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Calming Music For Anxiety - Top Ten Songs

Calming Music For Anxiety – Top Ten Songs


Calming Music For Anxiety 

We all have those days in life where we need to unwind from the daily stresses of life. If you’re anything like me, music is a great way to do this. I’ve chosen my top ten songs that I use as calming music for anxiety. This list isn’t in any specific ranking order. Scroll through and see which ones you use too and if you’ve never heard them it never hurts to give them a listen!

1. “To the Light” by A.CHAL


Calming Music For Anxiety - Top Ten Songs


To eliminate your irrational worry and alleviate unnecessary stress I would recommend listening to “To the Light” as an introduction to A.CHAL’s music. It’s a song off of his second studio album called ON GAZ. Whether you’re stuck in traffic or just need to unwind you should have at least one song from A.CHAL’s discography on your playlist.

2. “Sleight Orchestra” by Dawn Golden


Calming Music For Anxiety - Top Ten Songs


Dawn Golden makes some of the best calm electro infused indie rock music I’ve heard to date. It’s hard to define by a single genre but you’ll see what I mean once you listen to any of their songs but especially “Sleight Orchestra”. Still Life in it’s entirety is a super solid album but since this is a list of songs I won’t get into it anymore than that. (Check it out.)

3. “Tiny Cities” by Flume (ft. Beck)


Calming Music For Anxiety - Top Ten Songs


Flume never disappoints when it comes to making some of the best electronic music out there. Flume’s production on “Tiny Cities” is exactly up to par with the rest of his work. I love when he gets vocalists to feature on his tracks because it adds another dimension to the sound. Becks singing coupled with Flume’s production is unreal. Flume is one of those artists that you wish you had discovered a long time ago. Flume pretty much embodies anti-anxiety music.

4. “Nineteen Ninety Four” by Crosses


Calming Music For Anxiety - Top Ten Songs


The intro to the vocals on this track will instantly grab your attention and Chino Moreno’s vocals float over airy, but not empty, nonchalant guitar strumming and minimalist production. This song is perfect to play when you need to take a break from the hamster wheel spinning upstairs.

5. “Thunderdome” by Ocean Grove


Calming Music For Anxiety - Top Ten Songs


Thunderdome” is one of those songs that starts out at a slow, quiet pace and then picks up along a huge crescendo into a loud but beautiful chorus. The beginning reminds me of the quiet aftermath of a rainy downpour in the summer. Most of us don’t like the rain but the smell and feeling in the air after it’s rained is hard to deny. This track would be like that in audio form.

6. “Feeling Whitney” by Post Malone 

Calming Music For Anxiety - Top Ten Songs


This one feels reminiscent of a track by Ben Howard. It’s pretty much a straightforward acoustic track that is sure to slow your adrenaline down when it becomes out of control. It’s a bare bones track that takes the approach of “less is more” and succeeds. It also testifies of the genre variation in Post Malone’s music.

7. “The Language of Limbo” by Sevdaliza


Calming Music For Anxiety - Top Ten Songs


When your mind becomes trapped in an anxious state it feels like there’s no end in sight to the mental torment. Once you connect and listen to The Language of Limbo“, Sevdaliza’s angelic voice will take you to an entirely different place. Her voice soaring over the top of spacey production provided by Mucky should help alleviate the mental tension knocking around inside your head.

8. “White Light” by Sidewalks and Skeletons


Calming Music For Anxiety - Top Ten Songs


This is one of my favorite songs of all time in general but also happens to be a song with good vibes all around, but more especially for reducing anxiety. When I’ve played this song for some people they give mixed reviews but usually it’s based on differing tastes. Since it’s also relatively new, I would argue that it could be harder to digest for some but once you listen with an open mind you’ll keep coming back for more in times of need.

9. “Forget It” by Getter (feat. Oliver Tree)


Calming Music For Anxiety - Top Ten Songs


Getter has the ability to take you on an emotional journey and “Forget It” is the perfect anthem for those of us who tend to get worked up more than is necessary. We really should do our best to forget whatever worry is weighing us down and listening to “Forget It” by Getter should help you do just that.

10. “Natural Light” by Porter Robinson


Calming Music For Anxiety - Top Ten Songs


If you’re not already a fan of Porter Robinson’s music I would encourage you to start with “Natural Light” and try your hardest to not fall in love with the sounds that you hear. Natural Light has a light but deep psychedelic feel to it and will come in handy during a mental overload. As long as you have this song on your playlist somewhere you’re only a tap away from dramatically decreasing your stress levels. 

I Hope You Enjoyed!

I hope that you find at least one or two songs off this list that you can vibe with. We don’t all respond the same way to the same music but I hope you can use this calming music for anxiety in the future when you’ll most need it! 

Feel free to ask a question or leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to respond as quickly as I can. Thanks for tuning in!



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  • Jasmere says:

    Dude the website looks sick not even joking. But I really feel that these songs would do wonders for anxiety. Not only that, but could you imagine practing meditation while actually listening to some of these songs? You would be mellowed out in no time. Another genre that I’ve found helps is smooth jazz believe it or not

    • Dom says:

      Thanks Jasmere, I find that they do work pretty well.

      It’s funny you mention combining music with meditation I actually have a post on that you can read here.

      I’ll have to try the jazz thing and see if it works for me, thanks for the suggestion!

  • jon prusheik says:

    This is a great post Dom! I really enjoyed these songs and helped me unwind after a long day. I was happy to see some songs I already knew and some great new songs to add to my collection! Thanks for the great recommendations on calming music to ease my anxiety.

    best wishes

    • Dom says:

      I’m glad you found it helpful Jon! Also, great to hear that you already knew some of them, you must have good taste in music. 🙂

      Hopefully you can use them whenever you need to unwind and wash some of the stress away.

      Thanks for tuning in,


  • Anja says:

    I love your choice of soothing music for those who suffer from anxiety! Music definitely has a huge impact on how we feel! So thank you for sharing. I will send my anxious clients to your article if they want to find something beautiful. Have a wonderful day!

    • Dom says:

      Thanks Anja, you’re definitely right about that! Music is a powerful medium that can help in a TON of different ways.

      I hope your clients enjoy some of these songs too! They also might enjoy this music meditation post which can be used in conjunction with these songs or songs of your/their choice.

      Thanks for tuning in, happy holidays. 🙂


  • Ramandeep says:

    Wow I like it that I have this list without any hard research. I get stressed too fast and this will definitely help me. Thank you for sharing this wonderful article.

    • Dom says:

      No problem, it should at least set you on the right track and hopefully you discover something new by using this list!

      Thanks for tuning in,


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