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Are you looking for the best home theatre subwoofer? The thing about good sound is that once you hear it, it is difficult to go back to sound from inbuilt speakers. The difference is very noticeable. But how do you get your televisions sound to be solid and also to have the cinema experience of surround sound? The answer is pretty simple. A good home theatre system with an excellent subwoofer for that really deep base. 

Watching TV has to be a holistic experience. It has certainly earned this. The way we watch TV has evolved greatly. Television development dates back centuries. In the 19th and 20th centuries, people could the only dream of colour on their screens. The average family did not miss it because they did not think it was even a possibility. In 1928, Scottish inventor John Logie Baird was the first to demonstrate colour TV, a mechanical system employing a Nipkow wheel. This was then followed by a similar system from Bell Labs in 1929. However, tv developmental work focused on establishing a general standard for monochrome pictures over the next ten years. In 1940, a body was set up to track and approve developments and new ideas that were coming onto the scene. The body was called the National Television Systems Committee (NTSC). It was set up to be an objective adjudicator to come up with a unified system.

As much as companies like CBS were doing their best to introduce colour,  the approval of the RCA-backed black and white standard for television by the FCC was still looming. The FCC went ahead and approved the now-familiar 525-line NTSC standard in 1941. All seemed to be going well for the natural progression of the television but it all came to a grinding halt when the second world war kicked in.

In a hurry

We have done our homework and found some of the best picks on the market today. Our favourite is the Definitive Technology Pro Sub 800 high output compact 300W powered subwoofer. 300W RMS gives you massive sound in the comfort of your home.  ProSub 800 is equipped with a high excursion 8″ front-mounted direct-radiating woofer pressure-coupled to an 8″ low bass radiator. It brings high definition music to life. With an infinite power source Amplifier, Discrete MOSFET output devices, and a unique radiator design provides a 27% greater radiating area than a single 10-inch woofer so you can enjoy deep impactful music anywhere.


This sub will help you get an immersive cinematic experience. You can pair this sub with the ProCenter 1000 centre channel and ProMonitor 800 satellite speakers or just add it to your existing setup for extra boom and punch. It is also great in that it has adjustable feet for better stability. It comes with four adjustable integrated feet with rubber tips so that you can securely place it on any surface. You can also adjust the height, just in case the surface is uneven.

Polk Audio PSW10 10" Powered Subwoofer

This is the Polka Audio PSW10. The front panel is removable. It has rubber female plugs in it where the pegs go in. It is a 10-inch driver with a front-firing look like a 3-inch porthole. The settings on it are pretty simple but still needs to be known. You have your volume right here and it gets very loud. You actually can feel it in your chest. You have your low-pass filter which shows the range in which it plays from 80 to 160 Hz. You have your power switch which is centres on down are off and all the way up is an auto on. This means that it will shut off after a certain while if it doesn’t play music. This is a great power-saving feature. 

You have your phase if you have two subs that aren’t staying together. You have your line in

RCA cables red and white you have your speaker output and your speaker input. It works both ways here. There is an excursion test of the subgroup. The songs I love you bass that here’s a piece of paper that’s not even. let’s see what volume is that not even half that’s halfway. This is pretty I usually keep it for the volume is great. The Polk Audio PSW10 subwoofer accompanies brilliant detecting hardware that naturally kills this gadget when there is control blackout or vacillation. This auto highlights help to deflect any harm that could be caused because of a powerful flood. It additionally naturally turns on when power is reestablished or settled. The security of your Polk Audio PSW10 subwoofer is ensured at whatever point these unexpected occurrences happen. 

With regards to the nature of sound, the Polk Audio PSW10 subwoofer has got the stuff. The PSW10 has a fabulous sound even at low volumes (and recurrence). The Polk Audio PSW10 subwoofer accompanies a coordinated 50 Watt RMS speaker. A 50-watt RMS enhancer uses high control voltage; be that as it may, this doesn’t call for worry for wattage on the grounds that as a feature of the PSW10 subwoofer’s plan, the test of high control voltage is tended to.


  • The sound quality is excellent.
  • The bass is incredible.
  • Produces great sound for music and film.
  • Has a power-saving feature.
  • Provides great value for money.


  • There are occasional distortions.
  • Hums when disconnected from the amplifier.

