You’re probably here because you want to see the differences between two of the most popular wireless smart speakers. At first glance, they might seem almost indistinguishable (aside from their outside appearance). Once you read through this post, you’ll be able to clearly see the differences by comparing the Sonos One vs. Amazon Echo.

Wireless smart speakers have made their way into the mainstream in a big way. Amazon and Sonos are two of the main companies that have put their stake in the ground and claimed a spot. Out of all the various smart speaker options available – these are 2 of the top competitors. 

Sonos One vs. Amazon Echo 

Comparing The Sonos One vs. Amazon Echo
Comparing The Sonos One vs. Amazon Echo

We’ll go over a brief description of both devices, then compare the pros and cons of each. Here’s a list of each section that we’ll be covering: 

Which wireless smart speaker is better? Keep reading to see the final result!

Sonos One – Main Features

Comparing The Sonos One vs. Amazon Echo

Basic Features and Specifications:

  • Amazon Alexa built-in
  • Stream music and other media over a wireless connection
  • Connect to other Sonos speakers wirelessly (to play music throughout multiple rooms)
  • One tweeter and One mid-woofer in each speaker creates premium sound quality
  • 6 far-field microphones featured on top of the Sonos One
  • Ability to control other smart home devices (lights, locks, etc.)
  • Button controls are on the top of the One
  • Humidity-resistant
  • Colors available: Black or White
  • Optional wall mounts and floor stands (not included) 
  • Dimensions: 6.36 x 4.69 x 4.69 in.
  • Weight: 4.08 lbs. 

Superior Wireless Smart Speaker Sound Quality

The Sonos One is a wireless smart speaker that has gotten a ton of positive feedback. Its sound quality surpasses some of the earlier Sonos wireless speakers (like the Play:1).

Once you download the Sonos App and connect it to your speaker, you can start streaming wireless music and podcasts, audiobooks, etc. You won’t need to pair your devices via Bluetooth with the Sonos One. 

Another great feature is the microphone system. Each of the 6 mics have smart voice capture and noise cancellation, which makes it easy for you to be heard without having to scream or stand right in front of the device. 

LED Light Indicator - Comparing The Sonos One vs. Amazon Echo

There is an LED light indicator that will let you know if the mics are activated or not. That way, Alexa won’t respond to conversations you’re having when you’re not using your Sonos One. 

It’s also compatible with an acoustic room-tuning software called Sonos Trueplay. This will allow your speaker to scan the size and layout of any room that you use your speaker. It will then adjust the sound profile to perfectly fit that specific room. 

Here’s a short video explaining Sonos Trueplay:

Stream Music/Media Over A Wireless Connection

If your internet tends to waver a little bit and cut out or slow down once in a while, you can grab a Sonos Boost. The Sonos Boost acts as a wireless router that’s solely dedicated to keeping your Sonos equipment online. It will ensure you maintain a steady connection without any interruptions. 

Let’s say you’re cooking dinner and listening to The Doors. You see an incoming call. Instead of the music automatically turning off – you can keep the music playing and still answer the call. 

Control Other Smart Home Devices

Another great feature of the Sonos One is that you can control most other smart home devices you already have in your house. If you get home after work and it’s dark outside, just ask Alexa to turn the lights on. You don’t even have to touch the light switch!

Amazon Echo – Main Features

Echo - Comparing The Sonos One vs. Amazon Echo

Basic Features and Specifications:

  • Amazon Alexa built-in
  • Stream music and media via Bluetooth connection
  • Connect to other Alexa-enabled devices (to play music throughout multiple rooms)
  • One 2.5″ woofer and one 0.6″ tweeter in each speaker
  • 7 omnidirectional microphones featured on the top of the Echo
  • Button controls are on the top of the Echo
  • Colors available: Charcoal Fabric, Heather Gray Fabric, Oak Finish, Sandstone Fabric, Walnut Finish
  • Optional carrying cases and different sleeves available (not included)
  • Dimensions: 5.8 x 3.4 x 3.4 in.
  • Weight: 1.81 lbs. 

