Bose L1 vs the JBL Eon One

The traditional microphone and speaker setup have been looked at differently by the companies that manufacture musical speakers. These companies have looked to find out how to reinvent how traditional PA systems work.

Bose and JBL have been two companies at the forefront of this production and have come out with what they call spatial dispersion systems. Bose has the L1 and JBL has the Eon One.

Both products are high-quality music speakers that accept input from various musical instruments and microphones. We shall now look at which is the better option between the two based on your circumstances.  

Bose L1

The Bose L1 is a high-quality Spatial dispersion device. it comes with the two-tone match channel that allows a microphone and acoustic guitar to both submit signals at the same time.

This product is excellent for stages where musicians will be performing in numbers. They could possibly be performing duets combining instruments and microphones.  The two-tone match channel works to ensure that both the input audio from the two sources maintained its original tone.

This means that whatever happens on the other side will not interfere with your side. This is a very important feature for people who perform on stage because these performances are live and there is no time to correct any mistakes.

In terms of sound quality, the product has a very powerful integrated bass speaker that is sure to liven up any crowd within the vicinity. It offers the user to set up positions meaning that you can organize the equipment in a manner that caters to both large and small spaces.

This product is made for live performances. It could also be useful for schools that wish to host talent shows or make announcements at sports events. 


  • Two Setup Positions 
  • Two Tone Match channels
  • Integrated bass speaker


  • Can only accept two inputs.

JBL Eon 1 

This is one of the best products in the range of PA systems that you can buy. This product allows the user to input six different audio devices. This makes it perfect for people that are in a band and require multiple microphones or musical instruments.

The product comes with an unobstructed 10-inch bass reflex subwoofer. This means that if you were to host a musical concert in the park people from 30 meters away will be able to feel the power of the base. It is that good. Many people in the music industry will be aware of JBL’s ability to produce high-quality music speakers.

With this product, they have gone above and beyond to make it portable but also powerful. The product breaks up into six different pieces making it very useful when trying to provide surround sound for the people you are playing music for.

This is because you can put each piece in a different area of the stage so to allow everyone to hear the music equally. Obviously, these speakers are very powerful although they cannot cater to huge crowds most certainly, they can get the job done among smaller ones.

The product is made from high-quality fiberglass plastic that ensures it will be durable for quite some time. JBL has also included a rechargeable battery-powered option which comes in the form of the JBL EON 1 PRO.    


  • 10 Inch base subwoofer
  • 6 channel input
  • Versatile set up options.


  • No microphone

Favourite Features

  1. Set up options.
  2. Base subwoofer
  3. Number of input channels

Set Up Options

When it comes to providing music at an event or gig most stage managers will tell you that their main concern is ensuring that the sound reaches all corners of the stage.

People will be paying money for these shows and based on where they are seated should not determine the quality of music they receive. With the JBL Eon One, you can break up the speaker into six different parts.

This will allow you to put a separate part on each corner of the stage to allow everyone to enjoy the music equally. The Bose option offers you something similar however this one can only break into two parts. 

Base Subwoofer

Bass is a very important part of many musical shows. It would be no point to perform with a bass guitar out onstage if people could not hear the bass. many musicians pride themselves in this aspect of the music and therefore invest in music systems that can articulate the bass that resonates through their music.

With this product, the JBL eon one wins again. It comes with an inbuilt 10-inch bass subwoofer. This feature is much more powerful than the integrated bass speaker on the Bose option.  

Number Of Input Channels

With this option, the JBL eon one can provide its users with up to six different audio inputs. This means that it has six channels available. Practically, with this, you could connect six different microphones at the same time, and everyone would be able to speak at the same time.

This makes the PA system worth much more for the value it charges. both options can only provide users with two different channel inputs at the same time. This is much lower than its competitor. 

What could be better?

Bose L1

I believe that with this product they could have increased the number of channels that users can benefit from. If this is meant to be a product for musical performances, then it will not work if there are more than two people. 

JBL Eon 1

The JBL Eon One has a complicated control panel that can only mostly be understood by sound technicians. It would have been better if they had made this more user friendly than they have. 

Similar Features

These two products can both handle low to high frequency ranges. 

Key Differences

The main difference between these two products is that one can handle 6 channels and the other can only handle 2. 


In conclusion, I would recommend someone to buy the Bose L1 if they are planning to make announcements at a function. It would also work if you were a DJ and only require one source of input. I say this because this product can only handle two different audio inputs at a time.

These include both microphone and musical. The JBL eon one is a much better option for people that are looking to put on live musical performances. This would work very well for people that are in a choir or a band and require maybe more than five different microphones as well as a guitar.

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