Sony SACS9 10-Inch Active Subwoofer

When you receive this subwoofer, the first place you want to look is at the rear of it. That is where all of the controls are located. Firstly, there is a level control that controls the bass. This will let you control the level of bass that your speaker produces. You can have it at minimum, maximum or somewhere in between. You also have control of depth. I don’t know that just makes it louder to phase. You can set reverse power save it to auto. The rear is also where the other sub inputs are located. If you would like, you could just have a sub and have speakers plugged in that you wouldn’t even need a receiver. That’s a cool option to have.

There’s the power button as well. You can hear your click then down there’s a power and here’s this big hole here that gives off a really low bass. On the front, you can see where the power indicator is. It’s a green light right that shows power. The 9.84 in cone stomach can move a bigger volume of air, delivering amazing low-end reverberation that makes bass sound rich and legitimate. The subwoofer strengthens low recurrence sounds in motion pictures and music for an extraordinary multi-channel home performance centre understanding. Smothering vibration in the bureau is indispensable for tight, precise bass. Undesirable vibrations are dealt with in two different ways: by acoustically engrossing waves produced from the back weight of the unit, and damping vibrations inside the bureau itself.


  • It comes at a reasonable price point.
  • It is very easy to connect to your home system.
  • The bass packs a punch on the centre channel.
  • The sound is very clear.
  • Both mid-range and high frequency are good.


  • There are some quality control concerns.
  • Durability is not uniform.

Pioneer SW-8MKS 100W powered subwoofer

This is the new SW8 Mark 2 subwoofer. It was developed from the original mark 1 as

with the other speakers in the range. Its design centres around the development of the drive units in the SW8. It has a long linear through the 8-inch driver. Its hope cone is stiffened with the extra-large dust cap to give a very strong structure resistant to the internal box pressure and it has a large rubber roll surround combined with a large vented magnet. This gives a very linear low-frequency response. 

The drive unit is designed to be faced down so the loading is always consistent for the drive unit and combine with a front-facing vent so it’s a reflex system the versatile amplifier has both high and low-level inputs have level control frequency control and also fade control combined this allows in any situation to get a very good blend to the satellite speakers the bookshelves or the centre speaker and as an 8-inch driver the cabinet size is reasonably compact so you can hide it away in the room and if you want more output capability you can always add a second subwoofer the combined area of these two is more than a typical 10-inch driver so you can get much higher output capability for explosive sound effects.

The Pioneer SW-8MK2 might be little, yet nothing in this value class gives you more profound gratefulness for quality bass like the new SW-8MK2 Subwoofer from Pioneer. Fly in your preferred motion picture, at that point lock-in, kick back and let this incredible subwoofer bring you directly into a multidimensional involvement in room-shaking, earth-trembling authenticity. The Pioneer SW-8MK2 highlights a vented fenced in area for expanded profound, perfect, bass execution. Stage and recurrence controls on the SW-8MK2 take into account tweaked set-up and High-and low-level sources of info mean adaptable establishment. On the off chance that you have been on the chase for a reasonable, low-contortion approach to get down profound into the low finish of the sound range? We’re sure the new Pioneer SW-8MK2 subwoofer will meet with your booming endorsement. 

Take your sound framework higher than ever with the Pioneer SW-8MK2 Subwoofer, 100W. The subwoofer includes an 8-inch long toss woofer that is finished with a vented walled in area. The Pioneer subwoofer likewise offers stage alteration and hybrid change alongside a speaker level and line level contributions for expanded bass and great yield.


  • It is perfect for small rooms.
  • Produces great sound quality.
  • It is fairly easy to set this up.
  • Customer service is great for exchanges/returns.
  • Has its own power and volume control.
  • Exceeds expectation at the price point.


  • There have been some buzzing and humming issues reported.
  • Crossfade is not as clear as I would have liked.

Yamaha YST-FSW150 B 130W Advanced YST II Down-Firing Active Subwoofer

Beyond the manual and other paperwork that you will see when you unbox this product. The first thing that will catch your attention is the length of the cable that it comes with. It is the 3.5 cable that’s somewhat like headset cable. I believe it is there because there are two ports in the back of the sub. If you want the sub to turn on with your receiver you need to hook one end to the back of the sub. And if you’re I think if your receiver I know my Yamaha receiver has the IR in and out to go out to the receiver.  Then to the sub and it will turn on and off with your receiver. That’s the only way to do it with this sub. I hope that answered your questions and of course, if your receiver doesn’t have like an IR in and out, you would have to manually turn it on and off.

