Alexa – Amazon Music Unlimited

Alexa – Amazon Music Unlimited

Recently a new feature was added to the Amazon Music Unlimited app. You can now talk to your phone or computer while using the music streaming app and Alexa will play whatever you ask her too. Alexa is the voice recognition technology that Echo users have become familiar with. 

Alexa – Amazon Music Unlimited

Let’s say you’re in the mood to sit back, relax and sip a glass of wine. You can say “Alexa, play some relaxing music” and the app will respond accordingly. Basically this new feature allows you to be more hands-free with your streaming devices.

You do, however, have to push the icon on your phone within the app in order to activate the voice feature. When you consider what you get in return that doesn’t seem like too much to ask for at all. 

If we’re so lazy that pulling your phone out of your pocket to tap a voice-activated robot voice to find our music for us would take too much effort, we still have a long ways to go. Anyways, let’s say you get in your car and connect your phone to whatever Bluetooth technology you use and you want to start driving because you can’t be late for this event or meeting. 

All you have to do is pair or plug in your device, open the Music Unlimited App, tap the Alexa button and start talking. 

Amazon Alexa

As it seems to go with most new technology, once someone has it down to a science, other companies will jump on board and create their own version of it. It feels similar to the Siri technology that Apple’s iPhones have except it’s tailored specifically for our musical convenience and enjoyment.

Convenience vs. Enjoying the Process

Personally, I enjoy scrolling through the menu looking for new music so this feature isn’t absolutely necessary for my purposes. I’m sure there are people out there who have been waiting for Amazon to release this feature and I’m sure they’re happy with the result. 

Part of the enjoyment for me is scrolling through albums like I would flip through albums at a record store when those were still a thing. In some ways, I’m a purist, especially when it comes to music. 

Another cool aspect to this feature is for those times where you remember a couple of words from a song you can’t remember the title of. When this happens, you just have to say “play that song that goes ‘you know I’m happy'” or whatever the lyrics may be. Alexa will scan the database and hopefully pull up the exact results that you were looking for.

Amazon Alexa

This feature seems the most “revolutionary” to me because there’s nothing worse than wanting to hear that song but not knowing who sings it. It’ll send you into a mini panic attack if you’re not careful. 

After using both Amazon Music Unlimited and Spotify, I’m starting to side with Amazon’s music streaming service. As far as I know, Spotify doesn’t have features like the voice recognition capabilities that Music Unlimited does. It’s little things like that that set the competition apart, especially from a consumer standpoint. 

Since Spotify costs more and doesn’t have as many useful features it was an easy choice for me to make the switch a couple of months back. For more information on Music Unlimited click here.

“Hey Alexa”

All in all, the Alexa feature on the Amazon Music Unlimited app is a nice addition. It gives you more options and allows you to explore their library in different ways. Added to that is the convenience factor. No one’s ever mad at someone for making their life easier and this is no exception. 

I appreciate you for reading through this and hope that it answered any questions you had. If not, feel free to ask below or leave a comment. Thanks for tuning in.

Sonic Elevation: Ride The Waves. 

2 thoughts on “Alexa – Amazon Music Unlimited

    • Author gravatarAuthor gravatar

      yeah, Amazon’s Alexa certainly seems cool. It really is a neat feature that it can recall songs for you just from some of the lyrics. The amount of times that would have helped me out is ridiculous!
      How do you think Amazon and Alexa compare to Google and the Google home unit?

      • Author gravatarAuthor gravatar

        Hey Tony, 

        I hear you on that. I don’t personally own either but this seems to be the consensus:

        Google Home has recently added some new features and might outperform Amazon Echo but overall the Echo is more popular. 

        Some think Google Home has better sound quality but lacks in other areas. Amazon Echo has more features as of right now but Google Home is gaining some ground.

        I hope that answered your question. 🙂



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