JBL LINK 10 vs Google Home: Which Smart Speaker Is Better?

JBL LINK 10 vs Google Home, which one will come out on top? You might have had your attention recently drawn to all the consumer activity around innovative smart speakers. These are smart home AI devices that can receive voice commands. They can connect to the Internet and offer the user information quickly and effortlessly. 

This article will be looking at two of the top candidates that you should be considering right now. Both products are made by reputable brands and are looking to stamp their personality on the home AI market. We shall look at both products analyzing their advantages and disadvantages. You will likely know which one is right for you by the end of this article. 

JBL Link 10

JBL Link 10

The JBL Link 10 is a very compact and efficient product. It has been designed with versatility in mind. This means that you should be able to do more with it than just keep it locked up in the house. It has been fitted with a separate battery that is quite powerful and impressive. 

It can last the user up to 8 hours when charged, which means that you can take it out to a location with no external power source. The product has also been made to be quite rugged and durable. It comes with an external blanket that is waterproof and dustproof, meaning that a little trip to the waterfall could be in order. 

In terms of sound quality, the speaker can offer the user a clear and precise sound with an impressive number of bass. On the home assistant side of things, it is a pleasant and cheerful presence around the house. It will connect to Wi-Fi and inform you of the news and the weather just with the ask of a question. 

The product does not have a noise-canceling feature for its microphone. This means that it is less suitable for consumers who reside in noisy environments. If you have kids playing and running around, it may be difficult for the microphone to hear what you say. This may make communication with the device difficult, and this is a slight disadvantage of the product. 


  • 8-hour battery life.
  • Dustproof and waterproof
  • Light and compact


  • No noise canceling on the microphone.

Google Home 

google home

Google is trying to provide the market with a stable and friendly version of a home assistant through this device’s production. It is powered by an electrical socket and does not have a battery, which means it will be stationed in your home full time. It has an impressive Wi-Fi connector using the latest technology to provide you with a consistent and unmistakable presence. 

If any debates are being had in the house, Google Home is just a question away. The outer material is made from a soft end comfortable material. However, this is not very durable. It has not been designed to face the elements there, for you can choke that off to a loss in value. 

What it does not have is durability; however, the product makes up for this in performance. It has the fastest connection directly to Google, meaning that you can have information at the tip of your fingers in an instant. 

You can expect that the product will communicate with you better since it has a noise-canceling microphone. This makes it better for parents who live in the house with many children running around because the noise will not impact this device. Apart from the fact that Google did not add a separate battery to the product, it is quite a high performer. 


  • Noise-canceling microphone.
  • Improved Wi-Fi connection
  • Improved communication 


  • It cannot function without an external power outlet. 

Comparable Features

Home assistance

Home assistance is the main reason why many people buy this product. It is vital that people can access information intelligently and reliably in the mornings or whenever they need to. The convenience of just talking to a device and getting a response from it has led many people out into the stores to purchase a product like these. 

Therefore, when comparing both products in terms of home assistance, the winner must have to be the Google home option. It has a better Wi-Fi connector, meaning that the connection is always more consistent than with the JBL Link 10. 

You can expect to receive information faster and more efficiently as well because of the noise-canceling microphone. With the JBL, it might be challenging to communicate with the product in noisy environments making it difficult to receive any home assistance. 


Given the cost of one of these devices, its durability should be severely scrutinized. The Google Home option is neither waterproof nor dustproof, which means that if you have minor children running around the home, it is best to keep the product in a position where they cannot access it. 

It has been designed to be comfortable and friendly, however, not to brave the elements. The JBL Link 10, however, has been designed as a more versatile option than this one. It is both waterproof and dustproof, meaning that you can take it out with you if you wish to go traveling somewhere. It has a battery. Therefore, it can play without any power source nearby. 

What could be better?


The noise-canceling feature makes this product less valuable When at home if multiple people live there because of noise, which could have been improved. 

Google Home 

Adding a separate battery to the product would have allowed people to use it in various house locations where there are no electrical outlets. 

The verdict

In conclusion, I would recommend purchasing the JBL link 10 speakers if you are a young professional who lives by themselves and wants something that doubles up as a Bluetooth speaker. The product is durable and can be taken with you wherever you go. 

It does not have a noise-canceling microphone, making it less useful for people who live in noisy areas. The Google home option is more of a constant and stable presence in the home. It has a better Wi-Fi connection and does not have a separate battery; therefore, you cannot take it outside. What other Bluetooth speakers do you fancy?

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