The 3.5 cable goes on the rear end. This is where your sub goes subwoofer RC single RCA wire goes. On the front of it, the first button, there’s your arm power on and off and to the right is the volume goes from 0 to 10. For those of you that may not know, I have an RX Yamaha RX 679 seven points two 4k receiver. The input is a 3.5 input it says trigger out. That 3.5 wire in and that blue below that blue wire right there is the second subwoofer input. I have it hooked up to the trigger output on the back of my Yamaha receiver if you don’t have a trigger output on your receiver then your sub will not turn off and on with your receiver. Don’t worry, I mean there’s another risk. There are other subs that turn on and off with your receiver without using a 3.5 just using your regular wire but this is not one of them.

There is a remote controller included in some systems. The subwoofer doesn’t have a remote so I can’t be playing any tricks on you right so that’s proof that you can turn on and off this sub with a Yamaha. Maybe the high-end ones have all of the Yamaha receivers all right. The new shape subwoofers with Yamaha’s most recent advances, including Advanced YST II, Linear Port and down-terminating structure in addition to best coordinating for front encompass frameworks and iniaturized scale segment frameworks. The rack-mountable structure matches front encompass frameworks and small scale segment frameworks. It includes Yamaha’s progressed YST II (Yamaha Active Servo Technology II). This guarantees the sound quality delivered is superior to anything that you would have gotten from past models. The straight port limits incidental commotion. It has a down-terminating dynamic structure.


  • It is perfect for small rooms such as living or bedrooms.
  • The installation could not be any easier.
  • Can be powered by an amp from other brands.
  • The overall sound quality is excellent.
  • The design is modern and stylish.


  • The bass was not as defined as expected.
  • You cannot choose your cut-off frequency.

Definitive Technology ProSub 800 High Output Compact 300W Powered Subwoofer

Our final pick is marketed as a high-output compact powered subwoofer. As with any of the products that we have come across from this brand, it is well made. The aesthetics draw you in. Any doubts that you may have had about a brand that you are not so familiar with are alleviated. From an angle, you can see the multifunctional button that also controls volume. The legs under the subwoofer are raised. This makes it much easier to clean beneath the speaker. Let us consider the functionality.

Your ears will have a hard time believing themselves when you experience the Definitive Technology ProSub 800. With licensed carefully coupled Infinite Power Source speakers and discrete MOSFET yield gadgets, top-notch goals arrive at flawlessness. The ProSub 800 highlights a high outing 8″ front-mounted direct-transmitting woofer pressure-coupled to an 8″ low bass radiator, making a 27% more noteworthy emanating zone and conveying a degree of effect not many have ever experienced. Proprietary carefully coupled Infinite Power Source speakers with high-current, direct-coupled power supplies and discrete MOSFET yield gadgets breath life into flawless superior quality goals. 

Area of-the-craftsmanship development quality and premium parts, similar to mil-spec glass epoxy circuit sheets and accuracy resistors and capacitors, convey profound bass impact. A top-notch driver correctly built for unrivalled transient reaction produces unshakable, low twisting bass coming to down to the least subsonic frequencies. Monocoque cupboards worked with a unitized, for all time joined development are explicitly intended for absolutely inactive, sans vibration execution.


  • It is an aesthetically pleasing subwoofer.
  • The design is minimalistic.
  • The matte black finish gives it a professional look.
  • We loved the bass that it produces.
  • Impressed with the balance of the sound system.
  • Allows various input and output connections.


  • Not ideal for playing music.
  • It moves around when playing loud music.

Buyer's guide

Soon after the war, development on the colour TV picked up again. Technologies were refined and fine-tuned and presented to approving bodies and governments and in 1950 CBS had its system approved. However, it did not last long as the system was not compatible with the TVs on the market. This wound up as a losing court battle for CBS in 1951. The FCC then reversed itself and announced a new NTSC colour standard. Only two weeks later, the RCA had 200 prototype model 5 sets sent to its top dealers. They were going to watch the New Year’s Day Rose Bowl Parade. NBC was broadcasting the parade in living colour, the first nationwide colour broadcast. It was later on factory produced and sold at exorbitant prices. 