Built-in Alexa Voice Controls

The Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) is also among the most popular wireless smart speakers. It has all the Alexa-enabled voice control features built-in and ready to use. All you have to do is download the Alexa App, connect it to your speaker, and start streaming music. 

Each of the 7 omnidirectional microphones have beamforming and noise cancellation technology. When you want to use some of the features from the picture below, you’ll come in loud and clear. 

Alexa Has Skills - Comparing The Sonos One vs. Amazon Echo

Stream Music/Media Over A Bluetooth Connection

The Echo operates on a Bluetooth connection and you’ll be able to switch between answering incoming phone calls, ordering pizza from Dominoes, and asking Alexa questions. Some people have had minor issues with an incoming call interrupting their music. 

If you wake up and want to know what the weather outside is like, say “Alexa, what’s the temperature outside right now?”. 

Alexa will respond and give you an accurate answer. That’s just an example of a question you could ask – almost anything you can think of will have an answer. 

Control Other Smart Home Devices

The Echo also allows you to control most other smart home devices you have in your house. You can dim the lights, turn up the heat, and also operate your FireTV – all with the sound of your voice. 

Alexa Smart Home Voice Control - Comparing The Sonos One vs. Amazon Echo

Sonos One – Pros and Cons


  • Best-selling wireless smart speaker on Amazon
  • Built-in Alexa voice control features
  • Premium sound quality
  • Sonos Trueplay acoustic room tuning software will tailor the sound to a specific size and layout of the room
  • Allows you to control other smart home devices with the sound of your voice
  • Humidity-resistance is a huge plus (especially for use in a bathroom or kitchen)
  • Multiple useful accessories available for enhancing your overall setup
  • Wireless pairing with multiple speakers (play the same song or different songs in each room)
  • 6 noise-cancelling microphones for clear call/Alexa voice recognition


  • More expensive than the Echo 
  • Not compatible with certain streaming services/apps
  • Doesn’t have a built-in battery (so you’ll have to keep it plugged in at all times)

The pros definitely outweigh the cons of this smart device. Now let’s take a look at the pros and cons for the Echo. 

Amazon Echo – Pros and Cons


  • Built-in Alexa voice control features (2nd Generation)
  • More budget-friendly wireless smart speaker
  • Pretty good sound quality (especially for its price range)
  • Allows you to control other smart home devices with the sound of your voice
  • Has 5 different color options + even more colors with additional decorative shells 
  • Bluetooth pairing with multiple Alexa-enabled speakers (play the same song in multiple rooms)
  • You can buy a carrying case to protect and transport your speaker on-the-go
  • 7 omnidirectional microphones for clearer reception


  • Streams using a Bluetooth connection
  • Doesn’t have a built-in battery (so you’ll have to keep it plugged in at all times)
  • No wall mount or floor stand options available

There aren’t too many cons for the Echo other than the lack of some accessories. Unlike the One, there are carrying cases and decorative shells that can personalize your speaker. 

Who Is The Sonos One Recommended For?

The Sonos One would be perfect for you if sound quality is a top priority. Also, if you prefer streaming over a WiFi connection (rather than Bluetooth), this would be a great option. 

All the extra accessories that you can pair with your Sonos One add to its overall appeal. Just like we covered above, these speakers double as a stand-alone AND can be used as a surround sound theater system for your TV.

The wall mount and floor stand can be seen in the pictures below. 

Sonos One Wall Mount - Comparing The Sonos One vs. Amazon Echo
Sonos One Floor Stand - Comparing The Sonos One vs. Amazon Echo

Who Is The Amazon Echo Recommended For?

If you already have an Echo Dot, you have a pretty good idea of what to expect from the Echo (2nd Generation). The sound quality is better than the Echo Dot but not as powerful as the Sonos One. 

Here’s a quick video review and unboxing for the Echo:

If you haven’t owned an Amazon wireless smart speaker before, I’d recommend taking a look at this comparison (between the Echo and Echo Dot). All things considered, the Echo is a great entry-level smart speaker that will do pretty much everything you could ask for. 

