A Little History – Beyerdynamic GmbH and Co. KG now known as Beyerdynamic was founded by Eugen Beyer in 1924 in the town of Berlin, Germany.  It is family owned and they are manufacturers of microphones, headphones, wireless audio systems, and conference systems.  Eugen Beyer’s first products that he produced were loudspeakers for film places in 1924.  At the end of the 1930s, he produced the very first pair of Dynamic Headphones.  But production came to a stop during War War Two. Then in 1948 Beyerdynamic started afresh in Heilborn. 

Decades passed with many new products developed by Beyerdynamic which led them to produce the two sets of headphones that we will be discussing today. The materials and component parts used for the DT770 series are painstakingly made by hand and can be replaced if necessary. 

These products are extremely versatile with a variety of accessories to meet your application.  They are built to last, yet they are lightweight and comfortable to wear over long periods of use. The highs of these products shoot out like angel trumpets. They do not have a distorted, grainy, or harsh sound to them.  They are not fatiguing to the ear.  The treble detail to all of the Beyerdynamic headphones is amazing.  

DT 770 250 ohm 

Beyerdynamic DT 770 250 Ohm Closed Back Headphones


DT770 250ohm headphones are a true studio classic that is perfect for music enthusiasts and professionals alike.  These headphones are particularly appealing to music producers, sound technicians, and broadcast users because of their bass reference capabilities, spacious reproduction that is amazingly remarkable for closed headphones. The DT770 250 ohm is incidentally also perfect for a hi-fi alternative for music lovers at home or in the office. 

These would be ideal for gamers as they block out a lot of noise from their surroundings that enhance the sounds of certain weapons and machinery within the video games. Giving gamers that live feel of being inside the game. The imaging for these is startlingly precise and at times it feels like you are running surround sound virtualization software, even when playing them in basic stereo mode.  

DT 770 80 OHM

Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 250 Ohm Closed Back Headphones for Studio Mixing


The DT770 (80 ohms) is a closed-back pair of headphones that is ideal for professional recording and monitoring in studios or on the move.  The product dimensions are 10 inches’ x 5 inches’ x 8 inches.  It has a total weight of 9.5 ounces.  Customer reviews show a 4.6 rating out of a 5-star rating.  

This product has fallen under the top 100 selling ranks in musical instruments and has carried the prize for the number 1 recording headphone and audio monitors.  With its exceptional acoustic definition, the level of music detail is ideal for monitoring purposes.  The ultra-low bass sounds are reproduced crisply.  High frequencies are translated to clear and differentiated sound. They provide excellent isolation feel from the outside world.  

Closed Back 

Dt770 80 ohm has a closed back with powerful isolation of ambient noises. Perfect for studio and stage recordings, thanks to their crisp resolution sound. Dt770 250 ohm Closed diffused field headphone, Bass-reflex technology to improve bass response. Closed Headphone Design; Is a closed studio headphone that boasts impressive sound volume and powerful noise isolation.

Sound Quality

DT 770 80 ohm Sound quality is very spacious, transparent, and detailed. Soft adjustable and replaceable velour ear pads ensure a high standard of wearing comfort when wearing for long periods of time. DT770 250 Ohm has soft and circumaural and replaceable ear pads ensure high wearing comfort. Comfortable fit due to the rugged, adjustable, soft padded headband construction.


3 m straight 80-ohm cable. Durable and robust workmanship. That allows you to take them on and off frequently without having to worry about cables being tangled up or getting in the way. 

Feature 4

Made in Germany with an innovative bass reflex system.  Has robust, adjustable, softly padded spring steel headband. That ensures a snug and comfortable fit to the head. DT770 250 ohm has a unique sound design – Great acoustic definition; makes the level of music ideal for monitoring purposes.

Remarkable Spatial Reproduction; Ultra-low bass sounds are defined and reproduced crisply. High frequencies are translated to an analytical, clear, and differentiated sound. The Spatial reproduction of these headphones is remarkable despite providing excellent isolation from the outside world. 


Stereo 6.3mm jack adapter, drawstring back, operating system booklet. 


DT770 250 Ohm can be used for when you are out and about. They are perfect to use with phones, tablets and other non-amplified devices such as video cameras and portable audio equipment. If you like soundstage but do not want to wear open headphones, then these bad boys are your new best friends. Like the 80 ohm version before them, the sound stage is massive and took the sound from the previous model and enhanced it even more. 

The DT770 80 Ohm headphones are an ideal choice for a range of studio applications.  They are well suited for monitoring and enjoyable home listening. They have lower power requirements than the 250 ohm, but the sound may be too low for non-amplified devices.  The DT770 80 ohm headphones are ideal for those days when you have band practice or wish to go to the studio, whereas the DT770 250 ohm are best suited for used at home or at the office to use with low frequency devices such as your laptop, phone, tablets of portable music player.

If you are not a big fan of treble detail, then you may want to avoid studio headphones altogether and get something more consumer-orientated and warmer. However, I would suggest buying the DT770 250 ohm for home, office, and gaming use. If you are along the lines of a studio producer or sound technician I would then suggest that you buy the Dt770 80-ohm headphones. The DT770 250 ohm compared to the DT770 80 ohm are a bit flatter but more or less in the same signature ballpark.  The 80 ohm is a touch boomier in the bass if that is your style.  Overall you get an exciting and engaging listen from both sets of headphones with plenty of speed and detail.

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