JBL lsr308 vs Yamaha hs8: A Comparison of Top Notch Studio Monitors

Whether you are looking to improve your home setup or elsewhere, JBL lsr308 vs Yamaha hs8 is a key comparison. Studio monitors have become very popular in recent times due to their ability to provide 360 degrees of surround sound. They can turn any house into a fun and inclusive area. They are expensive products meaning that one would have to take a large amount of caution when choosing which one to buy. 

Getting it right the first time is essential, and that is why in this article today, we will be reviewing two of the top products in this market. We will be discussing both the product’s pros and cons, features they have in common, and things that separate them. We hope that this information will go a long way in deciding which studio monitor you should purchase.   

JBL lsr308

The JBL lsr308 has been presented as a professional speaker. It has been designed with an increased HF detail that allows you to experience a crisper sound than you would receive from its competitors. This also impacts the bass, which can be felt throughout the house when you play loud music on this device. 

It has a potent subwoofer that is still room-friendly, which means that you are not putting your ears at risk when listening to loud music in a room. It has impressive acoustics that can be felt throughout a space, making the product useful for concerts and shows. It is also effective for home use. 

They have designed this product with an M2 master reference monitor, allowing the monitor’s rigid board to handle extreme volumes making this product worth the money. It is a very durable product made from hardened plastic and should last you for quite a few years. 


  • M2 Master Reference Monitor
  • Room friendly
  • Increased HF detail


  • Very heavy 

Yamaha hs8

Yamaha hs8 provides consumers here with a compelling, potent, and efficient product. This studio monitor comes with an 8-inch cone woofer, and this is quite impressive for speakers in this range. It means that the monitor can produce a low distortion sound that is both clear and organized. You will not receive any extra unwanted noise when you listen to music at a high volume. This makes the speaker very useful for people who wish to buy it and use it to perform. 

It has been designed to be room-friendly and offers a higher trim response control. This means that you can expect the speaker to operate well even in a small environment. Many people would purchase this as part of a home theater device, but it is quite heavy, weighing 10.7 kilograms. 

To connect with this device, you will need a phone jack, as the product does not have Bluetooth. It comes in an old matte black finish that will not rust easily. However, the product is not rainproof, meaning that you cannot use it outside in wet conditions. The speaker’s outer cover is very durable but will not survive being dropped, so you must be very careful. 


  • 8-inch cone woofer 
  • Room friendly 
  • Low sound distortion 


  • This product does not have Bluetooth. 

Comparable Features

Sound Quality

The sound quality on both products is relatively superior to many other monitors in the market. Both products have been designed to provide professional sound quality. You could expect a very powerful bass from both products; however, if we had to pick a winner, it would be the JBL JBL lsr308. The lsr308 has an 8-inch cone woofer, which can provide a clear and consistent sound instead of its Yamaha counterpart. This option has also been designed to be room-friendly, meaning that you can use this monitor even for smaller events such as watching a movie with your family. 


Durability can be quite important when purchasing something as expensive as these monitors. Both products have been designed with hardened plastic that will allow them to survive the nitty-gritty of everyday life. They will both not survive being dropped, which means that you must be careful to place it in a location that will not be dropped. Neither of these products is rainproof, which means that you cannot use them outdoors or in any weight environments. 


Both products can offer the user indoor and outdoor use. They have been designed to provide a high-quality sound meaning that you can use them to listen to music or watch movies. You can Only Connect to both products with a headphone Jack as none of them have Bluetooth Accessibility. 

What could be better?


The introduction of a Bluetooth connection would have made this a standout option compared to many of its rivals. As technology progresses, many new mobile phones do not possess sound jacks, meaning they have ruled out connectivity to many new devices. 


The Yamaha hs8 monitor is quite an impressive product; however, they could have improved the product by making the Control Board much easier to understand. Unless you are a sound guru, you may struggle to use this product at first. 

The verdict

As we end this article, I would recommend purchasing the JBL lsr308 if you wish to play music for a bigger crowd. It has a superior sound quality and can offer the user a better base than the Yamaha hs8. If you wish to use this product for home theater purposes, I would recommend the Yamaha hs8 because it has a more precise sound and a more room-friendly aesthetic than the JBL lsr308. 

Neither of these speakers has Bluetooth, which means that the one that you choose will most likely be for musical purposes and not anything else. You can expect these products to last you for quite some time as they are durable, but you must avoid using them in wet or damp conditions because they are not waterproof. 

Rob is a musician and audiophile at heart. He plays 5 instruments. Besides music, Rob enjoys a good whiskey and the outdoors.
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