When it comes to comparing headphones. We are not looking at the design and build of the set. We need an in-depth view to know what each pair is made of. We know the Grado prestige series has some pretty unique sets. What sets them apart. 

We’ll be doing a comparison between the Grado SR325e and the Grado SR80e. Our aim is to see which pair is better than the other and afterwards, we want to know what makes it better than the other. If you want to find out as well, read on till the end. 

Both pairs make for pretty good stations. I mean if you love music and you’re an audiophile then you know what I am talking about here. Let’s not waste any more time and let’s get started. Are you ready? Because I know I am. 

Grado SR325e 

The Grado SR325e is a great pair that pretty much features a smooth, natural sound and flat bass. What I mean to say is, you won’t feel the boom in the bass with these ones. The sound they let out is almost natural and blends.

Grado SR325e

They are quite the ideal pair for those people who meditate with music. If you prefer the scenic experience of closing your eyes and letting the music sink in, I think you found your ninth chakra then. Great for solidarity walks. 

If you like loud blasts of music, I can’t say this pair is for you. These offer a music accuracy that will have the innocent minded impressed. It takes the sound as it is recorded and sends it back to you the way it was made. No extra boost no booms no nothing. The natural sensation of music. 

The pair is designed for those who want accurate music only. It comes with no remote control and no microphone so you can’t take calls with it nor can you make calls with it. It’s a very sensitive pair so no amplifier would be needed with this pair. 

Grado SR80e

The SR80e but might be the other cramp twin here. So if you are a fan of movies, games and jamming to loud sound. The. You have found your pair. The pair has a proportioned soundstage. 

Grado SR80e

The soundstage delivers the right midrange that you will love. It has a 4 conductor cable and a gold-plated mini-plug. All this is to add that actual spark that you need to your audios. Whether it’s in music or movies or gaming. 

It is a great pair if you want to add it to your guitar or keyboard. The earpads have an S-cushion and durable embossed vinyl strap. With that being said the only distortion that you should likely expect from this pair would be from your own ruckus. 

So the SR80e has a new driver and plastic housing that allows air to move in and out. As is the result you will find that the moving air will react to vibrations leading to the elimination of transient distortions. So all in all, you get some pretty great noise cancellation. 

Favourite Features

Let’s take a look at the SR325e, it’s a great pair with a great look. I have to say the gold plating really set them on a whole new level. However, what I should say really had me was the natural sound system. Imagine having gear that gives you the natural feel of the music?

With the SR80e I have to say the design and build are worth a round of applause. The plastic housing really gives them a lighter and comfortable feel. Making them easier to work with throughout the day even for long music sessions. Now let’s look at the differences. 

Frequency response

In short and as simply as possible. The SR325e and the SR80e, they both have an identical level of impedance which is set at 32 Ohm. You will find that they also have the same level of sensitivity which is set as 100dB however when it comes to the range that’s where there is a slight change. The SR325e has a range of 18Hz to 24Hz and the SR80e comes with a range between 20Hz and 20kHz. 


Both headphones have an open design hence you shouldn’t really expect any decent noise reduction. Wherever you go expect to hear noise from the outside and also expect them to hear the music you’ll be playing. With the sr325e you should expect well-managed preservation of the dynamics. 

With the sr80e, the lair offers a certain level that sends sparkles. It has a well-detailed soundstage that works very well throughout the midrange and the treble frequencies. The sound may not be as expansive but you will sense great energy from it. 

Comfort and Design

When it comes to comfort this is based on the design of the headphone. The SR325e has a heavier build and weighs 355g. It has an adjustable headband and all. The materials that were used in it’s making are rather heavier than most. Hence you might not feel the best level of comfort with the pair, especially for long music sessions. 

The SR80e on the other hand comes with plastic housing for the drivers. This makes it very light with a weight of only 240g. This allows you to extend your music sessions without having to worry about any aches and heat accumulation. 

What could be better

If you love music that much. In my own words, I would say the Sr80e is better. For the simple fact, you get to experience longer sessions without having to experience any discomfort. This is because of their lighter build. Plus they are a great choice if you are into gaming. 

The Verdict

In conclusion, I’m going to say that if you love the natural feel of the music. Also if you want a pair that works for music and music alone. Then the Sr325e could be the pair for you. So, to my gamers and movie fans choosing the sr80e might be a better option for you. Longer sessions need something lighter like the sr80e.

Rob is a musician and audiophile at heart. He plays 5 instruments. Besides music, Rob enjoys a good whiskey and the outdoors.
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