Colour televisions were all the rage in that day. They were the latest thing and the pricing made them extremely exclusive. Today that has all changed. Televisions are a common stable in homes across the world. Up until about 5 years ago, the world had not yet heard of 4k televisions. Today, manufacturers are already marketing and selling 8 k televisions. The industry has grown and there is a growing demand for thinner clearer TVs. The reason for this is to make viewing more realistic and pleasurable as much as possible. The viewing experience can not be complete without mentioning the role played by that great sound. It ties everything together and makes whatever you are watching worth it. 

To get this great sound, you will need to invest in a good home theatre system. This way you can amplify the sound, professionally and not distort it in any way. A home theatre system has to have a good subwoofer as well so that you also tackle the issue of the base. The great thing about a subwoofer is that it gives you the ability to hear low frequencies which are normally not in your range.

What does a subwoofer do?

Subwoofers are an important element in your home theatre system. One of the things that make the cinema experience so amazing is the surround sound. Getting a home theatre system with a good subwoofer can get you this same experience. You just need to make a wise buy. This is why it is important to research as much as you can and make sure the system you have your eye on, ticks the right boxes. 

A home theatre system has a specialized speaker called a subwoofer and that is what gives the chest thudding enthralling sound experience. It is designed to reproduce the lowest frequencies. It is connected to a home theatre receiver, which provides an output called a sub out, sub-pre-out or LFE (Low-Frequency Effects) output.

Can Passive Subwoofers be used in a home theater system?

A passive sub is powered by an external amplifier. If you want to use one in your home theatre setup, you will need to put an external subwoofer amplifier between the passive sub and your home theatre receiver sub preamp outputs. This will allow the receiver to supply the needed amplifier power for the sub. If you don’t want to go this route and instead you want to connect a passive sub directly to the speaker terminals, you will need to make sure that the receiver can output enough power to sustain bass effects in the subwoofer without draining the amplifier. The amount of power needed is dependent on the size of the room, the requirements of the passive subwoofer.

Is Deep Bass Non-Directional?

The deep bass frequencies reproduced by subwoofers are non-directional. This means it is difficult to pinpoint where the sound is coming from exactly. Ans this is one of the things that makes surround sound such a phenomenon.

Front-Firing and Down-Firing Subwoofers

Front-firing (or side-firing) subwoofers use a mounted speaker. This is so that it radiates the sound from the side or front of the subwoofer enclosure. Both types tend to deliver the same sound, but this is subjective. Some say that a front-firing sub is best for placement in the front of the room and down-firing subs deliver the best results when placed in a corner or sidewall. When you are moving a down-firing sub, do so with care, otherwise, you may puncture the driver when you pick it up or put it down. This is because it is exposed.

What are Crossovers?

Crossovers are an electronic circuit that routes all frequencies below a specific point. to the subwoofer. A good subwoofer has a “crossover” frequency of about 100hz.

Which subwoofer is best, Wired or Wireless?

This all depends on what your room set up is like. Several powered subwoofers offer wireless connectivity. Getting a wireless sub, means that you can move the subwoofer around at ease. You do not have to place it near a power source and you can put it where you think will be the most advantageous point in terms of filling the room with sound.

Final thoughts

Watching television is such fun when you get to experience it with others. It is even better if you have a great sound as well. The right sound compliments the great picture quality you are getting on your TV. Unfortunately for you to be able to enjoy your favourite shows, the good sound makes up a large part of that and this is why you need to get a good home theatre system with a great subwoofer. It can be overwhelming when you do not know what to look for. Several manufacturers are trying to push their product in your face and get you to buy it. Bt lets are frank, only you know what your living arrangement is, and how loud you need the system to be. Here’s a little tip. When you go buy your sound system, take your favourite movie or music with you that you know has bass, and use that to test the new system. Just remember it will not sound the same in your home because the room space contributes greatly to how the sound will travel.  We have reviewed the best home theatre system subwoofers on the market today, and we hope that this makes your choice that much easier. Happy shopping!

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