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Bose Headphone Lawsuit – Are They Spying On Customers?

Bose Headphone Lawsuit

Is Bose Using an App to Spy on Customers?

Back in April of 2017, Bose found themselves in the middle of a lawsuit where a customer alleged that they had collected personal, private data through the usage of the BoseConnect app that came with the purchase of a pair of expensive headphones. The claim that Bose is spying on customers was news to me and it deserves more than 10 minutes in the spotlight.

The BoseConnect app is sold as a way to “get the most out of your headphones” but it looks like you might instead be “getting way more than you asked for” out of your headphones.

Bose Headphone Lawsuit

Bose Allegedly Collecting Private Data To Sell To The Highest Bidder

Allegedly, Bose was collecting the above mentioned data and selling it to third parties such as marketers and data mining companies.

In a world of constant surveillance, companies should at the very least, be upfront about what the customer is buying and what they will get out of the purchase.

Dishonesty gets overlooked sometimes but it can severely damage the reputation of not only an individual but also a huge company.

The lawsuit that was filed was seeking more than $5,000,000 in damages.

What Do Lawsuits Like This Mean For The Consumer?

Although it’s common for corporations to have legal suits brought against them, it’s a little bit alarming that this news was not magnified more than it was.

As a customer of many different companies myself, I would like to know that my private information will not be shared for the sake of profit on behalf of the company.

If I was told beforehand that my information would be used in such a way, I would probably search elsewhere for business.

Bose is not the only tech company that has been filed against for similar claims, but in an ever-increasing technologically integrated society, it might be a hard pill to swallow that companies are going to continue collecting data for whatever purpose they choose to use it for.

Should We Keep Buying Despite These Claims?

Although it hasn’t been proven yet that Bose is actually doing what is alleged, it should at least raise some eyebrows. Is there anything that we as consumers can do about this increasing trend or should we allow the behavior to continue without having anything to say about it?

Bose Headphone Lawsuit

2 thoughts on “Bose Headphone Lawsuit – Are They Spying On Customers?

  1. Hi Dom, thanks for sharing the info. Must say that for me I don’t have problem with companies collecting info about me AS LONG AS THEY ARE UPFRONT WITH THAT and not trying to hide it. If it’s help them pay the bill for giving me some app or subsidized extra service, by all mean go for it. After all we do live in capitalized society and usually services are not given for free. But as I said they must come upfront and let me choose if I want to share my info or not. BTW, read the full news article linked from your post. To me it seems like someone are trying to do some easy money on the back of Bose.

    1. Hey,

      I agree that it’s always better when not only people, but companies are completely transparent when offering a service or product. I couldn’t find the final verdict yet so it’s still a pending suit. I can’t say either way who’s right or wrong in this instance. Hopefully they get to the bottom of the issue and it’s settled fairly. 



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