sound is off in your music then you will be able to easily pick this up.

They come with normal cushioning that does a good job isolating the outside world from the sound you are hearing. This is important for people who are playing music for loud crowds i.e., a Dj. 


  • Good isolation of sound 
  • No distortion 
  • Durable titanium frame


  • Low quality cushions

Favourite Features

  1. Frame material
  2. Cushions
  3. Sound Isolation

Frame Material

With the Focal Listen Pro, the frame of the product is made from hardened plastic with a silicone line running through them. This makes the headphones able to bend more meaning they will not break as easily.

However, in this case, the stronger frame is the second option, the Spirit Pro, you will be getting a titanium frame. This is a much more durable frame and is not likely to lose its shape even after rough use. It also means that these headphones are much heavier than their counterparts making them less portable. 


Looking at the cushions of both products the Listen Pro has the distinct advantage here. The manufacturer has invested money to put in memory foam in the cushions. This makes the headphone cushions much softer. It also means that even after heavy use the cushions will return to their normal shape.

This is good for people who work in a studio where more than one person may need to use these headphones. The Spirit Pro option only comes with regular cushions. These are not very good at reducing pressure on the ears. Increased pressure during use can result in headaches or ear pain. 

Sound Isolation

Sound isolation is crucial for headphones because it allows people to concentrate. With these two options the Listen Pro is further ahead than the Spirit Pro.

The memory foam used to make the former is important for isolation because it ensures there is no gaps for outside interference to creep into your ears. You will be quite protected if you are working in a noisy space.

What could be better?

Focal Listen Pro

With the Focus Listen Pro the frame of the headphones is not as durable as you would hope them to be for the price that they charge. You will find that they are more likely to break if they accidentally drop. 

Focal Spirit Pro

With these headphones they were a tad stingy when creating the cushions of the product which are quite important. The overall quality of the product is affected by how comfortable one feels when using the product for a long time. 

Similar Features

The products are quite similar in the quality of sound they can produce. Both are quite effective at delivering a crisp and well-defined sound. You will be unlikely to notice any distortion with both these products.

Key Differences 

The main difference between these products is the price, cushions, and frame. The Listen Pro is the most expensive, has memory foam cushions but has a weaker frame. The Spirit Pro is cheaper, has standard cushions but a stronger frame. 


The simple truth is that the Spirit Pro is a cheaper and heavier version of the Listen Pro. If you need to buy headphones that will provide high quality sound but do not cost that much, then this is a good option for you.

If rather you have a high budget and are looking for the best that money can get you then you can consider the Listen Pro.

This option offers great isolation and cushioning for your ears. If you need to spend hours working on something, then these will be the most comfortable option that you can get between the two. 

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