When you are comparing two legends, the scrutiny has to go deeper. If you are wondering which of the two giants between the hd650 and the dt880 is a step above the other. Read on to find out, by the time you finish, you’ll know what to go for.

As a music lover, I know the sound I look for when I’m choosing a pair of phones. If you are a music lover then you go for the one that produces the better sound. I’ve been recently told that you have to look deeper to know which pair is better. 

So today we’ll be doing a comparison of the two legends; the Sennheiser hd650 and the dt880. By the time we finish all will be revealed and the true winner will be awarded. So read on and before you get distracted let’s get started. 

Sennheiser HD650

Here we are looking at an open back pair that comes with a great one size fits all design. The pair have been known to produce some great bass which is why I have to say, I might just like them. Yet, as is the natural balance of things. Nothing and no one is perfect. So there’s something amiss. 

Sennheiser HD650

The Sennheiser HD650 has that universal design that works with pretty much every head shape. It clamps right to your head no matter what shape it is. Plus it has a firm grip so you don’t have to worry about it falling off. 

One of the complaints I’ve read about was that if you wear specs. You might experience a slight discomfort because of the friction the pair might cause. Other than that the pair is fine. It’s a great choice for a headgear if you like loud music.

One downside though is that the pair is quite fragile when compared to other competing products such as the HiFiman he400i. That pair is durable, while this pair is still durable but not as durable as the prior pair. 

Beyerdynamic Dt880 

Looking at the other audiophile legend, the Beyerdynamic dt880 makes quite an impressive pair. They have a semi-open design that attenuates ambient noise. It doesn’t exclude it completely so you’ll experience a harmonious sound experience. 

Beyerdynamic Dt880

They are quite popular in the market especially since almost every replacement part you’d need for it is right there in the market. It’s a durable pair and so if you get your hands on this one, prepare to blast yourself with good music for many years. 

You’d expect such a pair to come with a heavyweight. But now the dt880 are very lightweight making them quite reliable especially if you want to listen to music for a long time. They are designed to ensure a very pleasant fit.

Apart from the pleasant fit, the ear pads are made from breathable and velour. This will keep your ears cool and prevent any heat build-up as you listen to your songs on repeat for the longest time. 

Favourite Features

There is so much that you can love about the hd650 as well as the dt880. Personally, I love the fact that the hd650 is a great pair that can fit on almost every head. The form frio is a sure way of ensuring that you listen to your music without having to worry about them falling off.

The Beyerdynamic dt880 is also a lovable pair especially since they have some comfort-driven designs. The earpads are meant to support and protect your ears from any accumulating heat. So you can play your music for the longest while without any feeling of discomfort. 

Sound quality 

When it comes to sound quality the Sennheiser hd650 has an open back. This allows the passage of music in and out of the headphone. The bass is great but at some point, once the range has been changed you’ll realise that it produces a neutral sound. This whole set up has a direct effect on the quality of sound you perceive. 

The open back will cause some defects to the listening experiences taken for instance as you listen to your music in a noisy background some if that noise will seep through and vice versa as well. For instance, if you are listening in a noisy environment, some of that noise would definitely seep in and meddle with the music you’re listening to.

The Dt 880 offers a great sound experience. They have a semi-open design which allows for the attenuation of ambient noise. Though not 100% it will still make the listening experience a great one. Which is what we all hope for. 

Design and build

The build quality of the Sennheiser HD650 isn’t as long-lasting as one of the DT880. This doesn’t mean that it will not last long. It just means that it requires more care when compared to the Beyerdynamic DT880. Especially as it is made from stretching material. At a certain point once the limit is exceeded it will easily snap. 


Though not much of a difference unless you are really sensitive, the hd650 weighs a few grams more than the dt880. You will find that it works on a weight of 295 grams which is almost 300g while the Beyerdynamic works on a weight of 260g. 

What could be better

As I said before, I am a fan of good music. I like my beats in check. So if you are like me and you know you love loud music. Beyerdynamic dt880 is a great choice. Mostly because it offers better noise cancellation. When compared to the Sennheiser hd650

The verdict

In conclusion, I’m sure you already know which legend is taking the trophy today. The Beyerdynamic dt880 has proven to be a step ahead of the Sennheiser hd650 both produce great sounding. The Dt880 took it to another level that’s all. So if you are working on a budget the Sennheiser hd650 is still a great option to go for.

Rob is a musician and audiophile at heart. He plays 5 instruments. Besides music, Rob enjoys a good whiskey and the outdoors.
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