Here’s another showdown, AKG N5005 vs Shure SE846. Which one will it be? Choosing between a pair of earbuds seems like a simple enough decision to make, it’s just earbuds, right? Wrong! Today’s modern world will see consumers choosing between thousands of models. Many different ranges of earbuds that at first glance, appear to provide the same service. 

The differences between them are, however, staggering. There are low-end, middle income, high-end and elite ranges all depending on what tasks you would like to perform with them and how big your wallet is.

The more versatile and customisable the model it seems the more you will likely have to pay. 

Today we are going to look at the Akg n5005 and the Shure se846, which are two elite earbuds in the same price range. Users of these earbuds, in my opinion, will be looking for serious value in the sound quality, sound customisation, comfort and durability of these music playing devices. 

AKG N5005

The AKG N5005 is a well-rounded product with multiple features that would impress any user, and at this price, they should very well do so. These beautifully designed earbuds come wired with a durable gloss black ceramic finish, silicone ear tips that come in three sizes and spin fit ear tips that come in four sizes. 

AKG N5005

The manufacturer has gone all out, in this case, to ensure that there is a perfect fit between you, your sound and your earbuds. Obtaining comfort with your earbuds is simply a case of finding the size that fits you best from the box and attaching them to the product! It is a useful inclusion for the consumers who struggle with earbuds that fall out during intense activities such as exercising or dancing. 

The sound delivered by the AKG N5005 is crisp and well balanced because it has a 5-driver configuration that provides the user with versatile sound tuning abilities. Each earbud contains quad balanced armature drivers that work to give a high-quality professional sound that is well worth the price for any audiophile.

That is all topped off with four sound filters that allow you to decide what level of the base is your preference. Essentially, this product gives power to the user to determine the best settings for the sound they want to hear. The manufacturers have included everything and it is only up to you to determine what you need.

The device is wired but can also go wireless by use of a Bluetooth 4.1 detachable cable and can last up to 8 hours which is more than enough time to run a marathon and take calls if you need to. Whether you want to produce music in the studio or get a right pump at the gym, this is one of the best alternatives to consider when it comes to Bluetooth earbuds.

Shure se846

The cheaper option between the two products is this one; however, as this review will show they are incredibly similar; therefore the price should not be your go-to in determining which is the better option for you.

Offered in a range of colours from blue, gold, black and even transparent this option similar to the AKG N5005 has quad drivers within each earbud to provide crystal clear sound but also has a low-pass filter design that allows for the genuine appreciation of your music’s bass. It comes with a Sound Isolating™ design that helps to enjoy your sound even in a populated or loud environment. 

Shure se846

It comes with several custom sleeves that allow you the best fit for long periods, meaning you can listen for hours comfortably with the right sleeve. Similarly, to the AKG N5005, it comes with an adjustable frequency response that allows you to choose the best frequency for the sound you want to hear. 

It comes with various cables for different models of cellphone or audio devices, allowing you more excellent connectivity wherever you are. 

CharacteristicsAKG (n5005)Shure (se846)
Battery Lifetime8 hours8 hours
Drivers QuadQuad
Bluetooth Version4.15
Earbuds SizesS, M, LS, M, L
Ear tips/Filter Sizes43
ColoursGloss BlackGold, Blue, Black, Transparent

Sound Quality 

For consumers of this product, the quality of sound is essential if not most important. It contains the ability to provide a positive and enjoyable music experience or a negative one. Comparing these devices we can see that they both have Quad drivers in each earbud which means the sound quality is good however the Shure se846 comes specifically with Sound Isolating™ technology that allows the user to listen in noisy conditions without affecting the quality of sound. For live performers, this is something to consider.

Sound Customization

The sound customisation abilities of the two models weigh heavily on consumer’s minds. That is because being able to customise your sound ensures that every sound you could listen to is fit to the device being used for playback. Certain levels of bass can make or break the sound experience you have. Both of these products have good customisation abilities. 

The AKG n5005 comes with four different bass filters allowing the user to select the one that provides them with the most satisfaction for the sound they want to listen to. The competitor Shure’s se846 also allows for customisation of the bass filter, however, to a much lesser degree. That is a favourable consideration for sound engineers who listen to many different sounds every day and need to be able to fine-tune their earphones to hear certain sounds best. 

Comfort & Durability

These two factors, when picking a pair of earphones, often go without saying because they heavily impact the user’s ability to listen for long periods. Buying earphones that do not last will mean continuously having to replace them, which at such a price is not sustainable. 

Both these products have premium grade cables for professional wear and tear as well as custom multiple sleeve option sizes therefore allowing you to pick the one that fits best and gives the most comfort during long listening sessions. In this aspect, the two products are quite similar. 


In conclusion, buying a pair of earphones is no simple task in today’s modern world because everyone is looking for something different that suits them. These two products are very similar in the service they provide, allowing the high-quality user sound, customisable sound, high durability and comfort. The main differences are the colours, Bluetooth versions and the price. 

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