Side By Side – Which One Is Better?

Now that we’ve gone through the basic features and some pros/cons, let’s dive a little deeper. Which of these two smart speakers is better

To answer that question, you’ll have to take your own personal preferences and needs into account. For some of you, sound quality is a main priority. You have some extra money to invest in a more expensive speaker. In that case, you’ll prefer the Sonos One

If you’re trying to stick to your budget and don’t have to have a WiFi-streaming speaker, the Echo would be a better choice. Other than the obvious difference in sound quality, the Echo only under-performs the One by a few points. 

Sonos One White - Comparing The Sonos One vs. Amazon Echo

Both Are Great – But The ‘One’ Is Better

Both of them have gotten tons of great feedback and reviews. The capabilities are similar but not exactly the same.

We rate the Sonos One as being the best option out of these two speakers. After weighing the differences, pros and cons, and the retail value – it easily comes out on top as the clear winner. The ability to add several other styles of speakers and use them as a home entertainment system and multiple-room setup really sets them apart. 

Sonos One Home Theater Setup - Comparing The Sonos One vs. Amazon Echo

The higher level of premium sound quality will be extremely noticeable if you do decide that you want to pair multiple speakers and create a home theater surround sound system. 

We all want to not only hear the soundtrack, minute details, and sound effects of a movie – but we also want to feel them. You won’t be able to achieve that level of a sonic experience with the Echo. You can, however, come pretty close with the Sonos One. 

Which One Did You Choose?

Choosing between the two can be a tough decision, but no matter which wireless smart speaker you decided to go with – you’ll be more than happy with your choice. They’ll make your life a little bit easier by handling some of the mundane everyday tasks that none of us enjoys. You’ll be able to brighten up your house by adding a nice touch of music to every room.

To see more details for the One – take a look at our full, in-depth review of the Sonos One With Alexa here.

To see the most up-to-date pricing info for the One on Sonos’ Official site, use the link here. 

To see more customer reviews and the best price for the Echoclick here.

Which one did you decide to go with? Do you have an earlier model that you’re looking to upgrade? Will this be your first experience with a wireless smart speaker? Let us know what you think in the comments below! We always do our best to respond as quickly as possible and look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks for stopping by for our comparison of the Sonos One vs. Amazon Echo, we hope you enjoyed!

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4 thoughts on “Comparing The Sonos One vs Amazon Echo”

  1. Hi Dom,

    Thanks for pointing out that both speakers stream using a Bluetooth connection. As an audiophile myself, this is always a negative with these speakers. I agree that I could not justify the higher cost of the echo with such similar features. Overall great job on providing such an excellent review!

    1. Hey Tony,

      Just to be clear, the Sonos One is more expensive than the Echo. The main justifying feature (for the higher cost) is the ability to stream music via WiFi as opposed to Bluetooth. 

      For some people that’s a big deal since you’ll tend to have a stronger, uninterrupted streaming connection. 

      Thanks for stopping by to read this comparison. 🙂

  2. I’m actually amazed by the sound quality of wireless speakers these days. They’ve come a long way in the past few years in my opinion.

    The Sonos One must be pretty good if it’s the #1 selling wireless speaker on Amazon. Generally that’s a very good indication that a product is worth buying. It definitely sounds better than the Amazon Echo, but like you say, the Amazon one is cheaper.

    1. You’re right about that for sure Darren – the sound quality, waterproof levels (in some cases), and overall build quality is constantly improving

      From the older iHomes to speakers like the Sonos One, Amazon Echo, JBL Xtreme, and Google Home Mini it seems like the innovation is never-ending. 

      It’s hard to argue with the overall performance of the Sonos One and numbers don’t lie. Finding a good balance between cost and performance can be a tough decision but usually you get what you pay for. (Depending on how you plan on using your speaker.)

      It sounds like you enjoyed our comparison – hopefully it gave you a more informed point of reference going forward!

      I appreciate you reading through our comparison of the Sonos One vs. Amazon Echo, thanks again. 🙂

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